Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Penn State trustees call for inquiry into sex abuse claims

Pennsylvania State University's board of directors said it would establish a special committee on Friday to investigate allegations of sexual abuse against former assistant football coach.

Announcement (Tuesday), the head football coach Qiaopatenuo supporters came to his door assembly, called for his resignation, because the other child sex scandal.

Pate Nuo, a spotless record of the major long-term coach, because he brings with him in 2002 by he said he saw defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky retired sexual assault on campus in a small boy shower graduate assistant under pressure to respond to allegations of football complex.

Pate Nuo report alleged that his boss, and the Pennsylvania Attorney General said it appears the coach has fulfilled his legal obligations. However, some critics say, he should report suspected abuse to the police. To become public charges of grand jury on the case report, released last week. Authorities arrested Sandusky (Saturday) and two other officials of the Pennsylvania State University, has been arrested in connection with the case.

The Board said that this is the grand jury's report expressed concern.

"Pennsylvania State Board of Regents of the University by the grand jury's report of the terrible details of the anger, the board said in a press release." "The Special Committee will be entrusted to determine what failed, and who is responsible and what measures is necessary to ensure that this does not happen again in our university's. "

Sandusky was accused of sexual crimes, crimes against children and the "corruption of minors" involving eight boys he met through most or all of the second mile, he founded the charitable organization to help troubled youth, according to prosecutors officer's allegations.

Sandusky involvement with the Group and that he "visited hundreds of boys, many of whom are vulnerable, because of their social situation, the grand jury said." Said the former coach engaged in foreplay, at least 15 years , oral sex and anal sex with the boy, according to the testimony grand jury investigation concluded.

A direct source of knowledge survey confirmed that the U.S. CNN's Jason Carroll, a man walked into a Montoursville, Pennsylvania, police station, claiming he is the victim Sandusky. , The source said, will decide whether to interview with the man, his ninth victim.

Sandusky, Nittany Lions football team as a defensive coordinator for 23 years before retiring in 1999, is free on bail of $ 100,000.

A preliminary hearing Sandusky, scheduled Wednesday, has been postponed to December 7, officials said Tuesday afternoon. Sandusky's lawyers have expressed the need for more time to make the witness.

On Sunday, Pennsylvania State University announced that two University officials blamed the failure to report suspected abuse to step down, one retirement and other administrative licensing state organs. Attorney General Linda Kelly said Monday, in the Pennsylvania State University athletic director Timothy Curley, 57, and Gary - Schultz, 62, University senior vice president of finance and business, the complaint alleged failure report abuse "may allow a child predator to continue to suffer for many years the children."

Curley and Schultz, each charged with one count of perjury and one count of failure to report suspected abuse to be released, $ 750 million bail each. In the arraignment hearing, their lawyers said, these people are innocent of the charges, and to seek to clear their names.

Grand jury investigation led to charges began with an alleged victim, he said Sandusky "indecent," he engaged in sexual behavior, and his guest house in the coach's claims, according to the Attorney General.

Met the victim through the second in Sandusky, Sandusky alleged use of expensive gifts, such as professional and college game trips, golf clubs, a computer and money, Kelly said.

Relationship, starting in 2005 and continued until 2008, including sexual touching LED Sandusky's home, overnight, according to Kelly and grand jury testimony.

However, in the grand jury's report, the most explosive charges relating to 2002 incidents in which a graduate student Sandusky see a young boy performing anal sex shower, according to the grand jury and prosecutor.

"In this survey the most striking and disturbing pieces of testimony from a witness to a night of sexual assault, which allegedly occurred in March 2002, at the Lasch Football Building, University Park campus of the locker room," Kelly said. "Hearing sounds like a sexual activity should be an empty building showers, graduate assistant is said to view a naked boy, seems to be 10-year-old sexual assault."

Pate Nuo, who, in turn, alerted the Assistant Curley reported the incident.

Pate Nuo said in his speech, he did his duty, in the notice Curley's.

"It is obvious the witness distraught over what he saw, but he did not have time with my grand jury report very specific action regardless, it is clear that some of the witnesses, Mr. Sandusky inappropriate of. Sandusky coach from our coaching staff retire, when I mentioned the problem of university administrators, "Pate Nuo said.

However, rather than report the incident to the authorities, Curley and Schultz Sandusky's locker room key and banned him from the second visit in the child's football building, Kelly said.

In his speech, Pate Nuo called the allegations "shocking."

"Although I do not what I had brought my attention, like any other person involved, on one charge, I can not help but feel very sad these matters alleged to have occurred, he said in a statement."

