Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Victoria Secret Fashion Show online

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The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is back and sexier than ever. Click through to see the Angels at their finest ... Miranda Kerr dons her $2 million bra for a memorable strut during the show. Before you watch the sexiest supermodels in the world strut their stuff down the catwalk of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, 
you can see photos of them. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show comes on two hours later than the other holiday favorite tonight. "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer": How nice to revisit our old pals Rudolph, Hermey, Yukon Cornelius, the Abominable Snow Monster and Burl Ives.

The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs tonight on CBS, and we went backstage as both the beautiful Victoria's Secret Angels and superstar musical guests got ready for the big show! Adam Levine's band Maroon 5 performed as his girlfriend model. victorias secret fashion show, victoria secret fashion show 2011, victorias secret fashion show 2011, victoria secret, fashion show
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Smokey Robinson to play at Potawatomi

Smokey Robinson: 8 pm Dec. 8, Northern Lights Theater, Potawatomi Bingo Casino, 1721 W. Canal St. $60 to $75, on sale now at the box office. smokey robinson smokey robinson songs smokey robinson and the miracles
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Smokey Robinson, a major force in Motown as a songwriter, performer and executive with 37 Top 40 hits and 4000 songs to his credit. Smokey Robinson, a famous part of the Motown family, will be hosting PBS' "Human Nature Sings Motown with Special Guest Smokey Robinson," set to premiere beginning Saturday (check local listings). 
Human Nature is an Australian pop singing group. None of the celebratory gimmicks paid off in this finale, not bringing back the other seven groups from the top ten, not an unexpected appearance from Smokey Robinson, not even Nick Lachey singing a 98º. sara bareilles, dartmouth aires, katharine mcphee, beyonce pregnant, howard university

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Drew Brees and the Saints blow out Giants, 49-24

Drew Brees took a few triumphant strides toward the goal post with the ball in his hand and rose up for an imitation, Michael Jordan-style dunk over the crossbar.drew brees drew brees chant drew brees stats
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 Drew Brees and the surging New Orleans Saints made everything look easy against the slumping Giants.

Brees passed for 363 yards and four touchdowns and ran for another score as New Orleans rolled to a 49-24 victory. Two years ago, Drew Brees torched the Giants for 369 yards and four touchdowns in a 48-27 rout. Now this: 363 yards, four TD passes, a pair to freakish TE Jimmy Graham, and a rushing touchdown.

You might not have noticed but during the bye week Drew Brees actually moved ahead of his competition in the march to Marino. Danny Bourque/The Times-PicayuneNew Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is well on pace for Dan Marino's passing record. Tossed 4 TD passes with his 363 yards and ran in another TD from 8 yards out; all without a turnover. Tom Brady, Patriots – Did his thing with 361 yards, 3 TDs, no turnovers and even added 28 rushing yards.
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Middle income America

The US economy is now almost thrice as big as in the early 1970s – and yet the typical working man finds not a dime of this transformative growth in his pay packet. At an outstanding event in London last week, the Resolution Foundation assembled experts from both sides of the Atlantic to consider the great undeclared class war which has robbed America's workforce of the fast-growing fruits of their labour for so long. Britons would do well to familiarise themselves with this tale of the 40-year squeeze, because there are chilling signs of something similar getting under way here.

In conquering the economy, America's rich have made occasional daylight raids – such as the Bush tax cuts, worth 100 times more to the million-a-year brigade than to the great bulk of the workforce. More often Mammon has triumphed by stealth: outsourcing labour, and with it responsibility for terms and conditions; capturing the committees that set bosses' pay; and darting into every space vacated by the trade unions. The cumulative effects were breathtaking. While the old promise of rising prosperity was being breached for the many, the top 1% quadrupled their disposable income. Back in the 1960s it would have been assumed that such a sustained riot of the rich would incur a revolution. In the event, cheap credit, working wives and occasional targeted tax breaks combined to allow families to eke out a niggardly increase in living standards in most years. But looking ahead, the crumbs of comfort are hard to spot: feminising the workforce is a trick that can't be pulled twice, and all that easy credit ended up crunched.

During the late 20th century, middle Britain avoided going middle America's way. Despite inequality, most of our people, most of the time, had never had it so good. 

