Wednesday, November 9, 2011

special units do the dirty work in Afghanistan

Insurgents prowling the steep mountains and narrow valleys of this remote land have a name for the U.S. Special Forces: "Bearded Bastards."

Growing facial hair is one way U.S. Green Berets blend in among the locals here along the Pakistan border. Their specialty is what the military calls the "self-sustaining element," a force able to fight for long periods in extreme conditions.

"We operate in the seams and gaps where conventional forces can't go," says Maj. Eric Wright, a Special Forces advance operational base commander in nearby Khost Province.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks more than a decade ago, U.S. Special Forces have been embedded here — and in conflict areas such as the Philippines, Yemen and Somalia — in an attempt to quash insurgent Islamists and train locals to take up the fight against them.

In Afghanistan, military officers and analysts say Special Forces have boosted security in areas once held by the Taliban. They are getting increased cooperation from locals to repel insurgents in what former U.S. commander David Petraeus calls a potential "game changer" for the country.

Army Brig. Gen. Jefforey Smith, assistant commanding general at the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan, says the Taliban "is not re-emerging" in areas where locals have been fully trained. But some analysts worry that despite years of effort from Special Forces and others, such gains may not last beyond NATO's planned withdrawal in December 2014.

"It is unlikely that these indigenous forces — military, police, and militia — will be capable of independently securing the country against the wide range of terrorist and insurgent groups that will still be present in the region in 2014," said Ashley Tellis, a senior associate for the South Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

In Afghanistan, commanders say, Special Forces have become an indispensable component of a strategy that involves killing the enemy in places where no one else can, and acting as ambassadors, protectors and instructors to Afghans who have expressed a desire to free themselves of militants and overlords. Chamkani is a rugged world.

Villagers here live in valleys and steep hills that can rise to 9,500 feet. Dark clouds blot out the sun, which makes it difficult for helicopters to fly here. That leaves the U.S. troops without transport, supplies and, more important, air support during dangerous operations.

It's the kind of place where regular Army does not go, and Green Berets often are sent. The mission is to clear out insurgents and create local defense groups who can keep them out.

"We embed in territories that aren't enforceable by 'Big Army' (conventional U.S. troops)," says a 41-year-old master sergeant here who has deployed to Afghanistan several times. Like all Special Forces members on the battlefield, he is prohibited from disclosing his name.

Created in the early 1950s, the Green Berets saw their first major action in Vietnam, where they honed counterinsurgency tactics and trained small groups of Vietnamese soldiers to fight Viet Cong guerrillas. They later trained troops in Latin America who were fighting communist insurgencies in places such as El Salvador and Colombia.

Training for Green Berets involves grueling physical and psychological challenges that three out of four candidates fail in training.

In Afghanistan, there are about 10,000 such U.S. special operations troops, which can include Navy SEALs and others, according to NATO. The latest figures from April to July indicate that 2,832 special operations raids captured 2,941 insurgents and killed another 834.

The Green Berets in Chamkani often hike for several miles on some missions into areas inhabited by insurgents who use the twisting mountain passes to move arms, explosives and fighters from Pakistan.

On one recent day, troops operating out of a small base surrounded by jagged peaks were conducting "village stability operations," in which Afghans are trained in law enforcement techniques and then asked to visit with local leaders.

The aim is to bridge these remote villages to the U.S.-allied federal Afghan government, whose influence is virtually non-existent. So far, the village stability operations (VSO) in the area have had "mixed" results, says Lt. Col. Bob Wilson, commander of the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group.

"We've done very well in Chamkani proper (the district's largest town), in the village and the bazaar," he says. "But as you move further away, there is a significant increase in Taliban influence from across the border. The people are intimidated by the Taliban's presence and their communities are hesitant to support VSO."

Afghan President Hamid Karzai wants Afghans to handle all security by the end of 2014, when all foreign troops are scheduled to depart Afghanistan. NATO is training hundreds of thousands of Afghans at less-remote bases across the country. However, it is the police officers in smaller villages all over Afghanistan who are expected to be the first line of defense against a Taliban retaking of territory won by coalition forces.

In the past, 1,555 Afghan police officers have been killed according to NATO figures. That's about double the number of Afghan soldiers killed during the same period.

Before he retired this summer, Petraeus stressed that the local defense forces in the thousands of rural villages where most Afghans live is the key to defeating the Taliban. Special Forces commanders here agree, saying the flow of foreign fighters from Pakistan must be stopped by those who live here if peace is to prevail.

There have been several attacks on the Chamkani military base. Since this Green Beret unit's arrival in the spring, the base has been hit with at least 120 rockets and mortars, making it one of the most targeted military outposts in Afghanistan. There were five attacks here in October, Garcia says.

On the last day of Ramadan in late August, three rockets hit nearby. Two exploded, scorching the outside of a perimeter wall and setting ablaze a nearby hillside.

"It's almost like shooting fish in a fish bowl … and we're the fish," said the Special Forces sergeant.

The Green Berets do get out. Working with Afghan commandos they conduct regular missions throughout the valley here. In one recent battle the Special Forces say they killed 25 insurgents, a toll rarely achieved by conventional forces in one fight.
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Joe Paterno fired over Penn St. child abuse scandal

In a massive shakeup, Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and school president Graham Spanier were fired Wednesday night by the board of trustees amid the growing furor over how the school handled child sex abuse allegations against an assistant coach.

The longtime coach, the winningest in major college football, was ousted at the end of day that began with his announcement to retire at end of the season, his 46th.

It was not to be.

"The university is much larger than its athletic teams," board vice chair John Surma said during a packed press conference.

After hearing news of the firing, Paterno released a statement, saying: "I am disappointed with the Board of Trustees' decision, but I have to accept it. A tragedy occurred, and we all have to have patience to let the legal process proceed. I appreciate the outpouring of support but want to emphasize that everyone should remain calm and please respect the university, its property and all that we value."