Prosecutors did not rule out the case of the possibility of additional costs or victims.

Tuesday, Pate Nuo's son, Scott, Pat Snow, said on Twitter, "New York Times" reported, citing people briefed on the matter, university officials plan Pate Nuo's 46-year coaching tenure ends "premature."

"No talk about retirement and the People's Liberation Front," Pate Nuo said, with his father's initials.
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Italy's Berlusconi to resign after economic changes OK

This is not tax evasion, bribery, money, even with a 17-year-old girl brought Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of pay. On Tuesday, the rapid growth of the debt crisis in Europe claimed that Berlusconi, Italy in the past 17 years, resulting in 11 of its latest victims. He vowed to shepherd through Congress the country's economic austerity program, and create at least some of Europe's fourth largest economy in the short-term relief after the resignation.
If Berlusconi stepped down, it will mark the fourth year in European countries, the government cut the expensive rescue and emergency austerity measures.
This is a surprising turn seemingly indestructible 75-year-old Berlusconi's troubles, including historically low approval levels, an important political ally of treachery and court, court cases, continue to dog the case of Italian leaders .
Colorful gaffe prone leader, who won notoriety around the world, such as President Obama and his young female dalliances described as "handsome, young, but also sun tanning" and bragging remarks shake people around the world, there when their heads.
Even those who say they enjoy the support of Berlusconi and his antics, that this is his time to go.
Irene Viterbese, 30 days, in Rome's beauty salon worker, said: "People get him, this is not fair," but I also think that in Italy the situation is getting worse, he seems unable to do his old, he has his own problems. Anything. Maybe he should go to the national interest. "
In Italy, a dramatic development, Berlusconi's allies, to achieve the budget measures in the parliamentary majority have already seen Berlusconi vote. Berlusconi mustered 308 votes, 630-member Chamber of Commerce.
Later, Berlusconi announced that he will resign after the approval of the budget measures, which include spending cuts by the EU finance ministers and demands reform.
Dramatic news from the Italian, Greek Prime Minister Papandreou resigned at the same time to prepare the official and the party's leadership to finalize an agreement, the government installed last month agreed to implement the EU's rescue package, will be able to.
Earlier this year, Ireland and Portugal under the weight of debt concerns to see their government collapse.
In Italy, political uncertainty, the government borrow money to promote the highest level since the euro launched nearly ten years ago cost. Parliament before the vote to reach up to 6.74% of the benchmark 10-year bond yields sharply close to the 7% level led to Greece and Ireland and Portugal the government to collapse.
IHS Global Insight's head of sovereign risk, Randolph, "Young said:" We must be careful with the similarities between Ireland and Portugal, as the Roman to the crisis a stronger financial position than these two countries are . "The Italian government spending exceeds tax revenue collected, give it a strong positive cash flow."
Even so, the rise in government bond yields raise the cost to borrow money to pay down the massive debt the country's prospects - it is worth $ 2.6 trillion, or the country's gross national product 120% - more difficult .
Italy's economy than Greece, Ireland and Portugal with nearly three times greater. It is not possible, the European Union will be able to raise sufficient funds to bail the country, if it must pay its debt arrears.
The failure of any one in Italy the euro zone as a whole terrible consequences.
Luca Silipo, a former Italian central bank officials, and an economist with Natixis SA ", said:" If Greece is in Italy to obtain the same state, the euro currency will no longer be possible. "If the Italian bankruptcy, then France will next year.
"You obviously do not want to have the same problem in Italy and Greece," he said.
Analysts said that despite its political development, in Italy in the same direction near Greece. Although the Italian market is expected to Wednesday, this may be a short-term trend.
"If Berlusconi goes, the market may respond positively ... (but) the basic economic problems still exist and there is no easy solution," Havel said, Noriega, and investment bankers Hildebrandt and Ferrar senior economist. "I do not know if the Italian people has been its head around the fact that it is in Italy to get worse before better, and there is a lot of hard work ahead."
ING Financial Group economist in Brussels, Carsten Brzeski, agreed.
"Italy is growing, the sick man of Europe", he said. "The country has been very, very weak growth. It is not like in Greece or in other neighboring countries, the economic recession we all know, Italy is too big to fail, they can not be rescued or released on bail in other European countries, they need their own , or else the euro zone big problem. "
In the last Berlusconism delivery: In 2006, he quipped: "My Jesus I am a political victim of the patient ... I sacrifice for everyone."
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Ohio Voters Reject Public-Union Limits

Voters on Tuesday defeated a substantially limits the teachers, police and other public sector workers and trade union representatives of the power law. The law would deprive the country's 350,000 most of the right to collective bargaining and forced workers to pay for their medical care costs of at least 15% of public sector employees. Precincts reporting, 97%, 61% of voters in the referendum voted against, while 39% support, Republicans support the law, known as Senate Bill 5

Beyond the Ohio vote was closely watched in other countries have been debating whether control in the public unions, to help the government cut wages and benefits expenses. Trade unions are faced with the newly elected Republican majority in each country this year, bruising battle. In Wisconsin, lawmakers passed a law to restrict trade union rights, but they did not do in Indiana.