Through the 1970s and even the 80s sizable unions helped secure decent rises, at least for those lucky enough to hang on to their jobs. Then in the late 1990s came the minimum wage and Gordon Brown's tax credits. The importance of these two interventions cannot be overstated: tax credits, in particular, accounted for the lion's share of the total rise enjoyed by many families from the middle right the way down to the bottom of the pile. But even before the slump, progress was faltering, and there is nothing to restart it in prospect. Last week, the High Pay Commission warned that we were rocketing back towards the inequality of the Oliver Twist era. Meanwhile, official figures revealed that the pay of ordinary folk was sliding – and sliding most for the most ordinary of all.

George Osborne is not totally blind to the political problems of plutocrats partying while everyone else endures parsimony – don't forget he laid the first populist glove on the non-doms. But he has neither the strategy nor the desire to narrow the gap systematically. In Tuesday's autumn statement the gesture to those of modest means will be measured in pennies off at the petrol pump – while other moves could actually pick poor pockets.

Before the election Nick Clegg seemed attuned to the squeezed middle's lot, pushing tax cuts for lower earners in deliberate contrast to Mr Brown's preoccupation with children in poverty. Now, however, his giveaways have been overwhelmed by a VAT hike and slashed tax credits.

Which leaves Ed Miliband, whose "squeezed middle" phrase has been named word of the year. He is clearly attuned to the problem, even if he has slipped towards describing the plight of "the 99%" as opposed to the "middle". The real question is how he credibly answers the wage rage, when there is no money to spend. Tax, regulation and company law could all have a role in narrowing the gap, as part of his avowed wider wish to promote productive over predatory business. But he has yet to think through how. It is high time someone explained how cash-strapped middle Britain can be saved from going the American way.
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New York business photos from history

These are the financial and business photos of New York City.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Justin Bieber And Boyz II Men Unwrap 'Fa La La' Video

Christmas is right around the corner, but the Biebs is already in the holiday spirit. On Wednesday (November 23), Justin Bieber dropped the video for "Fa La La" with Boyz II Men. There are no reindeer or presents under the tree; instead, Justin and the Philadelphia R&B outfit sing of a warm love that will endure through the holiday season.  The black-and-white clip begins in an empty loft, where Bieber sings alone, with his arms flailing and face slightly scrunching every time he hits those heartfelt notes. Justin's solo intro leads way to a collaborative bridge, where Boyz II Men join in. "Baby you de-serve eve-ry-thing you want/ It's your night," they all sing in harmony as the "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye" vocalists join the teenage star in song on the front porch of a brick house.

No elaborate set needed. With an empty city as their backdrop, the four crooners throw down in an old-fashioned sing-off. As the track builds, BIIM's Wanya Morris really gets into it, pounding his chest and kicking one leg up to accentuate his performance. Bieber, who is dressed in a white tee and slim-cut leather jacket, tugs on his collar to let you just how much his words mean to him.

On November 1, Bieber teased the clip when he tweeted, "Killed it with @BoyzIImen on DWTS and then just shot a video for our song #FALALA with @colintilley - great night! living a dream. Thanku," in reference to his appearance on "Dancing With The Stars" and the Colin Tilley-directed "Fa La La" video. Maybe some of Boyz II Men's subject matter was a bit mature for the pint-size Bieber, but they influenced him nonetheless. "He told us his mom didn't want him to sing 'I'll Make Love to You,' so he'd sneak and go sing it somewhere," Wanya Morris told MTV News. "It's also good to know we've influenced such a good artist. It's something that makes us feel we've accomplished [something and] we're doing our job, [that] a guy so young and so into his craft [is] influenced by three guys from Philadelphia that love to sing."

Yes, "Fa La La" is the latest single from JB's holiday LP, Under the Mistletoe, but Tilley and company didn't overload the video with Christmas themes as to so implicitly tie it to December 25 -- after all, true love should last all year 'round. fa la la lyrics
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Arizona plane crash kills the family

Search and rescue personnel found the body of a child and worked Thursday to recover the remains of five other passengers killed when a twin-engine plane slammed into a rugged mountaintop cliff near Phoenix, authorities said. Officials landed a helicopter near the crash scene in the Flatiron part of the Superstition Mountains east of Apache Junction, said Elias Johnson of the Pinal County Sheriff's Department. Video from news helicopters Thursday showed the wreckage strewn at the bottom of a blackened cliff.