Standing outside of his home late Thursday with his wife, Paterno responded to crowds of students chanting "please don't go" by saying: "You guys are great, all of you. Hey look, get a good night's sleep, study. You still have things to do." A source close to former Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno tells CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian that the Paterno family is shocked and outraged over the university's handling of the firing.

The source claims Surma lied at the press conference announcing Paterno's firing when he said the board had informed Paterno by phone about its decision to terminate the head coach after 46 seasons.

Instead, the source claims a university employee hand-delivered a letter about the firing to the family home a mere 15 minutes prior to the press conference. According to the source, the reason for the letter was that the university employee said the board was unable to locate Paterno during the day.

The legendary football coach allegedly said upon hearing the news: "You give your life to this place and that's how you're treated."

According to Surma, Paterno and Spanier were informed by telephone of the unanimous decisions to remove them because "we were unable to find a way to do that in person without causing further distraction." Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley will serve as interim coach while Rodney Erickson will be the interim school president.

"The Penn State board of trustees tonight decided it is in the best interest of the university to have a change in leadership to deal with the difficult issues that we are facing," Surma said.
"The past several days have been absolutely terrible for the entire Penn State community. But the outrage that we feel is nothing compared to the physical and psychological suffering that allegedly took place."

Speaking outside his home after the press conference, Paterno said: "Right now, I'm not the football coach. And I've got to get used to that. After 61 years, I've got to get used to it. I appreciate it. Let me think it through."
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Iran Escalates Anti-US Rhetoric Over Nuclear Report

By the nuclear ambitions of their evidence of a United Nations report released anger, Iran's leaders sought (Wednesday) to the USA. They condemned Washington's stooge, the main author, and vowed that their countries would not give up its nuclear program to bully.

The tone of their response suggested that Iran's leaders worried that the report, the International Atomic Energy Agency announced (Tuesday), you can sway world opinion and deepen Iran's isolation, its repeated claim is for civilian nuclear energy program aims to complex, not weapons.

France, Britain and Germany quickly issued a signal, they will participate in the United States seeks new ways to pressure Iran, although Russia said it opposed any new sanctions, China said it was noncommittal.

Buttressed by evidence not previously disclosed, the report concluded that Iran has been secretly engaged in behavior that it is seeking to build nuclear weapons. The report also said Iran could study how to provide a missile warhead nuclear weapons. This is the first time, the agency, the United Nations arms, made this statement.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's verbal attacks on the leadership of the report, said it had planned Iran's enemies, mainly the United States, he said, dictated that the report's findings.

"Why do you want to use the IAEA in favor of the U.S. government's dignity?" Ahmadinejad asked, who is responsible for overseeing the production and content of the report, the agency directed the Director-General Amano problem.

Ahmadinejad said, "Some bullying powers armed with atomic bombs, they claim that Iran is seeking the bomb," the Iranian news agency reported speech. "Iranian nation will not fear you, if you want to build an atomic bomb, but it does not need a bomb."

Ali Asghar Soltanieh, the administrative commission of the United Nations Iran UN nuclear agency, the Iranian news agency quoted Mr. Amano said the false claim information in the report of the violation of the constitution of the body, he would "see the consequences of his history wrong. "

And advocate for tougher Iran sanctions, but opposed a military response, the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said France and its allies prepare for Iran's "unprecedented sanctions." Mr. Zhu Pei also said that France hopes the UN Security Council has held four rounds of sanctions on Iran. "We can not accept this situation, this is a threat," he told RFI radio.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague told the House of Commons, said: "No option is off the table" regarding Iran's punishment, he will try to persuade Russia and China, Iran is more serious.

Catherine Ashton, EU foreign policy chief, said the UN report's findings "indicate that a complete existence of Iran's nuclear development program."

 Like the United States, European Union, have sanctions against Iran, more than specified by the Council. They include the travel ban and freezing of assets of 35 million people and 215 entities.

German Foreign Minister, known as "amazing," the new report and said that if Iran continues its nuclear program refused to negotiate seriously, more severe sanctions will be the inevitable. "But he ruled out military action.

Whether the evidence in the report can change the weight of Russia and China, who has been declared in Europe and the United States on Iran's nuclear intentions of Iran's chief defenders of the calculus, it is unclear, but Russia quickly send a signal, it will does not support new or more stringent sanctions, no matter what kind of report recommendations.

Previously published reports, Iranian officials have said that its purpose is to strengthen Israel's pre-emptive military strike against Iran, that Iran is the most deadly enemy, planning such an attack has dropped hints in the case.

In response to Wednesday's report, the Prime Minister Benjahim Netanyahu said that Israel's military response is not. But in a statement, he said: "The report confirms the position of the international community, Israel, Iran is developing nuclear weapons."

The history of Iran's motives suspect that Iran's Arab neighbors reaction, clearly reflects a possible military confrontation and economic instability concerns. Lebanon, a conservative daily - Nahar company, Raj who Khoury, a columnist wrote that it is in the interests of President Obama, not "to slide into a new war, you can set the fires of the Gulf and Middle East region and push oil prices to astronomical levels. "

Others expressed doubt that the report provides sufficient reason to attack Iran to stop its nuclear ambitions. "Not enough evidence to decide whether to go to war, said:" Ma'moun Hosseini, aluminum Cary, United Arab Emirates newspaper columnist.

Walid Choucair, the newspaper "Al-Hayat Saudi Arabia, Iran did not love it," the columnist said the report can even help verify the widespread suspicion that Israel is to find an excuse to attack Iran. He wrote, strengthen the threat, "the Iranian regime and its allies in the region, they constitute a powerful" resistance, "saying" the Zionist entity. "
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Sell-Off Fever Spreads to U.S. on Fears of Broader Crisis

European efforts to curb the spread of financial crisis stranded (Wednesday), investors dumped their holdings of government bonds of Italy, to promote the global stock market sell-off.

