Thursday, November 10, 2011

Berkeley: Dozens of Occupy protesters arrested

Dozens of people arrested during the demonstrations, according to the University of California, Berkeley campus, the authorities twice tried to set up camp protesters clashed.

Most arrested Wednesday night, in riot face demonstrations authorities.

TV news footage showed the university's main administration building from the outside people who pull the steps and used batons to push someone else's crowd shouted: "We are 99%!" And "stop the beating of students!"

35 two people suspected to resist and delay police and arrested for failure to disperse, University of California, Berkeley Police Lieutenant Alex Yao told the "Daily California, was taken to Santa Rita in Alameda County Prison for processing.

University police did not immediately return AP's phone.

Officers, the final step of forming a perimeter around the building.

Evening wear, people debate whether the expansion of protesters overnight.

Earlier reports university administrators told the demonstrators that they could stay a week or so of the clock, but only when they do not pitch tents or stoves, or other items of sleep a person recommended.

Demonstrators vote does not meet the needs and advance to set up a tent site, they are called "occupation CAL", to protest against them accused of causing a substantial reduction in expenditure on higher education finance policy.

Earlier in the day, to help Alameda County deputies destroyed a small camp of students near the campus police Sproul Hall, although the official camp will not allow such a warning.

University officials said seven people - six students and one faculty member - the resistance and delay the peace officers in the performance of their duties and / or failure to disperse charges arrested in the conflict.

One of seven, was also charged with striking workers.

Occupation of Wall Street to create a campus shooting camps across the country after hundreds of students, teachers and Berkeley residents gathered in the campus, and then marching for peace Bank of America branch.

At one point, Rand Student Affairs Vice President Harry Lege out negotiations, told participants in the camp, they could stay but only under certain conditions, such as not sleeping at the site, or use sound amplifier.

"University to support the efforts of any group, speak their minds, but everyone is expected to follow school policy, law, respect for the rights of others go to school, to teach, to do their job," said campus spokeswoman Janet Gilmore.

Shadrick Small, 25, University of California, Berkeley graduate student in sociology, the police removed protesters trying to stop between the camps.

"Fiction," it just seems unnecessary, and we did not do anything, we just stood there a bunch of tents. "And their first reaction is to just come in, start beating the reaction, but in the above."


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