The dead included pilot Shawn Perry, 39, his two sons and his daughter, said Sheriff Paul Babeu. Morgan, 9, Logan, 8, and Luke Perry, 6, lived with their mother in the community of Gold Canyon in Pinal County. Their father lived in Safford in southeastern Arizona and owned a small aviation business there. He had flown to the Phoenix suburb of Mesa with another pilot who co-owned the company and a company mechanic to pick up the children for Thanksgiving. The plane was headed back to Safford when it crashed.

The other pilot was identified as Russell Hardy, 31, and the mechanic was Joseph Hardwick, 22. Johnson estimated the plane had been traveling at 230 mph when it hit the face of the mountain. The fuel from the plane exploded and caused a small brush fire, which burned itself out in the rocky terrain, he said.

Crews were "rappelling down to the fuselage" of the plane as part of their search efforts, Johnson said. "The main part of the plane is still intact … nose-down in a crevice in the canyon."

Babeu said he personally notified the mother late Wednesday. The woman, who is divorced from the children's father, is also a pilot.

"This is their entire family — it's terrible," Babeu said. "Our hearts go out to the mom and the [families] of all the crash victims. We have so many people that are working this day, and we just want to support them and embrace them and try to bring closure to this tragedy."

There was no indication the plane was in distress or that the pilot had radioed controllers about any problem, the sheriff said.

It was dark at the time, and the plane missed clearing the peak by only several hundred feet. The aircraft slammed into an area of rugged peaks and outcroppings in the Superstition Mountains, 40 miles east of downtown Phoenix, at about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, authorities said.

Witnesses saw a fireball and an explosion.

The region is filled with steep canyons, soaring rocky outcroppings and cactus. Some witnesses told Phoenix-area television stations they heard a plane trying to rev its engines to climb higher before apparently hitting the mountains. The elevation is about 5,000 feet at the Superstition Mountains' highest point.

The plane was a Rockwell AC-690A registered to Ponderosa Aviation Inc. in Safford, which Babeu said was the company co-owned by Perry.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board will be investigating the cause of the crash.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gingrich's stumble on immigration

 Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich finally reached front-runner status this week after a long climb and may now have drawn the wrath of conservatives by professing a moderate position on illegal immigration.

The former speaker of the House of Representatives was sailing along confidently at a CNN-sponsored debate on Tuesday night and seemed to be wearing the front-runner label with pride after seeing his campaign nearly collapse six months ago.

But toward the end of the two-hour debate, Gingrich declared himself in favor of a comprehensive immigration overhaul that would include a guest-worker program for millions of illegal immigrants in the United States.

Many Americans, including current Democratic President Barack Obama and former Republican President George W. Bush, back that approach.

But to the conservatives who tend to vote in the Republican presidential primary races, the loquacious Gingrich may have talked himself into a corner.

"If you've been here 25 years and you've got three kids and two grandkids, you've been paying taxes and obeying the law, you belong to a local church, I don't think we're going to separate you from your family, uproot you forcefully and kick you out," he said.

Rival Michele Bachmann was quick to pounce. "He wants to legalize 11 million illegal aliens in the United States," the representative told CNN after the debate.

When Bush attempted to get a similar immigration plan through Congress in 2007, opponents called lawmakers so often in protest that it shut down the phone system. By supporting the Bush plan, Republican Senator John McCain, then running for president, almost saw his candidacy run out of money.

The collapse of the legislation has made it hard to bring up the issue again. Obama has shied away from it despite promising to do so in his 2008 campaign, saying there is a lack of political will to tackle the problem.


"It was an unnecessary position for Gingrich to take," said Republican strategist Ron Bonjean. "He's surging in the polls. The last thing he wants to do is get on the other side of Republican primary voters by getting into an intellectual debate."

Gingrich will have some explaining to do in Iowa, where he has jumped into the lead in polls among the social conservatives who dominate the state's Republican Party. Iowa holds the first U.S. nominating contest of 2012 on January 3.

"There is a professional cottage industry that exists within the conservative universe that is intensely focused on the details of this issue, and Newt for better or for worse walked squarely into a hornet's nest," said Republican strategist Phil Musser.

Gingrich has risen to the top despite personal baggage and a number of questions that have dogged him for years, becoming the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney now that Rick Perry and Herman Cain have faded.

He seemed undamaged by last week's revelations he received up to $1.8 million in consulting fees from troubled mortgage giant Freddie Mac, a disclosure that made clear he is a Washington insider who has profited from the culture of consultants he likes to denounce.

