Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ohio State gives up 5 football scholarships for booster’s actions

Ohio State president Gordon Gee said athletic director Gene Smith disappointed not properly monitoring the trouble with the NCAA football players got into a few Buckeye booster action.

In the next three years, the University agreed to reduce its football scholarship, as the latest self-imposed penalties and sanctions violations a year. Ohio in the NCAA also accused as a "failure" to allow the booster, Robert DiGeronimo, continue contacts with the players, even after he earlier this year in the NCAA issues related to monitoring for the first time.

Smith, (Thursday) in the letter, Gee wrote, "I am disappointed that we find their place, you know, I think this is unacceptable."

In the information released on Thursday, it was revealed that, DiGeronimo coach Jim Tressel to try to hear the speech before the game hidden in the locker room.

NCAA handed Ohio State a cover of all has occurred, because it sends the first letter of the alleged violation of this summer's second letter. Processing from the first letter of the players from the Columbus tattoo shop owner in cash and caused discounted tattoo violation, and subsequently by the Tressel cover. The letter covers the latest NCAA violations before the Commission on August 12 at Ohio State University does not involve violations of the hearing.

Decrease in football scholarship seems to be a sign of the sanctions, the impact of the project is not football, only one or two scholarships per year accounting program is to allow a 85.

University previously announced that it will pay $ three hundred thirty-eight thousand eight hundred and eleven bowl portion of the revenues received last year from the Big Ten. It also vacated the Buckeyes' 2010 season, including a Sugar Bowl victory 12-1 record, and agree to the NCAA probation for two years.

The university also suspended several players, and was forced to resign Tressel.

The university had previously said earlier this year DiGeronimo arranged $ 200 cash payment to the four current or former player in Cleveland sports banquet.

The university also said DiGeronimo paid $ 1,605 more than five players, and they are by the DiGeronimo family owned and operated enterprises.

Ohio State said Thursday that it should do more to monitor DiGeronimo activities.

Smith said the Sports Ministry has been cooperation with the NCAA to investigate any allegations of responsibility and self-report their findings in the NCAA.

, "Smith said in a statement:" This is our last open issue, we accept that we should do more to monitor the activities of Mr. DiGeronimo.

He added, "For me personally, I am sorry, I did not deserve to ensure that monitoring bodies and to the extent required."

DiGeronimo did not immediately return calls (Thursday) to comment.

University, said in its latest report, the NCAA, DiGeronimo has Ohio State booster, since the since the 1980s, when he called the "committeemen" to help recruit players, this practice was banned as part of a group before.

Reported that, DiGeronimo contributed more than $ 72,000 sports department since 1988, has been a season ticket holder for many years.

DiGeronimo is a group visit to Ohio State University's locker room, on race day, Tressel practice stopped after taking one of the first coaches to stop outsiders, according to the report.

Reported that the ban, Tressel into DiGeronimo try to hide in the locker room before the game to listen to Tressel's speech, and ordered him and another individual out of the locker room.

In 2005, Tressel, and Smith also ordered to stop for lunch DiGeronimo the sports department of the coaching staff.

Despite these actions, the university said that it should have done better to monitor the interaction with the players DiGeronimo away from the university, including the board of directors at which DiGeronimo event is the annual charity event, and to take DiGeronimo's mining operations work.


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