Ohio law is passed by the legislature and the governor, John Kasich, a Republican, signed earlier this year. But opponents get enough voter signatures to force a public vote, to enter into force.

"Obviously, people's speech, said:" Mr. Kasich. He said he will continue to work with local governments facing budget challenges, but he warned that there would be "no bailout" because "there is no money."

Republican House Speaker William Batchelder predictable elements of the law more palatable, such as health insurance and pensions, raising the minimum contribution may be re-examined after the dust settles.

Some Republicans say the party passed a bill in the promotion of access to a broader public consensus before overreached. Despite the feelings of many voters, some members of the public workers in the private sector's sweeter than the transaction, the law also hurt sympathy "first response", such as police and firefighters.

Another factor is the heavy spending by the strong trade unions. The country's largest union spent nearly $ 30 million, to repeal the law. This is a Republican affiliated groups support the law more than twice the amount spent. Mr. Kasich across the country over the past week, that the law will protect jobs, to assist local governments to cut labor costs and avoid service cuts or tax increases. Unions argue that the restriction of bargaining wages, hours and under certain conditions of employment is unfair and may endanger the public safety unions if the citizens can no longer take more than the number of police personnel issues such as bargaining. They are opposed to other changes, such as banning strikes, making it more difficult to collect union dues out of workers.

Out of these two messages resonate with voters in a middle class community, the state capital in Columbus Day (Tuesday). Frederick, a 30-year-old near an industrial laundry in favor of the law's manager, said: "John," ... everyone's cut, you see not really taking the average Qiaomei Guo workers are cutting government employees.

However, many voters sided with the union. "Firefighters and teachers to pay is ridiculous, and" Heather said Rees, 25, at Ohio State University students, who voted to repeal the law.

A union-supported non-profit organization called us from Ohio, U.S. federal, state, county and municipal employees to fight the law of these donors $ 23 million. National Education Association, which represents 128,000 teachers in the state, spent $ 10.2 million television advertising and other costs.
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Mississippi's "Personhood Amendment" fails at polls

Mississippi voters Tuesday defeated live in the fertilization began, has announced the ballot initiative, it is recommended to seek in the Bible Belt state of the country as a prompt legal challenges to abortion rights supporters.

More than 55 percent of voters rejected the so-called "personality" of the initiative, far below the threshold required for its development. If it has passed, it is almost guaranteed to draw a legal challenge, because it is the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision establishing a legal right to abortion conflict. The initiative's supporters want to provoke a lawsuit challenging the landmark ruling.

The measures are divided into medical and religious communities, and caused some of the most strongly opposed to abortion, including Republican Gov. Haley Barbour, has shaken their support.

CBS reporters Lan De and Er Ping Bankston reported earlier, the voting can be set a precedent for the country. Major concern of many strict laws and new anti-abortion tactics may affect fertility treatment, especially for blue as Atlee and Greg Bray.

"When I was 28 years old, Greg and I and the infertility diagnosis, Atlee said." They used in vitro fertilization to conceive their 5-year-old twin daughters. Atlee was worried about the proposed state constitutional amendment may restrict Mississippi couple of other fertility treatments.

"I do not want Mississippi to Washington, DC, New York or California to treat infertility," she said.

Opponents said the measure would be birth control, such as the morning-after pill or the IUD, illegal. More specifically, abortion ballot measures called the ban "from the moment of fertilization" - to prevent opponents suggest that doctors performing in vitro fertilization, because they fear criminal charges, if an embryo does not go on the wording.

Supporters are trying to impose their religious beliefs on others, forcing women to unwanted pregnancy, including rape or incest caused the opponents say. the voted against the measure in part because she had been raped. She also has friends and family, children through in vitro fertilization, she worried that this will end the process.

"Line is not clear what may or may not occur. Said:" I think everyone's control, not through an amendment to the situation outside the specified range, Brunson, a 36-year-old dog trainer and drama from Jackson production assistant.