It would be easy to surmise that Gingrich rival Mitt Romney could gain from Gingrich's mistake, but that may not be the case.

The former Massachusetts governor has been tough on illegal immigration throughout the campaign, and was a chief tormentor of Perry, who as Texas governor approved a plan to let the children of illegal immigration gain tuition assistance to Texas colleges.

While Romney said he disagreed with Gingrich's position, he seemed to offer a waffling response.

"I'm not going to start drawing lines here about who gets to stay and who gets to go," he said.
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All about latest thanks giving deals

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thanksgiving menu thanksgiving Picture if you will, Thanksgiving 1999. Remember what you were doing or who you were spending it with? Not really? Well, I do.

I was by myself, without even a slice of turkey to call my own. That was the year the Grinch of Thanksgiving stole my celebration. Oh, never heard of him? Well, in most circles he's also known as my ex. Yep, unbeknownst to me, my ex single-handedly shut down and robbed me of spending the holiday with our two children. And, make no mistake: it was my turn to have the kids. They should have been with me. Only they weren't.

I remember it well. Back then, the ex was still living with her, aka, the other woman. For personal reasons, she didn't celebrate Thanksgiving. So, my ex had followed suit. Which, at first, was working really well for me because that meant I'd be getting the kids every Thanksgiving, since, allegedly, my ex no longer gave a hoot about the holiday.

But, on this particular year, my ex and his girlfriend decided the kids didn't need to participate in Thanksgiving either. Instead, they'd keep the kids for the day and use the time to indoctrinate them on the downside of partaking in the holiday. Except, they didn't tell me about this change of plans.

So, that morning, I waited. Watching the clock and waiting, expecting the kids to be dropped off any moment. Like most families across America, I had the whole day planned out. Cooking while watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade with my kids, followed by a stroll in the park in the afternoon, and later, taking the dishes we'd prepared to a friend's house for dinner. It would be a good day.

While I was stirring the cranberry sauce on the stove, and peeling the sweet potatoes, the clock kept ticking, with no sign of the kids. Maybe, I rationalized, they stopped for breakfast and were running a bit late. Not wanting them to miss the parade on TV, I set it up to record, and continued in the kitchen. Within an hour, I was stressed. I picked up the phone and did what I normally dread doing: I phoned my ex. No answer, so I left a polite, but anxious, message. quotes
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thanksgiving jokes for kids thanksgiving By long-standing tradition, the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner has been purchased rock-hard, frozen and cheap.

That's starting to change. Turkeys are going Godiva.

The same passion for eating that brought us gourmet food trucks and swelled ratings for TV cooking shows has boosted demand for top-drawer turkeys with fancy names and even fancier price tags — up to $150 for a prized Bourbon Red heritage variety.

"People want a bird that has a name, a provenance, a pedigree — a bird you can brag about," said Kathy Gori, a 60-year-old screenwriter who splits her time between Sonoma and Santa Monica.

Lindsay Calev of Redondo Beach usually steers away from pricier items at the store, but was willing to pay extra for a Diestel brand organic turkey at Whole Foods.

"I don't eat organic every day of the year — wish I could afford to," said Calev, 28, who helps create graphics for advertising. "But Thanksgiving is a time where we're really valuing the food we're making. I was willing to spend a few extra dollars for that." jewelry
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thanksgiving raffle The numbers almost defy belief, because they put forth the proposition that Green Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers(notes) has played the position about as well as it can possibly be played over the last calendar year. In the last 16 regular- and post-season games he's started and finished, Rodgers hasn't seen a loss, and he's completed 372 of 526 attempts for 4,895 yards, 45 touchdowns, and seven interceptions.

The only game he didn't finish in that time was a 7-3 loss to the Detroit Lions on December 12, when Rodgers was sent from the game with a concussion in the second quarter and relieved by Matt Flynn(notes). Before he was taken out, Rodgers had completed 7 of 11 passes for 34 yards and interception, which leads some to believe that if there's one team who has the secret to the otherwise unsolvable Rodgers, it's these Lions.

And what is that secret? According to mega-defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh(notes), there are two ways to go. "He's playing at a very high level, but the way to stop him is to continue to hit him," Suh told Shutdown Corner last week. "We had a great game plan against him last year -- he wasn't able to come back in the game, and that's one way to take care of business. Another way is to continue to be in his face and cause him problems — just don't allow him to get in a rhythm."

