Thursday, November 10, 2011

Venezuela hunts for kidnapped Nats' player Ramos

Venezuelan police hunt for gang kidnapped at gunpoint Major League Baseball players Wilson Ramos in a state of the appalling crime problem in the case, emphasizing the Family Day (Thursday).

Washington Nationals, ready to play Venezuela, Aragua Tigers in the U.S. off-season, 24-year-old catcher (Wednesday) in Valencia City house was robbed.

In the stolen sport utility vehicle four armed men seized Ramos, and he chatted about 7 pm with friends and relatives, colleagues and the police said. Vehicle was later found abandoned, without any ransom demands.

Neighbors and friends gathered at the slightly distraught.

"Kidnappers have not contact with their families, said:" Kathe Vilera, a spokesman for the team, which is not far from Valencia, in the city of Maracay.

"Here Wilson Ramos family liberate their neighbors and their prayer requests ... we continue to wait."

Held in the local league players a minute of silence, and on Thursday night's game was played in three venues, wearing green armbands.

Venezuelan CICPC police investigation, said the two suspects expert artists impression.

Financial motives, the majority in Venezuela need a lot of ransom kidnapping gangs, the main prey of local merchants and landlords. Security experts said that only rampant drug gangs in northern Mexico, Venezuela, Latin America rivals for the kidnapping.

Major League Baseball said its investigation the Department's work, "the relevant authorities."

It said in a statement: "Our primary concern is Wilson Ramos and his family and our thoughts with them at this time."

In this crazy baseball fans a great country into the United States Major League Venezuelans proud of. Ramos said the despair many had disappeared, and called for an end to some of Venezuela's baseball season.

"If nothing had happened to bring the criminal neglect in our country, a fan said:" Twitter.

"Pause, such as turning lights, turn lights off is not conducive to Wilson Ramos," San Jose  Austrian told local radio.

Venezuelans have little faith in the police to resolve, as officers sometimes in league with the gang of kidnappers. However, in this case a high-profile nature of the additional pressure to find him.

A fan wrote on the national team's website, which is the pull Venezuelan players. Fan wrote: "This place is a cesspool, they are not safe."

Last spring, the opening day of the 62 major league players born in Venezuela, the club roster.

Baseball is a national early in the last century brought American oil workers. Local games from the United States, and Chavez himself broadcast Hui, is a keen player who dreams of pitching in the majors.

Ramos was hit with 15 home runs and nationals in the 2011 season, 52 of running a 0.267 batting average.

Venezuela Baseball League condemned the kidnapping. "We are ... with the voice of the community, to stop any type of criminal acts of this nature and events in the country."


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