Thursday, November 10, 2011

Perry says Debate gaffe won't break my campaign

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Rick Perry brushes off badly, and from Wednesday's debate that a human error may in fact, he is certainly not tank his campaign the way, some analysts predict.

Wednesday night in Michigan, Perry said he would cut the federal government's three bodies, but only two of them by name. "Business, education, and - what is the third let us see," Perry said, before his opponent voluntary EPA to regulate the pollution is very unpopular with conservatives.

Asked carelessly, Perry acknowledged the CBS "Early Show" that he made ​​a mistake.

"I was in it to strengthen my wife would say," Perry said.

"We have made ​​mistakes, I am a person, the problem here is that I have a lapse of memory, many federal agencies to remember, I forget, I just think this is the Department of Energy," Perry said.

Perry, because he's late summer into the race made ​​a series of entries in the debate gaffe, he knows it. "I admit that I may not be the best debater, smooth politician on the stage," Perry said, claiming to be "personal matter, when it comes to creating a working environment can, in fact, the class focused on entrepreneurs there, create these jobs, Americans are really needed. "

When asked whether he understood, political observers call it the death knell for his campaign, Perry tried to play down his gaffe, while still admit that this is a mistake.

"You stand, however, many million people, in front of us, and you have an idea of the loss, to ensure that any time it affects you, but the fact is that a mistake will not make or break a campaign," he said. .

Perry Indicates CBS News / National Journal on Saturday in South Carolina's foreign policy debate, but he will not submit any further debate.

"I will be South Carolina on Saturday night, I do not know my schedule is over," Perry said. His aides also hinted that it might not participate in the upcoming presidential debate, Governor of Texas.


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