Well, that will keep the league posted, and you can bet that the game's officials will be all over what they deem to be Detroit's ancillary activity in the area of the quarterback. Rodgers had no trouble remembering what Suh and his buddies did to him last time.

"They gave me a concussion," Rodgers said with a laugh on Tuesday. "No, you know what, we started off hot against them at home, and then they really tightened it up and got a couple turnovers. They're a stout defense. They've got as good a front four as you're going to see in the game and they're improving everywhere else. So, you know, you see the improvements they've made and now you have an offense to help out that defense."

And that's the hidden narrative of this Thanksgiving reunion at Ford Field — as much as Rodgers can absolutely light it up against any defense with his weapons and ridiculous efficiency, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford(notes) happened to pass for five touchdowns in the last three quarters of Detroit's 49-35 win over the Carolina Panthers last Sunday. That could be bad news for a Packers pass defense that has struggled uncharacteristically this season.

"Matt's playing really well," Rodgers said. "Obviously [he has receiver] Calvin [Johnson] and a lot of weapons over there. So, when you've got an offense like they do, and a defense that can get after you and get after the passer with their front four and make some plays on the back end, I'm not surprised at all at the record [7-3] that they have right now."

Rodgers presents a different set of challenges to any defense daring to pressure him — if you go after him, you'd best get him, because Rodgers can be even more efficient when he's on the run. He's become one of the best mobile quarterbacks in recent years. thanksgiving restaurants nyc
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Patriots have their way in rout of Chiefs

 Quarterback Tom Brady paced a slow-starting offense by completing 15 of 27 passes for 234 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

"I don't think it could have gotten much worse than what we did in the first half," said Brady, referring to his club's tenuous 10-3 halftime advantage. "But I thought we came out strong in the second half and took control in the third quarter."

Both of his scores went to Rob Gronkowski, his strapping 6-6, 265-pound tight end.

The first of those, a 52-yard catch and run, represented the longest reception of Gronkowski's two-year career and gave the Patriots a 7-3 edge with 4:18 left in the opening half. The second was a 19-yard strike 4:33 into a game-breaking 17-point third quarter. It was the fourth time this season Gronkowski scored twice in a game.

Gronkowski now has 20 touchdowns in 26 career games, making him the fastest to reach that mark among tight ends in NFL history. Mike Ditka had been the leader, needing 31 games to net his first 20 scores.

"Whatever, man," Gronkowski said. "When I get the ball, I just don't want to go down. I try to do something with it, just like a running back does."

Before kickoff, Kansas City lost starting quarterback Matt Cassel for the rest of the season when it was forced to place him on injured reserve with what coach Todd Haley has described only as a "significant" hand injury.

New England's defense ruined the starting debut of Cassel's replacement, Tyler Palko, by intercepting him three times. The first two occurred on tipped balls that cornerback Kyle Arrington alertly swiped, giving him a league-leading seven pickoffs this season.

"He's been very opportunistic," coach Bill Belichick said. "He's been around the ball a lot and when you're around it, those are the types of plays you make."

The last interception, by reserve cornerback Phillip Adams, came in the end zone early in the fourth quarter.

Palko was not drafted out of the University of Pittsburgh four years ago. He was cut two years ago by the California Redwoods of the United Football League. He finished 25-of-38 for 236 yards and a meager 49.9 passer rating compared to Brady's 109.2.

"Any time you turn the ball over in this league, you don't give yourself the chance to win the football game," Palko said. "And three interceptions are inexcusable. I don't care if they were tipped or what not. The ball left my hand and I'm accountable for the passes."

In strengthening its hold on the AFC East to two games by capitalizing on earlier losses by the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets, defending division champion New England (7-3) also enjoyed a big night on special teams.

Julian Edelman punctuated that effort with an electrifying 72-yard punt return up the middle that helped stretch the Patriots' margin to 24-3 at 9:04 of the third quarter.
New England finally got going later in the period and Brady found Gronkowski open over the middle for a big play that revived the fans who had been booing a short time earlier.

Gronkowski caught it in stride on a crossing pattern over the middle. He then turned up the field and managed to keep his feet inside the Kansas City sideline all the way to the end zone for the longest reception of his career.

Officials reviewed the play to see if Gronkowski stepped out of bounds and upheld the touchdown call, giving New England its first lead after the 85-yard drive.