Hubert Hoover, cabinet makers and construction workers, voted for the amendment.

Hoover, 71 years old, who lives in, said: "I figure half the things you can not, so if you are against abortion, you should be for this, you either have to be all things for or against the whole of Jackson's suburbs.

Mississippi already has strict abortion laws and enforcement procedures is only one clinic, it became a national movement into the state constitution's ban on abortion fitting venue.

Group personality the United States, pushing ballot measures co-founder of the Mississippi River, said Keith Mason, will be a win-win across the country sent shock waves. Colorado team is trying to similar initiatives in 2012 in Florida, Montana, Ohio and Oregon votes. Colorado voters in 2008 and 2010 rejected a similar proposal.

A week ago, long considered the 2012 presidential candidate, he ruled out running this year, Barber said he was undecided. A day later, he was in favor of the absence, but he said he struggled with his support.

"Some very strong pro-life people and the practical consequences of the ambiguity of the issues raised - whether there is unforeseen, unintended consequences, I would have to say, I have heard these concerns, they gave me some pause, "Barber said last week.

Barber is blocked because of term limits and seek re-election. Democratic and Republican candidates vying to replace his pro-abortion measures.

Specifically, the proposed state constitutional amendment would have defined a person "includes every person from fertilization, cloning and functional equivalent of the moment."

The state's largest Christian denomination, the Mississippi Baptist Convention, supported the proposal by the lobbying sector.

Bishop of the Diocese of Mississippi and the United Methodist Church General Assembly against.

Bishop Joseph Jackson tradition of the Catholic Church against abortion Latino, issued a statement, neither support nor oppose the initiative. Mississippi State Medical Association has taken similar steps, and other medical groups oppose.

Mississippi has asked the judicial or any minor's parents consent to abortion, mandatory counseling in person and 24-hour wait, a woman can be in any termination of pregnancy.
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Tuesday's nationwide votes frame 2012 race

Kentucky and Mississippi Governor's office refused to put their different political parties on Tuesday, despite the country's economic difficulties and resume full bargaining rights in Ohio hundreds of thousands of public sector employees in a major organized labor victory.

In addition, in Mississippi, voters rejected, defined as living in the moment of conception initiative - a supporter want to use load Roe v. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision established the legal attacks on abortion rights measures.

Nationally, pay close attention to the voters to judge the final major of 2011, the political mood of the public since the Great Depression the worst economic slowdown in the next two months the first presidential primaries and any clues to the past four years.

Kentucky's Democratic governor to win re-election, Mississippi voters in the Republican governor's office to keep their hands - many Americans are not ready to give up the current parties to the proposed decision. In Ohio, a new law severely limits the more than 350,000 teachers, firefighters, police and other public employees bargaining was abolished. Failure is rigid against the governor, John Kasich, seeking alliances as a measure to curb spending limit for other Republican governors questioned.

"Ohio sends a message to every politician there: go in and war, rather than your employees and staff, you do your own risk," AFL - CIO President Richard Delaware Muka said.

Kasich congratulated his opponent and said he would take the time to consider his next step.

"I heard their voices, I understand their decision, and frankly, I respect what people say, in such efforts," he said. "As a result, it asked me to take a deep breath, you know, spend some time to reflect what is happening here."

The controversial law allows workers to negotiate wages, but no pension or medical benefits, and prohibits public workers strike to binding arbitration of teachers out of retirement and an annual increase.

As a result, presidential candidates will no doubt be studied as a measure of Ohio voters, which is as a leader. No Republican has won the White House without Ohio, and in more than a century, only two Democrats.

Elsewhere on the ballot, Ohio voters approved a ban were required to buy health insurance as part of national health care reform. Largely symbolic vote, but Republicans plan to use it in legal challenges.

Governor of interest, the two sides of the game. Ten countries will be elected governor next year, and the governor of any ticket marshal the efforts of the White House candidates is essential. The first presidential primary in New Hampshire, January 10.

In Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear easily re-elected, despite high unemployment, a shortage of funds and the impact of third-party attack ads. He became the second Democratic governor in a campaign to win this year, after the Earl of West Virginia Ray Tomblin.

In Mississippi, voters chose Republican Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant to succeed Haley Barbour, can not run again because of term limits. Bryant beat Hattiesburg Mayor John Nidu Puri, major party nomination in Mississippi's first black governor.

Mississippi measure is defined as life began at conception, has been in the country's first victory, the so-called personality campaign, which aims to make all but illegal abortions. A similar attempt failed in Colorado and elsewhere are under way.