Investors pushed up the cost of borrowing more than 7%, to a critical level in Italy, many economists believe is not sustainable, and last year's precipitation for the rescue of financially troubled countries, Greece, Ireland and Portugal.

Wednesday in the Italian government bond yields surge has catapulted into a dangerous new phase of the crisis in the euro area, said: "John - Higgins, a senior market economist with Capital Economics in a research report.

Italy's questions, only a few weeks, European leaders that they have agreed to Greece's debt restructuring, and strengthening the relief fund, the trend should be to protect Italy from.

But investors Wednesday with a sweep over the fire, dumping, European bond trading debt settlement proposed by the increased risk, as collateral, it needs to Italian debt. Meanwhile, the Bank has unloaded Italian bonds to reduce their exposure, and investors through the sale of the Italian bond futures negative bets.

Investors in the stock market, launched a wave of selling across the board in Europe and the United States. In Europe, major indexes fell about 2% over. Wall Street opened sharply lower, never recovered, the negative territory this year, pushing deeper into the broader market. Standard & Poor's 500-stock index fell 3.7%, or 46.82 points, 1,229.10.

Italian bonds because the interest rate is about 7.48%, the European Central Bank's intervention through the purchase of debt reached a peak, traders said, resulting in recovery rate has dropped slightly. However, this financial crisis in Europe is the latest stage of a European Central Bank's new focus, many expect it to take more positive action, to buy Italy's debt, so far.

Euro against the dollar, Spanish and French bond yields may also worry about further spread of infection. However, some deterioration in credit market gauge is not that day, obviously. Analysts said that Italy is a country seeking relief other than the strength of the weather and at least in the current high interest rates, short-term economic strength.

Investors can rest assured that if Italy in the coming weeks, the euro zone's third largest economy, can solve its political problems, and to a new government to address its economic slowdown and budgetary pressures.

But investors dumped the Italian debt on Wednesday after big European clearing house, London Clearing House, the need for more industry profit margins decline, so investors buying and selling has become more expensive.

Bank of Italy's debt has also been unloaded in order to reduce their exposure to Europe's financial crisis, tend to further upward pressure on interest rates. For example, since July, BNP Paribas has been reduced by 40% to 122 million euros will be exposed in the Italian government debt.

Italy is Europe's only country among the weak, as investors buy or sell futures contracts and Italian debt, investors have a negative bet on Italy to sell futures against the opportunity to increase the pressure.

At the same time, many analysts believe that, since Greece did not write down the debt off, should the Italian bond insurance as credit default swaps, investors concluded that the hedge where they do not provide adequate protection, another reason for investors to sell debt and reduce their exposure.

Italy is facing an important test of investor confidence, on Thursday the 1-year Treasury bond auction raised 500 million euros, 5-year bond auction next week, when it want to increase to 300 million euros. About 48% of the Italian debt is held by Italian investors, and the remaining (52%) are held by investors outside Italy, mainly in Europe.

It is beyond the ECB is not clear in the coming weeks the demand for Italian debt.

Some fund managers in London, said the rising trend of selling bonds in Italy after the proposed settlement of Italian bonds, including 30 years due to margin requirements.
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Emergency Alert Test to Interrupt TV, Radio in U.S. Today

Radio and television programs will be interrupted 30 seconds today, the United States conducted the first national disaster warning system test.

Emergency Alert System test will be at 2:00 pm New York radio and satellite television, radio and cable television time, according to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency. Testing will be conducted in a similar previous local appearance and sound.

50 years, the U.S. has been using the area has been provided according to the bad weather and other emergency information, a variety of names alarm system.

The test is in the national identification system failures, so that they can be fixed "first step", the administrator Craig Fugate FEMA and the Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski, wrote in a letter: last week governor and private sector groups.

Rachel Racusen, the Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesman said that a country is a reminder that a nuclear attack or other disaster warnings.

In preparing the test, U.S. officials have found that the system can not run closed hearing impaired, subtitles, and in some cases cable channels, visual warnings to accompany announcements, Fugate wrote Genachowski and leaves.
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From personhood amendment to Ohio Issue 2

At first glance, crashed mid-term congressional elections in 2010, the tea party movement, the elbow to the nose of the 2011 elections. Tea Party to support two candidates - in one of Michigan and Arizona - was dethroned rare memories. In Ohio, voters rejected a law pushed by the small government conservatives - "limited trade union collective bargaining, and smashed in Maine voters on election day voter registration in the Republican-led ban.

These and other developments that voters back a little from their position in the 2010 election, when conservative tea party support to win power at the national level, and control of the U.S. House of Representatives. Restrictions on the national debt and rising tensions in Washington over the political direction of subsequent deterioration of the public stand. But if the tea party go astray, this is not beaten.

The victory of the tea flavor with large and small, and tips - who immediately big in 2010 Obama and the Republican Party in 2008 as great - like do not like what independent voters and conservative small-government movement.

"If you support the Tea Party representative of the country] I remember watching in Michigan and [tea party hero Sen. Russell Pearce, Arizona's tough immigration laws designers] in Arizona, I think it does indicate that there are serious restrictions on the tea party this year or the power, the different tea party has successfully aroused opposition movement, "said the University of Wisconsin-Madison political scientist Charles Franklin.

But even in Ohio, attacked collective bargaining, voters approved a measure to give up Obama's health care reform bill part, it requires people to buy health insurance - a larger margin than the collective bargaining measures.

"What is striking is that the Governor in Ohio [John] Kasich lost his signature, but on the same day Obama lost his signature issue, among the same voters the same," Professor Franklin said.

