Thursday, November 10, 2011

New wifi-minded carrier offers unbelievable $19 unlimited phone plan

wifi-minded calls
When it comes to mobile operators, consumers may have four main options (now), but they are beginning to look the same - that is not a good thing. However, a new supplier, wireless Republic, based in North Carolina, is shaking things up, and an incredible $ 19 per month no contract plans. This is not just the $ 19 unlimited calling and text messaging, but mobile data.

As more smart phones means more pressure on mobile network infrastructure, consumer viewing of traditional operators' 3G data prices, and even cut plan data distribution. So, What's the catch? Republic of wireless realize this is such a common, it actually contains a section asking the question is just on its home page. The company continues to reduce costs, assuming you do not have maximum out of your home WiFi Internet connection bandwidth, routing, it is better to handle data-intensive activities, such as streaming music and movies, at no additional charge, its network Huodong as limited as possible. This gives operators the bandwidth of the 3G network a little bit of breathing room, to $ 19 deal. As for the traditional 3G mobile data, Sprint's network carrier to borrow; If your interest is aroused, it is worth looking for in your area to Sprint's service quality.

However, like-minded carrier WIFI is not for everyone. It uses a calculator, use so-called cell index "(CUI), your mobile users to determine the spectrum, if you are a light or moderate users (who will not put too much pressure, in their own network ), your ideal clients, but the user is using a disproportionate share of mobile broadband is starting a series of warning, if they do not curb its heavy use of voice and data.

The good news? Most pigs are not moving customer data. Even if you hand all day to return calls or refresh your inbox, odds are that you are somewhere in the spectrum. According to the carrier ", you can consume 550 minutes, 150 sent text, and download 300 megabytes of data, without crossing the threshold for the use of social justice," not even take WIFI - there is no associated costs - to consider.

Now, the Republic of wireless phones are limited: one running Android 2.3 version of the LG Optimus of tweaking. $ 99 no contract mobile phone you can buy promotional code "welcome19" dates back to before the price of a standard $ 199 through November 27. This is not much choice, as you are toting in your pocket, but it may be a small price break from the traditional carriers (and more expensive).

Ready to sign? You need to have a wireless network associated with your account, because that's what makes the deal to go 'round, after all. The carriers plan is in limited testing, so I chose the board sooner rather than later. Because you need to ditch your current carrier, we see an early termination fee calculator, so that job-hopping does not cost you an arm and a leg.


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