Recommendations are divided into medical and religious communities, and cause some of the most strongly opposed to abortion, including Barber, waver in their support.

Opponents said that it would make some form of birth control, such as the morning-after pill or the IUD, illegal measures. They fear that it could prevent the implementation of the fear of criminal charges in the IVF embryos did not survive the doctor.

Arizona Senator Russell Pearce's tough immigration laws, in the forefront of national debate, the country's designers, led by the Republicans face the recall attempt. But Pierce was held 3-1 fundraising advantage. Article 22-year-old Alex Morse has been elected the next mayor of Holyoke, became the youngest CEO in the history of western Massachusetts city. Morse claimed that the mayor's office, Mayor Elaine Pluta conceded defeat shortly after the polls close Tuesday night. Pluta is seeking the City Council after serving 14 years in the second term. Morse is a recent graduate of Brown University, who is opposed to plans to open a casino in Holyoke. Hundreds of cities the mayor's race, including the country's largest. In San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee temporary city may become the first Asian-American elected leaders. The former city administrator, he was appointed as temporary work in January, the then Mayor Gavin Newsom to become lieutenant governor.
In Philadelphia, the Democratic Party New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg trounced Nath, a little-known named Karen Brown, a former math teacher and Democratic parties who challenge the incumbent Republican challenger exchange. Comic politics Robert farmers lost his bid to become Kentucky's Agriculture Commissioner. Farmers told the hillbilly jokes, upset some people, he did not breeding experience. In Ohio, another comedian, Drew Hastings, fixtures, "Comedy Central," a tiny Hillsboro Mayor.
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Herman Cain answers sexual harassment allegations

Herman Cain is more effective fight to save his presidential campaign, the candidates more control spiral of events.

Days, he refused to discuss allegations of sexual harassment against him after Cain to reverse themselves in the country appeared on the televised news conference, he was "troubled woman" cast one of his accusers, and said he "never had and any person to take action, inappropriate, period. "

But when he was about to speak, a woman who leveled charges of Cain to come forward publicly anonymous. Later, her lawyer said, will soon be a woman, the U.S. Treasury Department spokesman Karen Kraushaar, and Illinois woman, Sharon Bialek, 14 years ago, on Monday accused of groping her at a press conference on Cain. Explosive controversy is unlikely to ease soon, because even if Cain predicted that opponents would call in the coming days more complaints.

In the press conference, where he improved his presidential campaign money in Scottsdale, Cain denied his behavior on all charges.

"Charges and accusations, I am absolutely opposed to," Cain said. "They do not happen, they simply did not happen."

Cain said he would be willing to take a lie detector test to clear his name. But in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination has been a sign of damage, Cain made to give up the possibility of the game - if only to shoot down the idea of ​​their own.

"So far, these accusations I am back, perhaps out of the presidential primaries - is not going to happen," he said. Kraushaar there to stop any momentum Cain may seek from his appearance on Tuesday. National Restaurant Association as a staff. In the late 1990s, she complained Cain, he was Group President and CEO of sexual harassment.

Kraushaar received cash payments, in an agreement signed in 1999, forbade her to discuss her complaint filed on Cain, from the Group. Restaurant organization in recent days to allow her attorney released a statement confirming her complaint, but she did not come forward publicly, until her name was distributed by the news agency Tuesday. CNN quoted U.S. hired her from the association, Cain is a woman told Kraushaar "monster." Her lawyer, Joel P. Bennett said Kraushaar and Bialek and their lawyers will soon open meeting.

"My client has decided to convene a joint news conference, many women complain about sexual harassment Cain will attend the Herman," he said, Bialek will attend. Anonymous complaints Cain, the other two women, one of whom also received a settlement of the restaurant group.

In Scottsdale, Cain Kraushaar's allegations "baseless."

But his main focus is Bialek, appear together in the New York lawyer 格洛丽亚奥 Erlei De assertion Cain put his hand up her skirt and tried to push her crotch to his face. She said the incident occurred, they drove her to seek employment consulting from dinner. - Other complaints were made during the same period - when she was just laid off Restaurant Association branch.

Cain said he did not remember ever meeting Bialek, much less take her to dinner, in Washington and to her sexual advances.

"In fact, these anonymous accusations are false, and now the Democratic machine in the United States this troubled woman made false accusations, statements, many of which are beyond common sense," Cain said. He has accused Republican rival Perry, Texas governor, an aide of sexual harassment complaints, disclosure.