Palko caught the Patriots off guard in the first period and Kansas City led 3-0 after one.

Palko completed five of six passes for 39 yards in the period as Kansas City outgained New England 103 to 33.

Thomas Jones had a 26-yard run during Kansas City's scoring drive, which started at its own 45 after a 25-yard punt return by Javier Arenas. The Chiefs got to the 5 on Jones' run, but went backward from there. It started with an illegal shift penalty, followed by a 1-yard gain by Jones and then a disastrous draw by Palko.

Andre Carter smothered Palko the moment he tucked the ball and started forward, dropping him at the 15 and forcing the Chiefs to settle for Succop's field goal 1:30 left in the first.

The Patriots sputtered on their first two drives, going three-and-out on the first and running five plays before punting again on the second. Brady, who was called for intentional grounding on third down on New England's first possession, was 2-for-7 in the period.
"We held the gunners and our internal guys did a good job blocking their players," Edelman said. "As a punt returner, you have to make someone miss and then get back to your return side, so we executed the play really well."

Stephen Gostkowski tacked on field goals of 21 and 19 yards.

Kansas City, which fell to 4-6 with its third consecutive loss, held its own for most of the opening half. The Chiefs led 3-0 after a 45-yard drive led to Ryan Succop's 26-yard field goal with 1:30 left in the first quarter.
Through the first four offensive series, it appeared that the Patriots offense had reverted to its punchless form from several weeks prior. Back-to-back losses to the Steelers and Giants raised the obvious questions about the defense, but there were also the uncomfortable issues surrounding a suddenly impotent Tom Brady-led offense. Receivers weren't getting open, the line wasn't blocking and Brady looked hurried and indecisive in the pocket.

Against the Chiefs on Monday night, it appeared to be more of the same. Brady was sacked three times early on (including a lost fumble),  the passing game had been ineffective and Kansas City's defense, coached by former Pats assistant Romeo Crennel, was making Brady look out of sorts.

The Chiefs, who had to start journeyman quarterback Tyler Palko after placing Matt Cassel on injured reserve, led 3-0 after the first quarter. And then, in the time it took Kansas City to blow a defensive assignment, tight end Rob Gronkowski was motoring down the sideline for a 52-yard touchdown. And that, as they say, was that.
New England's defense stood tall after that, waiting for the offense to find its stride. "This is all about having each other's back," said defensive end Andre Carter. "It's all about team concept."

The loss of Cassel is the latest in a series of major injuries to cripple the Chiefs. They were already without two of their top offensive players, prolific running back Jamaal Charles and tight end Tony Moeaki, as well as Pro Bowl safety Eric Berry.

The teams met for the first time since Sept. 7, 2008, when Brady suffered a season-ending knee injury.

Brady moved ahead of boyhood idol Joe Montana into sole possession of seventh place on the all-time list with his 118th career victory. He is only one win behind Johnny Unitas.

New England rebounded strongly from a 24-20 loss to the New York Giants in its previous game here. That setback ended a 20-game regular-season home winning streak.
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Kevin Bacon facebook 4.74 degrees game

kevin bacon facebook game Facebook's data analysis team has released what it calls the largest social networking study ever, and discovered that only 4.74 people separate strangers from each other. That's largely thanks to Facebook itself, of course, as well as other modern social networks.
Since the American social psychologist, Stanley Milgram, conducted his famous ‘small world experiment’ in the 1960s, it has been commonly accepted that most people have six degrees of separation between them.

However, a vast new study by Facebook’s data team and the University of Milan, which assessed the relationships between 721 million active users (more than 10 per cent of the global population) of the social network, has found that the average number of connections between people has dropped to four.
"When considering even the most distant Facebook user in the Siberian tundra or the Peruvian rainforest, a friend of your friend probably knows a friend of their friend," wrote the Facebook data team in a blog post explaining its research. The average number of acquaintances between any two people in the world is now pegged at 4.74. The researchers used Facebook because of the 721 million users. That huge number of users allowed for a more accurate finding. The original six degrees came from a study in the late 60′s that had people send actual postcards to specific other people via friends.
kevin bacon facebook
The experiment used one month and used a special algorithm to calculate the distance between any two people on Facebook using a sample path. The links between one person and another averaged 4.74 and in the US with more than half the population on Facebook, there was only 4.37 folks between each of us. "At first glance, the median friend count on Facebook — 100 — may seem surprisingly low; a quick survey of my own friends reveals that they almost all have more than 100 friends," the team wrote.

