Thursday, November 10, 2011

Man Sets Jaw-Dropping World Record Stacking Coins, Woman Fired From Animal Shelter After Taking Pictures of Dogs

Have you ever thought, if you may be able to break the world record, with your change? This is from Arizona, Tucson, big star. Star shooting their own strategic stacked in a single DIME top of the more than 3,000 gold coins. To make this feat even harder, his corner table on the edge of the task. He spent seven hours to complete the vase-shaped tower consisting of 600 houses, 501 assists, 313 nickel, nearly 1,700 pence, and five foreign coins. Add it, and more than $ 230 in change. On-board video site The time has passed in the video, you can see a point in the collapse of the coin. In his patient, start again carefully stacked star. Star had tried to set a world record and success, this is not the first time. He currently holds 11 records on the website only, from the first tower, the highest tower coins, of course, the most a dime coin - he has twice broken record. Talk about a star was born. On Twitter, relevant, relevant magazine's Twitter handle, tweeted, "this guy stacked on top of a single DIME 3100 coins, blocks he may never win."

From her in New York City Animal Care and Control shelter work to high-quality dog pictures, a woman was fired. Emily Tanen $ 1,500 with her camera, hoping the dog's pictures, new pictures will increase the dog "was adopted by the possibility of problems only. One shot the dog is not part of the job description Tanen In addition, ACC has strict policy, the task how animals can be photographed images of animals, how to use the images can Other rules also prohibit the photos show the human because of Tanen's some pictures, including people, she launched in May, we interviewed Tanen, Who told the trend now, these photos just an excuse for firing her claims that her boss "hate [her] because [she] would be complaining about how bad the ACC run. "ACC will not respond to our request for comment.

Rescue workers told Tanen, she often persuade them to take pictures of animals, or they may not. Tanen was fired, the number began to appear online petition. The so-called "recovery Emily Tanen" a Facebook group with over 3,000 members, the online petition has over 4000 signatures. Tanen said she was flattered, but she did not want to be restored. Right now, Tanen is trying to expand their rescue shelter, work in the diamond industry.

Tanen is not the only photographer, animals, promoting the use of high-quality photos, in order to increase pet adoptions. CBS News ran a professional photographer Teresa Berg, in her spare time in her studio photographs of homeless pets in Dallas, Texas, a story. Berg said, "I can not stand the idea, need a good picture, the dog will be homeless." So, a few years ago, Teresa began her meetings of the "free."


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