Tuesday, Cain also suggested that he falsely accused of lobbying and other people's goals, a businessman in Washington who do not want to challenge the status quo. Cain, who is responsible for overseeing the Restaurant Association's lobbying operation in Washington, said more charges may appear in the next few days or weeks.

"There will be others, not because I know any, but because the machine is kept at the White House, a businessman, is to be ruthless," he said.
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Penn State Said to Be Planning Paterno’s Exit Amid Scandal

Joe Paterno of the Penn State football coach period was almost over, perhaps within a few days or weeks, in a sex abuse scandal, university officials have been implicated, according to two people briefed top officials of the University of dialogue between . The Board has yet to be determined Pate Nuo precise timing of the exit, but it is clear, have more victories than any in college football's top level of the other coaches and people who made the Pennsylvania State University, a well-known national brand will not survive to coach another season. About how to manage the discussion of his departure has begun, according to two people.

Pate Nuo held a press conference last Tuesday, but the university canceled less than an hour before scheduled to begin.

Penn State with 46 seasons behind him, head coach of 84 years, Pate Nuo extraordinary run of success - to produce two national championships and the school millions of dollars, and that the establishment of one of the country's most respected leader, he will end with a stunning and humiliating final chapter.

Pate Nuo a former defensive coordinator under Jerry Sandusky, has been charged with sexually abusing a 15-year span of time, eight men, Pate Nuo does not involve the police have been widely criticized, when he learned that a young The young man accused of assault in 2002.

In addition, the two top university officials - Gary Schultz, senior financial and commercial vice president, and Tim Curley, athletic director - was charged with perjury and not to report allegations they know, by state law.

Since the arrest of Sandusky, Pennsylvania State University (Saturday) - in particular its president, 格雷厄姆斯 Pa Nier and Pate Nuo - after the failure, under the full study, over the years at different points, Sang Dasi Ji may be withering criticism of child abuse. Newspapers called for his resignation; prosecutors have recommended that their inaction led by Sandusky hurt more children; and university students and teachers have expressed a mixture of disgust and confusion, and hope, prosecutors have charged is not true of.

Law enforcement officials said on Monday, Pate Nuo met with him to remind his boss, in the university's legal obligations, when he learned that in 2002 accused of Sandusky. But they suggested that he may have failed to do what, when faced with such a disturbing allegations involving children, even in his teenage moral test. In college, no one reported to the police, or the pursuit of questions to determine the well-being of children involved. The child's identity is still unknown, according to the Attorney General.

Pate Nuo have received on this issue, but his failure to report to authorities what he was in the 2002 incident, which allegedly sexually assaulted a Sandusky at Penn State University football complex, like to know, has become a flash point, stirring anger among board members about his handling of the matter of the outpouring of public criticism.

Pate Nuo in recent days has lost the support of many board members, their conversation shows a decisive shift in the university power structure. For example, in 2004, Pate Nuo brush off a university president asked him to step down.

Pate Nuo in 1950 came to Pennsylvania State University, as a 23-year-old assistant coach, one year $ 3,600. He planned to stay two seasons, he was from Brown University, where he received degrees in English literature, to pay off student loans.

He became head coach in 1966, he has been widely credited to help local businesses to national brands, led by Pennsylvania State University football program and other universities. Beaver Stadium along the way, rising from 29,000 to 108,000 seats, and Pennsylvania State University donated more than $ 1 billion, almost no growth.

Many of the coach with his separate Pate Nuo, until this week, his questions, he is to grow the program. Pennsylvania State University graduation rates, and the lofty ideals of education first, known as Pa Tenuo the big experiment, and as a general defense plan uniforms and led synonymous.

Pate Nuo LED Pennsylvania State University in 1982 and 1986 national championship season, and his success in the field and added a sideline setback, Professor, the reputation of their tie, thick glasses and a black Nike shoes coach predicted the fall in the Northeast changes in foliage.

Pate Nuo campus to extend far beyond the football program. He and his wife, Sue, University donated more than $ 4 million. On campus, everything from ice cream flavor of milk substitutes to the library, now named after him.

"There is no person in the entire 120 - or of, the agency has a greater impact on the University  130 years of history," Larry Foster, a former trustee and alumni association president, told the " The New York Times "in 2004. "He just reached into many areas."

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City-Block-Size Asteroid 2005 YU55 to Buzz Earth

An asteroid the size of a city block will zoom by Earth inside the orbit of the moon today (Nov. 8), but it poses no danger of smashing into our planet, scientists say.