That's a sociological phenomenon that's well documented, in fact.
kevin bacon facebook page "These effects all arise because for people, classes, and flights to be popular, you must be much more likely to choose them. So you shouldn’t feel bad if it seems like all your friends are more popular than you: it appears this way to most of us."

The information comes from research Facebook released late Monday evening on 721 million active Facebook users and their 69 billion connections, done in collaboration with Università degli Studi di Milano.
kevin bacon facebook app
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Democrats andRepublicans are the same on Bush tax cut debate dooms deal to cut deficit

A long-running war between Democrats and Republicans over Bush-era tax cuts doomed the debt supercommittee's chances of reaching a deal. Efforts to overhaul the tax code may await the same fate as both parties gear up to make taxes a central issue in 2012 elections.

Republicans insisted during the supercommittee negotiations that curbing tax breaks to raise revenues be coupled with guarantees that all the Bush tax cuts would continue beyond 2012. The tax cuts, which affect families at every income level, were enacted under President George W. Bush and were extended through 2012 under President Barack Obama.

Republicans for years have bashed Democrats as eager to raise taxes -- a theme they will employ often in next year's elections -- so they weren't about to agree to a tax hike unless they also could take credit for preventing a huge tax increase scheduled to take effect in 2013.

Democrats countered that the supercommittee was created to reduce the budget deficit, not add to it by extending tax cuts. Most Democrats, including Obama, want to extend the Bush tax cuts only to individuals making less than $200,000 a year and married couples making less than $250,000.

"We simply could not overcome the Republican insistence on making tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans permanent," said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., a member of the supercommittee. "This was simply doctrine for some of our Republican colleagues, even as many worked very hard in good faith to find a better way forward."

Another member of the supercommittee, Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., said, "It is deeply regrettable that my Democrat colleagues could not see their way to addressing these much-needed reforms without at least $1 trillion in job-killing tax increases on families and employers."

Extending all the Bush tax cuts, including provisions to spare millions of middle-class families from paying the alternative minimum tax, would add $3.9 trillion to the budget deficit over the next decade, according to projections by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. The Democratic plan would add about $3.1 trillion to the deficit over the same period and make the wealthiest Americans pay about $800 billion more in taxes.

Democrats and Republicans economy views are not more different on the Bush Tax cut debate dooms. The issues often arise in the history of both.The supercommittee was formed to come up with a package that reduces government borrowing by at least $1.2 trillion over the next decade. But with a Wednesday deadline approaching, the committee's co-chairs conceded failure Monday.

"After months of hard work and intense deliberations, we have come to the conclusion today that it will not be possible to make any bipartisan agreement available to the public before the committee's deadline," said a joint statement by the co-chairs, Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash.

Democrats had said they would accept significant cuts to benefit programs like Medicare and Medicaid, but only if Republicans would agree to tax increases. Despite Republicans' aversion to tax increases, a growing number of GOP lawmakers said they would consider higher taxes if they were coupled with significant spending cuts.
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Rhodium used in snickerdoodle recipe, quibids review, kindle fire, quibids, cheesecake recipe

snickerdoodle recipe, quibids review, kindle fire, quibids, cheesecake recipe In terms of rarity, rhodium makes gold look like paper dollars: Last year, 114 ounces of gold were mined for every ounce of rhodium, according to Deutsche Bank.

Yet, at just under $1,700 an ounce, rhodium is now cheaper than gold. It is a far cry from the peak of June 2008, when rhodium commanded more than $10,000. More importantly, rhodium has disconnected from its cousin platinum, falling 31% this year while platinum is down less than 10%. Rhodium as a treasured steel, also known as “the Nobel metal”, continues to be made use of all over time resulting from the neutral gray coloration and durability with the metal. It really is one among the platinum teams but additionally probably the most high priced of all cherished metals and any jeweler will mention that it’s also the most tough metals to do the job with.

Rhodium is recognized to get utilized in creating rings or cufflinks as well as the steel includes a home that will keep away from and safeguard the finished merchandise for becoming tarnished or scratched. Sterling silver or gold is going to be flashed by the jeweler as a means to guard the softer metals. Other utilizes of Rhodium consist of the use being a filter in mammography plus the quality in the features that it presents for your X-rays. Nuclear vegetation will use Rhodium in the reactors as being a suggests to evaluate neutron flux levels. This metal may also be present in the spark plugs of aircraft on account of the electrodes.

