Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cain escapes serious damage in Republican debate

Herman Cain's presidential debate on Wednesday escaped serious injury when the Republicans held the opponent allegations of sexual harassment, threatening to derail his White House bid in 2012 to their fire.

Cain, a former pizza execution, resulting in some surveys in the game, facing only one problem, dating back to the late 1990s by the four women's allegations. Romney refused to wade into the main competitors controversy.

"The American people should be superior based on unfounded accusations in the court of public opinion of the people," Cain said, in Rochester, Michigan, Oakland University in the debate.

Cain has denied the harassment allegations and pointed out that the problem did not weaken his campaign, in the face of the November 2012 election, Democratic President Barack Obama voters enthusiasm.

"They do not care about character assassination, the leadership and the State's care, he said:" The cheers from the audience.

These allegations include that from a woman groping her in 1997, Cain, he is responsible for one of the National Restaurant Association.

Debate has been more than a week wandering, erosion Cain favorable views of the electorate, but he is still running close to the top of the package, the former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Cain's difficult, you can open the door, hoping to become a clear alternative to the more moderate conservatives Romney's allegiance to combat one of the other candidates.

Cain in the debate, some eyebrows when he described as "Princess Nancy", this sentence he later said he regretted that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Questions of the host, brought the allegations in the debate audience, which is focused on economic issues of the boos. Romney was cheered when he refused to answer when a reporter asked if he would face similar charges to hire executive.

"You see, Herman Cain who answer these questions, he just did," Romney said. "In this room, and the people make their own assessment."


But the most memorable moments in the debate is Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who saw his poll standing debate crash after several poor performances.

Perry, another flame, when he was named the third federal agency completely blank, he wanted to close. Although some of his opponents helpful suggestions, Perry did not name the third after the education and business organizations. "I'm sorry," he said.

After a child, in the debate, he thought the answer - the Department of Energy.

"Yes ah, this is embarrassing, of course," Perry told reporters in a rare debate in the media room. "But people understand what we do conservative principles."

Romney in the debate in the face of their own personality problems, refused troubled him, because his 2008 presidential campaign, he failed flip the key issues, including in 2009, blamed the failure of U.S. auto rescue.

"I think people realize that my stability and faithful people," Romney said. "I do not think you're looking for than I do these attributes."

Romney's past support for abortion rights and health care tasks, and governor of Massachusetts - he opposed - still makes many of his social and religious conservatives suspect.

Many Republican candidates condemn other countries for business and government assistance, and that they will not come to Italy's financial rescue, which is to control its debt.

"It does not make any difference, either Wall Street or some business entity or some European countries - if you are too big to fail, you are too," Perry said.

Romney, his father, former Michigan governor and former auto executive, defended his opposition to bailout the automotive industry in 2009 to help revitalize, headquartered in Michigan, USA General Motors and Chrysler.

"This is the wrong way to go," he said, he would rather let the company into a structured bankruptcy.

Democrats hope that if he complies with Romney in the 2012 election, the auto industry's problems will be one of Obama's strong. All other Republican candidates are opposed to the rescue.

Seen its manufacturing base hit hard by the economic downturn in Michigan, the economic struggle as the background of the debate. In the state's unemployment rate is 11.1% and third in the country, far higher than the national rate of 9% of the maximum.


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