Governor's race, political memories, and voting initiatives, from the voters the right to culture war issues - they have undergone millions of Americans to vote, to determine the scope of the rights of workers in Ohio from Atlanta residents can buy beer Sunday's issue.

These statements have confused writ large, from Tuesday's election results, said political analyst. For example, although it seems likely be the Republican super-majority in the Virginia Senate's control over the Mississippi River's "personality" ballot measures, anti-abortion proposal, which will allow the legal status of the fertilized egg failed. The Democrats keep the governor in Kentucky, it is difficult for Obama and the Democrats increase, because KFC is likely to remain firmly in the national election in the Republican column.

Combed finer, the results of Tuesday's tea party to tease out two distinct tangent - liberterian with Christian conservatives - may indicate movement of the future prospects. In Mississippi, social and cultural war issues, such as "man" initiative, the performance is even worse than the "personal freedom" voting measures to restrict the acquisition (the government can seize private property), the voters approved easily. Franklin said the results with the tea party for the liberal strain.

These results suggest that culture war "is not Americans want to hear the question now, said:" Alan Abramowitz, of Emory University in Atlanta, a political scientist. "When the Republicans in the House to spend time as defunding family planning, these swing voters sent the wrong message thing."

At the same time, the results may provide some of Obama, the New York Times' Nate Silver recently statistics blog only to high unemployment and economic prospects of 50% chance of reelection sail the wind.

Mr. Abramowitz said, the lessons learned in 2011 elections for Republicans and Democrats than conservative tea party wing. ', "He said, finally, these results do not tell us is," but there is a hint, if the Republican nomination [presidential candidate was considered too extreme, too far right, which may be impaired. "
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Paterno: I wish I had done more

Joe Paterno, Pennsylvania State University football coach who preached for half a century of success and honor, but the legend is shattered child sexual abuse scandal said Wednesday he will retire at the end of the season.

Joe Paterno said he "absolutely destroyed" in the case, in his one-time successor, Jerry Sandusky, has eight men over 15 years of harassment, including the Pennsylvania State University football complex.

He said he hopes the team can complete its season with "dignity and determination."

Trustee can force him to leave immediately. It can also act University.

He said the school's board of directors, which has been considered his fate, the board should "not take a minute to discuss my condition," and there are more important things to resolve.

84-year-old Pate Nuo has been beloved swallowed anger, he did not do more to stop Sandusky graduate assistant in 2002 after came to Pate Nuo, the alleged former assistant coach, a 10-year-old boy molested in the Pennsylvania State showers.

"Joe Paterno said in a statement:" This is a tragedy. "This is a lot of pain in my life one post with interest, I think I have to do more." Pate Nuo briefly talked about players in the Mildred and Louis Lasch Football Building Auditorium. Stand on the podium, coach told them he was leaving, and then broke down in tears.

Players to give him a standing ovation when he walked out.
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Joe Paterno's Full Statement

I am absolutely devastated, in this case development. My children and their families grief, I pray that their comfort and relief.

I came to work in the past 61 years, a clear goal in mind every day: for the best interests of the university, and has been entrusted to my care a young man. Today I have the same goal.
This is why I decided to announce my retirement at the end of the season effective. At this time, the Board should not spend a minute to discuss my condition. They have more important things to resolve. I think it is easy for them, because I can. This is a tragedy. It is a lot of pain in my life one. In hindsight, I think I do more.

Now my goal is to keep me on my players and staff commitment and the dignity and determination to complete the season. , Then I will use my life to do everything I can to help the rest of the university.
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Silvio Berlusconi: I will not run again in early polls

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said he would not stand, holding an early election if the Italian commitment to resign as soon as possible, Parliament passed the day after the emergency budget reform.

"I will resign as soon as the law is passed, and, because I believe this is most likely no other, I see the election held in early February, I will not be their candidate," he said.

Although Berlusconi's political party want new elections, opposition parties want a national unity government.

Expected by the end, the Italian Parliament approved the reform, to support the economy, which is seriously affected by the euro zone debt crisis package.

But it will only be after the passage of the Budget measures, the Italian president will forward the political groups on the road to begin consultations.

In Rome, the BBC Europe editor Gavin Hewitt said, it is clear that the political difficulties in the face.

Moreover, even if the current crisis, downturn, the most fundamental question remains - a slow development of national and 1.9tn euros (1.63tn pounds; 2.6tn dollars) debt mountain, our correspondent adds.

Meanwhile, the Emergency Unit began on Wednesday in Rome Italy plans to reduce its debt burden soared monitoring.

Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said he will attend the end of November the findings, saying the situation in Italy was "very worrying." After opening slightly higher, is Milan's main stock index fell 2.4% transaction prices (Wednesday) morning, despite the statement by Mr. Berlusconi. Italy paid to borrow on the international market prices surged to a record high, set the benchmark 10-year 7% Italian bond, which will exacerbate concerns whether Italy can service its debt rate of return.

Although Italy's deficit is relatively low, investors, Italy's low growth and a huge debt burden, combined, can make the future down the debt crisis in the euro area countries.

Euro against the dollar on Tuesday after a sharp rise, Berlusconi's decision, then the Budget, he seems to have lost his majority in parliament to vote a message.

Streets in the Italian capital, Berlusconi's announcement of the reaction was subdued, our correspondent says many people remain skeptical, may soon disappear flamboyant leader, in the past 20 years accounted for most of the time dominance of Italian politics.

Once Berlusconi resigned, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano President must begin negotiations to form a new government.

It is unclear whether he was subject to Italy - the market - the uncertainty of the election, or to require the parties to the main body form a unity government.

Berlusconi told the "News of the newspaper", his former Justice Minister, Angelino Alfano, 41, the candidate of his party, held in Italy in the new survey.