Men have been in search of posts that might be determined with them both by character or for trend. Rhodium as well as the homes thereof could be connected into the power of a character on the person that prefers this elegant and stylish steel to adorn their persona. No corrosion or tarnishing will be in a position to have an effect on the steel and therefore the individual would be seen with no a tarnished but a really solid character. Rhodium is having car trouble. More than three-quarters of total demand is for automotive catalysts (the comparable share for platinum is about 35%). The disruption inflicted on car makers' supply chains by the Japanese tsunami and lingering economic weakness in the West has hurt demand. Erica Rannestad, an analyst at commodities consultancy and investment bank CPM Group, reckons rhodium consumption will grow by less than 5% this year against a 7% increase in supply.

Meanwhile, rhodium's super-rarity limits its investment appeal. Relative to platinum and gold, the rhodium market is small and illiquid, worth just $1.2 billion at today's price. The establishment of a physically backed rhodium exchange-traded fund in May sparked a brief rally. But its market capitalization of about $10 million limits its impact.
Diamond Rhodium Teen Pendant
That said, rhodium has solid medium-term prospects. At today's price, it is at virtual parity with platinum against an average since 1993 of 2.1 times. Rhodium is particularly suited to gasoline-powered vehicles that dominate major automotive markets outside Europe. As global demand for vehicles grows and emissions standards tighten further, so the surpluses of rhodium built up in recent years should be worked off. By 2013, rhodium's rarity should start to reassert itself in pricing. In the meantime, you can try to lay your hands on some.
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Rich Rodriguez fired or hired?

Arizona has hired former Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez to take over a program that has not played in the Rose Bowl and has been mired in mediocrity for most of the past decade.

Athletic director Greg Byrne posted on his Twitter account a picture of himself with Rodriguez, wearing an Arizona baseball cap, the coach's wife and two children. The tweet said, "And the new Arizona football coach and his family is ..."

Arizona fired head coach Mike Stoops last month after he went 41-50 in seven-plus seasons. The Wildcats have not won more than eight games in a season since 1998 under Dick Tomey.

Rodriguez will try to change that with a fast-paced spread attack that has produced prolific offenses everywhere he has coached.
Rich Rodriguez turned West Virginia into a national championship contender before flaming out as Michigan coach under enormous expectations.

Those turbulent three seasons with the Wolverines didn't keep Arizona from hiring Rodriguez to overhaul a program that has been mired in mediocrity for most of the last decade.

Athletic Director Greg Byrne posted on his Twitter account Monday a picture of himself with Rodriguez, the coach's wife and two children. The tweet said, "And the new Arizona football coach and his family is . . ."
Rodriguez was fired by Michigan after last season, following three turbulent years. He went 15-22 with the Wolverines. Previously, he guided West Virginia to two BCS games.

Considered one of the pioneers of the spread offenses that have become popular in college football, Rodriguez went 60-26 in seven seasons at West Virginia.

Penn State inquiry: Former FBI Director Louis Freeh, tapped to lead Penn State's investigation into the child-sex-abuse allegations against a former assistant coach, said his inquiry will go as far back as 1975, a much longer period than was covered by a grand-jury report issued this month.

Freeh was named to oversee the university Board of Trustees' internal investigation into the abuse allegations that ultimately led to the ouster of longtime head coach Joe Paterno and university President Graham Spanier.
Interesting to note that current Arizona quarterbacks coach Frank Scelfo was on the same staff as Rodriguez at Tulane under Tommy Bowden in the late 1990s.

Arizona announced late this afternoon that, contrary to usual procedures on a Monday, there would be no post-practice interviews for coaches or players.

Arizona has been looking for a replacement for Mike Stoops, who was 41-50 before being fired at midseason. Rodriguez has been an analyst for CBS Sports this season.
Briefly: Stanford's Andrew Luck been named a finalist for the Davey O'Brien Award, presented annually to the nation's top quarterback. ... Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday will miss the Apple Cup against rival Washington on Saturday because of a lacerated liver sustained in an overtime loss to Utah. ... Massachusetts fired head coach Kevin Morris after he compiled a 16-17 record in three seasons.
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