Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adobe DItches Flash For Mobile

You may call back at blockbuster, Adobe has this week revealed plans to ditch mobile devices Flash, but rather focus on HTML5 and Adobe AIR.

Who cares?

First, "those who] work is marketing and selling Android tablet, wrote:" AllThingsD. "Flash support aspiring iPad competitors, their equipment is used to promote one of the key strengths."

"Adobe will be in their hands, trying to convince its three million waste in Flash Flash development projects, and move to HTML5 a public relations nightmare," ReadWriteWeb pointed out, citing Carlos de Icaza, the former managers and engineers at Adobe Flash comments.

VentureBeat's, wrote: "people do not lose any," after the announcement, Apple boldly chose not to support Flash on the iPhone, in 2007, citing technical performance concerns. "It now appears that Steve Jobs has been right."

CNN actually asked if Steve Job killed - or kill - Flash memory.

So, what is stored in Flash?

Well, "Adobe's decision to stop the mobile browser's Flash Player development will be possible on the desktop, but your browser does not quickly repeated wrote," PCWorld quoted analysts.

In fact, "they did not get flash memory business," Reba Er Desi, Gartner analysts said, Adobe's ", but they clearly see that the future is HTML5."

Similarly, the "network of multimedia content to the HTML-oriented approach, may need to move the flash memory access will be reduced," the computer world acknowledge. "Now, though, still have a lot of Flash-based content."


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