The asteroid 2005 YU55, which is about 1,300 feet (400 meters) across, will make its closest approach to Earth at 6:28 p.m. EST (2328 GMT) today. At that point, the space rock will be traveling at about 29,000 mph and be about 201,700 miles (324,600 kilometers) from Earth — closer than the moon, which orbits 238,864 miles (384,499 km) from us on average.

The flyby will mark the closest such a big space rock has come to Earth since 1976. But there's no need to scurry down to the basement bunker to await an asteroid impact, researchers say.

"2005 YU55 cannot hit Earth, at least over the interval that we can compute the motion reliably, which extends for several hundred years," research scientist Lance Benner, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., said in a recent NASA video.
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Obama, Sarkozy reportedly fed up with Netanyahu

President Obama and his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, were reportedly caught in a candid moment expressing their exasperation with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu - with the French president referring to him as a "liar".

The remarks were part of what the American and French leaders believed to be a private chat after a news conference in Cannes last week, during the G20 economic conference. The pair were still wearing microphones, and some journalists who still had their headphones on for translation caught the remarks, which were first reported by the French photo agency Arret Sur Images.

A Reuters news agency reporter who was also present has since confirmed the exchange.

As the two leaders discussion turns to Israel and the Palestinians, Sarkozy is first to express his distaste for the conservative Israeli Prime Minister.

"I cannot bear Netanyahu, he's a liar," the French president was heard to say.

In response, according to the account by Arret Sur Images, Mr. Obama sympathizes with Sarkozy's frustration, saying, "you're fed up, but I have to deal with him every day."

There is no immediate indication as to whether a recording of the private conversation exists.

Arret Sur says all the reporters present in Cannes who were privy to the exchange agreed not to publish details.

It is unclear why Arret Sur decided to go public with the details late on Monday, days after Mr. Obama returned to Washington, or whether they were among the French organizations which agreed to the alleged no-report pact at the time.

The White House, when asked about the exchange by CBS News, would not comment.

Both France and the U.S. are urging Israel and the Palestinians to relaunch negotiations on a final peace agreement.

The initial topic of discussion which led Sarkozy and Mr. Obama to their apparent Netanyahu-bashing was France's support of the Palestinian's bid for membership in the United Nations cultural agency, UNESCO.

Obama's Mideast mess
Israel defends settlement push amid criticism
UNESCO pleads with U.S. to reinstate funding

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sought unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state at the United Nations several weeks ago - first by the powerful U.N. Security Council, and then, when that failed, by UNESCO.

The United States has vowed to veto a statehood bid in the Security Council, and France likewise says it would not back the move, but Paris did vote in favor of UNESCO membership - a move which irked Washington.
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Obama will mandate Head Start competition

Administration officials told USA TODAY Obama is acting on his own because Republicans in Congress are obstructing on education policy, including efforts to reduce Head Start funding. They are billing it as part of Obama's "We Can't Wait" campaign to enact policies by executive action. In this case, the rulemaking process was begun more than a year ago by the Department of Health and Human Services under terms of a 2007 law. Most Republicans supported that legislation; it passed the Senate unanimously and the House by a vote of 381-36.

The new rule is designed "to promote accountability and improve the quality of Head Start programs," said an administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record.

Nationally, there are nearly 1,600 Head Start and Early Head Start programs providing early learning services to nearly 1 million low-income children. Under the new plan, Health and Human Services will review the performance of all Head Start grantees, using benchmarks to determine if recipients are eligible for funding. Those include classroom management, family involvement, health, safety and nutrition standards, financial management and previous license suspensions.

The administration estimates that one-third of Head Start grantees will be required to compete for funds under the new plan; some will be notified as early as next month.
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White House Shuffles Role for Top Aide Daley

In a stunning turnabout just one year before the 2012 election, White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley is handing over some of his day to day responsibilities to the man he replaced only 10 months ago, according to a presidential adviser briefed on the plans.

The adviser confirmed a Wall St Journal report saying Daley was being demoted to make way for Pete Rouse, a close ally of the president dating back to his days as Obama's Senate Chief of Staff. He served as acting White House Chief of Staff until suggesting the full-time job go to Daley, who came aboard early this year to help shore up the president's standing after a bruising midterm election.

The Journal suggested Daley will take on more of a big picture, ambassadorial role while Rouse will run West Wing operations, an arrangement that would be unprecedented in running a White House. White House aides would not comment on Daley's shifting role late on Monday night.