"I will not run, I feel liberated ... it's Alfano's," Berlusconi said the document.
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A Powerful storm heading toward coastal Alaska

Alaska residents braced with an unusual western Bering Sea, to the coast, packing winds of hurricanes and storm waves churn.

Neil said Murakami in Anchorage, the National Weather Service forecast storm lashing parts of the wind speed over 80 mph Tuesday night's coastline. Small coastal communities, especially wind and flood damage caused by the expected risk.

Sharp rise in sea level caused by the storm, more than 3 feet of high tide, the National Weather Service meteorologist in Fairbanks Sidifenke Tierney said. Officials said, is expected to rise 7 feet of water overnight. Reports of serious flooding is expected on Wednesday morning, Kearney said.

Kearney said late Tuesday night, the storm had reached Nome, brought 60 miles of wind and snow, visibility dropped to just a quarter mile. Noam sounded to busy phone lines Tuesday night.

Earlier in the day, the state emergency management officials said the storm's path led some residents have an emergency shelter.

Noam Brevig Mission 70 miles north of the village, AnnMarie Rudstrom teachers have planned from their home, her family to higher ground and marine lagoon separating the village spit.

Marine Day (Tuesday) afternoon loss of shades of gray.

"This is a very ominous-looking waves and growing," Rudstrom said.

State officials warned that hurt the way, home heating fuel tanks to ensure that the case of submerged into the neighborhoods. Osinsky Jeff said, the regional early warning weather service coordinator, to make communities more vulnerable than in the past few years is the lack of shore fast sea ice. "The existence of sea ice, and sometimes can take action to protect coastal areas," he said.

Waves begin to recover later this morning, Scott Johnson, 28, Norm banker said, prompting some people to evacuate to inland with friends or family circumstances forecast to remain a big surge of the waves proved to be true.

"The waves began to go against our seawall, he said:" From his second floor apartment located in the ocean.

Johnson said he and his wife into the car bags of gas, so he was ready to go.

"If a 30-foot waves, one, they may harbor and B, they may go to my apartment," he said.

Some businesses close early.

, "Johnson said:" The general view here is that we get a storm fairly regularly. "We shrugged it off, but the National Weather Service tried to sound the alarm and 30-foot seas, which is a rare storm, take it seriously, I think they are taking a serious grain of salt."

Greater concern to Alaska Natives in the region of 18 villages.

"They will impact less infrastructure than we do," Johnson said.

Storm is expected to generate at least 10 feet of surge, forcing the emergency preparedness of many coastal communities.

Windows were boarded up Tuesday morning at the Polar cafe, a popular restaurant facing the ocean Nome.

Andre Surina waitress said the project has been in the basement to upstairs, one in the hotel rooms. Plan is a safer place moving propane tanks, she said.

However, the upcoming storm, keep regulars away. They sat in their usual table, talking about the storm, she said.

"This is our title," Surina said. "No one missed a good storm."

See a similar prediction last time was in November 1974, when Norm also took part in the turmoil. This peak, measured over 13 feet or more, the type of storm in 1913, before the level, to promote the beach driftwood.

Expected from the current turmoil is Norton's voice pushed to a lot of water, raise sea levels 10 feet above normal (Wednesday). Forecast that this will lead to coastal erosion and flooding may push the Norton Bay ice on land, in particular, is the lack of sea ice.

Ted Fathauer, the National Weather Service in Fairbanks lead to forecasts that some low-lying areas and roads, running along the beach of Nome may encounter flooding.

Point Hope Village, which is located on a peninsula, the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea tips and party on the other 7-8 feet above sea level, said Mayor Steve Oomittuk.

Inupiat Eskimo village of about 700 people have evacuated the sea wall and there is no road. He said that if evacuation becomes necessary, each person will go to school, because it is located in the higher ground, large enough to accommodate everyone.

Smaller communities, are vulnerable to storm erosion of particular concern, especially in Kivalina village, has been most threatened countries, one of the communities because of erosion.
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Avril Lavigne scuffles in bar brawl

Brody Jenner and Avril children  Sometimes a date night in Hollywood can be bloody.

After Jenner and children involved in a bar fight Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the famous couple left two and a half injured, the police is involved in the scuffle.

Although no specific location has been given, the two said parties premises, some confusion when people began to Avril. AFI's star, Roosevelt had to see a list of traffic all week long, and joint host spare room, including the popular lounge.

Brody in strengthening, apparently, broke the scuffle, a broken beer bottle in the head. Called the police and emergency response to the scene, but the only people left standing Brody. He refused medical treatment, on-site to submit a police report, and then drive yourself to the hospital.

"It's interesting Saturday night ... just a new scar on my face ... charging / charger!! The hospital," he tweeted.

Avril suffered worse, she said on Twitter, claiming "black eyes, bloody nose, hair tear, scratches, bruises and cuts, so can not be determined to abuse other people's violence is never the answer. "

Jenner's manager on Monday night released a statement, "Brody Jenner is the unprovoked attack by a recovery at home this past Saturday night after the assault, he thanked all the support and good wishes to call as an ongoing police investigation, there will be no at this time a further statement. "
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Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Expecting 20th Child

Duggars have 20 children on the road!

"19 kids and counting" star Michelle and Jim Bob will welcome their next child in the spring, masses.

How to play it now so that they do Duggars large family work?

"We are very pleased," Duggar mother, 45-year-old, three and a half months along, told MAG. "I feel good, I am now past the stage of the disease."

Recently the couple's children, Josie Ho, December 10, 2009, was born, is ready, born only 25 weeks premature. "This is a miracle. Josie is the most dynamic, busy little almost 2 years old," Michelle told the MAG. "She is short, but she can keep up with the big girl, she thinks she is as big as they are we surprised that she can do."

According to the father, Jim Bob, his wife is better than ever.

