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Penn State child abuse case

Penn State child abuse case
Until a few days ago, Jerry Sandusky's face smiled, students in the center of the State University, Pennsylvania State University, where football players and coaches are like royalty deal with family paintings.

Wednesday, more than painting murals Sandusky creators. A few days ago former assistant football coach accused of sexually abusing more than ten years of eight men.

"I got the victim's mother said a simple e-mail yesterday," Michael, you can turn off your Sandusky mural, "" said Michael Pilato was founded in 2001 "revelation" of the mural, a local artist.

It is not so easy to destroy the reputation of Pennsylvania State University, University of suspected abuse and criticism of officials were told, Sandusky see a young boy in 2002 to cover up the stain as rape shower.

Sandusky, who played football at Penn State University, then taught school for 32 years, has denied the allegations, and has been released on bail.

Cases of child abuse have been developed more scandal has shaken the Catholic Church's senior officials to cover up decades of child abuse allegations.

In this tight-knit all City University, Sandusky church family is called a man and a philanthropist. "Jerry is very respected at it's absolutely shocking to hear such a thing so perplexing everyone in the city. The definition of a former Pennsylvania State University," said Nick Savereno, grew up in the university town to attend the Pennsylvania State University, now has a sandwich shop near campus.

Football state

After graduating from college officials continue to remind even the specific allegations of abuse of power and influence of the football program and its coach questions - especially Qiaopatenuo, sports in the United States one of the most revered figures.

In the Pennsylvania State University football program is so sacrosanct, almost untouchable. "We just have the empire itself, any report, said:" A university's board of directors.

Pennsylvania State University's engineering school is a sleepy, but it is its marquee football programs with money raised by a national powerhouse. In 2008, the last year data is available, Pennsylvania State University in the country's 20 biggest recipients of federal research funding. It is now cultivating the world's largest contributors alumni.

Now, the University is in turmoil. When news of Sandusky last weekend found at least two board members, from television news, rather than from the university. This may help seal the fate of university presidents Pani Er, the trustee said.

Spanier was fired on Wednesday, with Pate Nuo, who was known simply as JoePa, who won more college football games than any coach in history of 84-year-old coach.

Earlier this week, Pate Nuo said in a statement: "With the subsequent interest, I think I have to do more."

Spanier said after his dismissal: "I was shocked and angry to learn that any predatory behavior may occur in the facilities of a university or university-related people."

The other two officials, former athletic director Tim Curley and former financial officer Gary Schultz, has been charged with failure to report the abuse, lying on the grand jury, the 23-page report details allegations of Sandusky (on the Pennsylvania Attorney General web site here: here)

Curley and Schultz's lawyer denied the allegations.

Grand jury reports, and dozens of State College and the circumstances connected Reuters in an interview, said the alleged abuse of a suspect or witness a critical moment - and is likely to be stopped.

1998 accident

In the record in the report, from 1994 to 2008, the first alert to the possibility of abuse in 1998.

The grand jury report, "victims 6," then 11 years old, told his mother that he had a bath with the Sandusky campus in the Penn State locker room, and coaches the boy's body was lathered and squeezed in a bear hug him.

The boy's mother complained that the campus police launched an investigation, during which they found to have had a similar experience of the second boy.

Detective from the campus police and investigators from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare met Sandusky, admitted shower. They extracted a commitment from the coach, he will not do it again.

End of the investigation, the center of the county attorney's time, Ray Gricar decided not to prosecute. About seven years later, while still in office, Gricar disappeared under mysterious circumstances; never found his body. No connection signs of child abuse cases, but his disappearance means that he can provide reasons for the decline of cases, there is no answer.

After a year of investigation, in 1999, Sandusky retired Pennsylvania State University defensive coordinator. In his last home game, he received nearly 100,000 fans packed the stadium stood and applauded the Nittany Lions. But at the time about a farewell party held in Sandusky, several participants said they Pate Nuo case was hit.


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