But the presidential adviser said Daley, 63, has "not been getting along" well with some colleagues in the West Wing and raised eyebrows over a candid interview with Politico in which he bluntly said the challenges facing Obama had been "ungodly" and "brutal" over the last three years.

"He doesn't know why he's as high as 44 percent," Daley quipped about the president's standing in the polls.

Daley's suggestion that Democrats as well as Republicans on Capitol Hill had made things difficult for the president was said to anger people like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the very people Daley was hired to build bridges to when he signed up.

The shift for Daley comes as Obama's jobs bill has yet to pass Congress and the country faces an unemployment rate of 9 percent.

While White House aides touted Daley's lobbying for the Clinton White House to pass NAFTA in the early 1990's, he has racked up very few legislative victories.

That stands in sharp contrast to his predecessor Rahm Emanuel, who left late last year to successfully run to replace Daley's brother, Richard, as Mayor of Chicago. While Emanuel ruffled feathers inside and outside the White House, he racked up victories on the stimulus, health care reform, and new Wall Street regulations. While Daley's background on NAFTA and his experience in the Clinton Cabinet during divided government was touted as an asset as the president governed with a new Republican House, this asset has not panned out.

His executive experience was also supposed to build a bridge to the business community.

Daley raised eyebrows recently when he told a Chicago TV station he planned to only serve through the 2012 election, an odd statement because top White House officials do not usually telegraph lame duck status so far in advance.

A second presidential adviser said in retrospect it seemed Daley was sending a signal he wanted to "cut his losses -- get the president re-elected and then get out." In the Politico interview, Daley concluded with a comment that might be read differently now.

"You can just feel this electorate is very volatile," he said. "So strap yourself in."
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Latest developments in the Occupy protests occurring in places around the world

The Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City are preparing for the possibility of a punishing winter by erecting tents designed to withstand frigid temperatures.

Some of the military grade tents are as big as tiny cottages. They began popping up Monday, with the first planned for medics and another designated as a safe space for women.

Protester Jeffrey Brewer says three tents have been erected in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park and he’s helping to install four more. He says another 20 are being ordered.

Brewer says the tents are costing the protesters about $25,000 total. He says they’re paid for through donations the Wall Street protest group has received.

The company that owns the park where the protesters have set up camp doesn’t allow tents but hasn’t been enforcing the rule.

Longtime musicians and activists David Crosby and Graham Nash are scheduled to perform a concert at the Occupy Wall Street protest site in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.

The Occupy Wall Street website says the Tuesday afternoon concert will be an acoustic set of protest songs.

Crosby, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer of Crosby Stills and Nash fame, visited the park last week.


Five people were arrested early Monday at or near a downtown park that has been an off-and-on site of Occupy Atlanta protests.

The arrests come a day after 20 demonstrators were taken to jail by officers in riot gear when a rally spilled into the streets.

Atlanta police said one protester draped in an American flag inside Woodruff Park was arrested after refusing to leave by a Sunday night curfew, and four other people on bicycles were arrested near the park — three for traffic violations and one for obstruction of a law enforcement officer.


Occupy DC protesters provided a police report Monday that they say supports their account that a driver who struck three people at a weekend demonstration hit a fourth person in a separate incident a few minutes earlier.

Police had previously discussed the Friday incident in which three people demonstrating outside the city’s convention center were hit, saying the driver was not charged because witness accounts suggested the demonstrators jumped in front of his car. An assistant police chief reviewing that incident Saturday with reporters said he was not aware of a fourth demonstrator being struck.

But on Monday, the demonstrators called for further investigation.


Citations were issued to 43 Occupy Chicago protesters who blocked an intersection in the city’s financial district Monday and then refused to leave.

Occupy Chicago organizers said the protesters were senior citizens who were objecting to proposed cuts to Social Security, Medicare and other benefits.

Police say the incident lasted about an hour, and protesters were cited for impeding the flow of traffic.


Rappers and hip hop heavyweights are supporting the Oakland Occupy protest.

MC Hammer, Raymond “Boots” Riley of hip hop group The Coup, and local rapper Mistah FAB have become a regular presence at the encampments, taking up bullhorns and staying until dawn even amid clashes with police.

The artists say despite their fame, they, too, stand for the 99 percent.


Occupy Delaware protesters have been granted a permit for a seven-day stay at a downtown plaza.

The permit approved Monday allows the group to stage events at Spencer Plaza, next to the federal courthouse. The city is charging Occupy Delaware a $200 fee.

The participants can remain in the park overnight, but cannot erect tents or other structures. The city refused a permit for another plaza across the street.
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