"Michelle may be more good health, she is now more than 10 years ago," said 46-year-old. "She has been about an hour a day on an oval-shaped, very careful what she ate." Her last pregnancy, Duggar mother was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia is a high-risk pregnancy under a doctor's care now. She is a lot of protein, vegetables, eat very healthy, and skipping the caffeine - as to get adequate rest.

"We just do the best we can," she explained. "I nap every day, we just take care of." Jim Bob said, "If we have a fear of life after Michelle in her second delivery of pre-eclampsia, we have missed all of our wonderful blessing, so much, she was pregnant extremely well. "

Their latest pregnancy will be different is Michelle's first scheduled C-section.

"I never had a planned C-section," Michelle told the MAG. "Therefore, it will be different."

In addition to their youngest daughter, Josie, the couple is also parents to Joshua, 23 (with his wife Anna, 23 Mackynzie, 2 and Michael, two children, 4 months), twins Jana and John David, 21, Gill, 20; Jessa, 19; 17 Jinger, Joseph, 16; Josiah, 15; JOY - 14, Anna; twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 12,11 Jason, James, 10; Justin Ting, 8; Jackson, 7; Johanna, 64, Jennifer; and Jordyn, 3.

Season finale of "19 kids and counting" at 9 tonight on TLC aired.
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Accuser filed complaint in next job

A woman, to solve for the Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain complained about sexual harassment complaints in 1999, three years after the unfair treatment of her next work, he said she should be allowed to work at home, a serious car accident after the manager accused of circulating an e-mail received, the Associated Press learned.

Karen Kraushaar, 55, complaints, and in late 2002 or early 2003, the Ministry of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service, a spokesman, Joel Bennett, assisted by her lawyer, who is also her Cain Early handling sexual harassment complaints in 1999. Three familiar Kraushaar complaint, which does not include sexual harassment claims, under the condition of anonymity for the AP, because the matter was handled internally by the institution and not made public before the supervisors.

Immigration settlement of complaints, Kraushaar asked to pay thousands of dollars, to leave her accident early in 2002 to promote the federal pay scale and a one-year scholarship to Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government for recovery after According to a former director of the familiar complaints. Promote itself increased between $ 16,000 and $ 12,000, her annual salary, according to 2002 from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management salary table.

Kraushaar told the Associated Press, she complained that her job "relatively small", she later gave it up.

"The concern is that there may have been at work, I was treated unfairly discriminatory, Kraushaar said."

Kraushaar said Tuesday she did not remember the details of the complaint, do not remember the required payment, promotion, or Harvard scholarship. Bennett, her lawyer, declined to discuss the case with the AP, he said he thought secret. Kraushaar leave her work at the Immigration Department's complaint, after declining in 2003, she went to work in the Ministry of Finance.

How about her work in conflict, because they can provide insights, Kraushaar Immigration Department of the details of the complaints in the workplace. Now, she was a spokesman for the Office of the Inspector General Tax Administration Ministry of Finance.

Kraushaar's complaint is rejected her request, a serious car accident in 2002 after working at home full-time supervisor, three former boss says. Kraushaar said the two of them also denied previous requests to work from home before the accident.

Complaint also cited as objectionable, women and men managers more computer sent the e-mail, a former director said. Complaint alleged e-mail widely circulated on the Internet humor, sex, according to the director, who did not e-mail copy. Jokes sent to the reasons listed on-line computer as men and women, including men like computers, because "to get their attention, you have to them." Women like it, because "even the smallest error is in your long-term memory stored for later retrieval in a computer. "

Kraushaar told the Associated Press, she remembered the complaints focus on depriving her the opportunity to work from home after her car accident supervisors. She said that other employees can work from home.

Kraushaar, married, living in the suburbs of Maryland, is the two women officially settled harassment complaints, in the late 1990s, the severance payment in exchange for Cain when they work in the restaurant association. Bennett said, Kraushaar settled in the summer of 1999, she said, shortly after Cain left the organization. Whether Kraushaar described in Bennett not what Cain said or done Kraushaar, when she was accused of working there, although Bennett said Kraushaar to conduct a joint news conference, all women have accused the Hidden. "The New York Times" reported previously, Kraushaar solution and Restaurant Association received $ 45,000.

Kraushaar agreed to discuss the Immigration Department in certain aspects of the complaint, if the AP agrees to protect her privacy, because it is Cain's complaint in her previous account. Subsequently, she gave up her privacy, as the two women by the news agencies to settle complaints of Cain to confirm her identity, so the AP is no longer a protection Kraushaar's identity.

Cain denied that he Kraushaar and others who accused him of sexual harassment misconduct.

At a news conference Tuesday night, Cain said Kraushaar allegations of sexual harassment - which determine the name of Cain for the first time - to determine the "baseless," but he did not say who made this determination and Kraushaar had this rebuttal. Cain said, Bennett and Restaurant Association of negotiations between the external lawyer, she received the money under an employment agreement, which Cain said, different from legal address.

"When she made her allegations, they were found to be baseless, and confirmed her story, she could not find anyone," Cain said.

Cain said he wanted to play, pointing Kraushaar, and that Cain's wife she is the same height, about chin high to Cain. Georgia businessman said Kraushaar did not respond significantly, but he said, the restaurant association's lawyer later told him that this is the most serious claims, Kraushaar to him, "She is one of the most fun."

"There may be accused of other things, I do not know, I do not remember," Cain said.

Sharon Bialek, a woman in Chicago Hotel Association Education Foundation has been working in the nationally televised news conference this week, accused of groping her Cain, an attempt to force her own car parked inside, they have been in late 1997 banquet. Another woman told Cain to her an unwelcome sexual advances, and her work of the Association of the AP and a poll, said he witnessed the harassment of another woman in the implicit association dinner.

Kraushaar at the Immigration Department's complaint prompted managers to use caution, writing and speaking Kraushaar, complaints under investigation, another former director told the Associated Press. Two executive said Kraushaar asked a colleague's behavior as a witness, she had a conversation manager, she filed her complaint.

The Immigration Department's complaint is "any person's business," Kraushaar said, because this is her sexual harassment has nothing to do reconciliation and Cain years ago. "You are here looking for employees who make people's evidence," she said. "This is completely untrue."

Kraushaar, in Washington, began her career as a reporter, was praised for her work in 2000, when she went to Miami, the Elian Gonzalez case coverage to help agency officials, when the federal probe members seized the boy from the relatives to return him to his father in Cuba.

"Kraushaar Ms. assistance is invaluable, and her extraordinary performance, wrote:" Robert A · Wallis, in the Miami district director of immigration services. Kraushaar advice in seven letters, to show her commendable performance, and in the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Restaurant Association and the Immigration Department's work.
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Pentagon taking closer look at Dover mortuary

The Pentagon is launching a drive to ensure that military members and their families in dealing with human remains in the military mortuary at Dover defects - including the loss of body parts of two instances - has been fixed.

This effort faces obstacles, including the investigation by an independent federal agency to run the morgue, the Air Force, not the face of Dover's business all the fault assertion.

The day after (Tuesday) to disclose its findings to the Air Force, in Dover, Delaware, the remains of improper handling facilities, Defense Secretary 利昂帕内塔 directed at the morgue a special review to be completed within 60 days.

"Let me very clear about our fallen heroes every step of the measures to be taken to protect their loved ones, deserve the honor and dignity of the family," Panetta said in a written statement.

What the so-called "gross mismanagement of the Air Force has been punished three morgue supervisor," but no one in the case of a terrible launch improper and shameful memories at Arlington National Cemetery remains wrong.

Air Force, which runs the morgue, admit defeat, while upholding the right decision, without notice and missing body parts, until the last weekend of the family - months after the completion of the mortuary of the 14 sets of three members of staff accused of the probe.

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz, told a Pentagon news conference, he and services, civilians, 迈克尔唐利, for Dover and ultimately responsible for the occurrence of errors.

"There is no escape from it," Schwartz said.

However, an independent federal investigative bodies, the Special Adviser's Office, said the Air Force has dropped to accountability. The Office, forwarding the original whistleblower allegations in May and July 2010, followed by the Air Force Pentagon review of the investigation report, accusing taken wrong Dover between 2008 and 2010, the too narrow a view.

"Several Air Force's findings do not support the evidence presented, it will not appear reasonable, the special prosecutor's office said." "In these cases, the Air Force's report reflects the wrongful act of the treatment is still not guilty of the pattern."

Special Adviser Carolyn Lerner said her office is investigating three in several ways, including attempts to fire one of their air force in retaliation for whistle-blower allegations.

Three informants still work in Dover. They are James Parsons, corrosion / autopsy technician; Mary Ellen Spera, mortuary inspection; and William Zwicharowski, a senior mortuary checks.

There are no criminal wrongdoing recommendations Dover, and the Air Force said it found no evidence, in Dover intentional mishandling of the failure of any remains. They are mainly in the program crashes and failed to solve the problem, over time, has been attributed to construction errors.

Terrible revelation there, Schwartz admitted that mistakes were made during the period when the U.S. troops in Iraq killed during a higher incidence before 2008, it may be. Other Air Force officials said on Monday that they know Dover's handled properly, still without the prior cases.

"I can not prove with certainty prior to the improvement of performance in line with our standards," Schwartz told reporters.

Dover received all U.S. war dead to implement the program, where the dignity and mutual respect, treatment is still a premium. Medical examination and further procedures, and positively identify the remains to determine the cause of death. After embalming, mortician, and a team ready to dispose of the remains. The investigators found that medical inspection of the gap between the funeral industry. The two groups reported different military chain of command.

Integral part of the two cases in April 2009. It involves the ankle bone fragments embedded in human tissues from the Air Force F - 15 fighter aircraft crashed in Afghanistan and two crew members. Empty plastic bag marked with this part of the body was found in the normal process, the gap in the side bags. Integral part of the staff can not be accounted for.

Another example is in July 2009, involving human tissue an inch or two of one length of a soldier killed in Afghanistan. The case in April, bags, was found inside an empty slot in its side. Never at a lack of organization.

Officials said that in any case, they suspected foul play, criminal acts or willful misconduct of the missing still.

Two people were punished in the three officials were still working at Dover, but there is no supervision of the work. Not be dismissed.

In reviewing the Air Force probe, Special Prosecutor's Office disputed the conclusion that no allegations of improper handling are still up against the law or regulations. Special counsel to submit their own reports, the White House and the House of Representatives and the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Special Prosecutor's Office and the Air Force claimed that it was taking full responsibility.

"While the report reflects a willingness to seek and some loss (body) of cases of illegal foreign instruments and errors, the result can not handle stop accepting accountability to maintain the necessary reverence, care and dignity commensurate with their circumstances," it said.

Two additional cases of lost body parts, the Air Force review of the morgue officials as close to prevent his body was placed in his uniform to watch, from a Marine's body highlighting allegations of misconduct by the arm bone saw before the burial. Marine's family have asked to see his uniform, but did not seek - told - decided to cancel the bone.

Oceans, their identity was not released by the Air Force in January 2010 roadside bomb killed in Afghanistan.

Air Force Inspector General in June 2010 to begin his investigation, and completed in May 2011. It concluded, the morgue did not violate any rules or deleted, because it does not control the ocean bone. But the Air Force has changed procedures to ensure that the services on behalf of the deceased - in this case, the Marine Corps - whether a family should be so significant changes in physical contact before the official said.

There are four families directly affected by the investigation it was told last weekend, by the Air Force officials.
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Fixing education in US

This Sunday, a lackluster prime-time special GPS - "restore" American dream ": a fixed education." Broadcast 8P and 11P ET / PT.

Although the United States once the Education T-shirt, we are now ranked 15th in reading, 23 in science, mathematics 31.

How is this going? How can we dig themselves out of this deep hole?

We are looking for inspiration, Korea and Finland - the two countries, has always ranked high on education. Interestingly, two very different ways. South Korea has a strong focus on standardized tests year long school days. Finland is depressed - in addition to teachers and teaching methods. In Finland, teachers are revered tough to enter the Master's teaching, rather than it is to enter higher education in medicine and law.

Therefore, we can learn? We talked with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates foundation gives $ 5 billion in education, so far the teachers, testing and technology priorities; our chairs in front of the DC schools Michelle Rhee and education activist statement. Let's look at a new teaching methods, starting from the first trip after the investment manager, a student's success formula: Sal Khan is Khan Academy, a YouTube of the "class" and has already received more than 80 million hits creators - and the reports of success in the real classroom use.

Fareed Finally, what will he take to solve our problems.
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China warns of turmoil over Iran, mute on sanctions

China Wednesday warned against the unrest in the Middle East against Iran's nuclear plans to take action, but declined to comment on the possibility of new sanctions measures, a United Nations report, Iran seems to have an atomic bomb design.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said China is "learning" the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report, and has repeatedly called for a peaceful solution through negotiations.

"I would like to point out that China opposes proliferation of nuclear weapons against any Middle East countries develop nuclear weapons, Iran as the" Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, "a signatory to assume responsibility for nuclear non-proliferation," he told a daily press conference.

Hong said, "Iran should also show flexibility and sincerity, and to engage in serious cooperation with IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency.

"I want to emphasize that in this region and the international community in order to avoid the security environment in the Middle East turmoil fresh is very important."

Hong Kong does not mention sanctions, and said that China is in no hurry to return to the UN Security Council issue, but said that all parties should do more to promote dialogue and cooperation.

"I have already pointed out, China has always advocated dialogue and cooperation to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue," he said, when asked the new U.S. unilateral sanctions against Iran possibilities.

Chinese policy makers between the Iranian oil into the needs and concerns, the United States and its allies will require tougher sanctions against Iran, even the risk of military action, the Agency concluded that Iran appears to have an atomic weapon design.

China and Iran maintained close ties, but also support the previous UN Security Council resolution criticizing Iran's nuclear issue and the limited authority's position on sanctions.

However, China has repeatedly proposed sanctions against the West, could seriously undermine Iran's energy and economic relations. China, as one of five permanent members of the Security Council has the power to veto any resolution.

China has also its own separate sanctions against Iran, condemning the United States and the European Union, and that they should not exceed the relevant resolutions of the United Nations to take measures to achieve.

"White hot"

China's national newspaper, said, between Iran and the West's standoff on Iran's nuclear program may be a military conflict.

"People's Daily, said:" Obviously, the Iranian nuclear issue between the parties to the extent of competition heated up, or even a showdown of the cliff, on the front page of comments.

If Iran refuses to return to the United States to face more and more convinced that it is developing nuclear weapons, "will increase the risk of war, said:" document that reports that Israel might consider military strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities.

People's Daily China's ruling Communist Party's largest newspaper, largely reflects official thinking, as well as Beijing's latest report of the UN nuclear agency weighing concerns.

China's official Xinhua News Agency that Beijing will also alert to respond to the report. Xinhua News Agency said in a commentary, the IAEA is still "a lack of conclusive evidence."

, "It said:" There were no witnesses or physical evidence to prove that Iran is making nuclear weapons.

"In dealing with the Iranian nuclear issue, which is extremely dangerous to rely on suspicion, and the devastating consequences of any armed action will endure for a long time."

China is likely to face tough choices as it tries to maintain a stable, which may introduce new unilateral sanctions against Iran with the United States. [ID: nN1E7A71OB]

"If these sanctions harm the substantial interests of China, then China will have to respond in a way," Li said, China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, the Secretary-General, government-controlled institutions.

, "Lee said in an interview with reporters:" It will certainly have an impact on bilateral relations.

Responsibility lies with China?

Iran is China's third largest crude oil supplier, shipping in the first nine months of 2030 tons, at the same time last year, almost one-third, according to Chinese data. The first nine months, the value of $ 32.9 billion, growth of total trade between the two countries, an increase of 58%.

"Responsibility, really in China, as the only country with Iran's economic relations have grown up," Susan Maloney expert at the Brookings Institution, a think tank in Washington against Iran, in a telephone interview said.

In the past year or more, China has quietly stuck in the Iranian oil and gas investment, from Washington to seek to resist the strict unilateral sanctions, while retaining a foothold in Iran. However, the implicit transaction will be subject to increasing pressure, especially from the U.S. Congress, Maloney said.
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Near 60 Taliban killed in Afghan battle

Said on Wednesday, Afghan and NATO-led forces have killed 50 to 60 Taliban militants attacked a base for insurgents in Afghanistan and Pakistan on Tuesday night near the volatile eastern border provinces, provincial, provincial government spokesman. NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) confirmed that, in the eastern Paktika province, region Barmal base attack.

Paktika governor spokesman, Mukhlis Afghanistan, the Taliban militants killed in the number between 50 and 60. International Security Assistance Force spokesman said a large group of insurgents using small arms and rocket-propelled grenade attack on the International Security Assistance Force base. International Security Assistance Force troops fought back, resulting in "significant" casualties among the insurgents.

He said militants used by the two buildings were destroyed in the fighting, including the International Security Assistance Force air strikes, but he said there are no civilian casualties reported.
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