Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ohio State gives up 5 football scholarships for booster’s actions

Ohio State president Gordon Gee said athletic director Gene Smith disappointed not properly monitoring the trouble with the NCAA football players got into a few Buckeye booster action.

In the next three years, the University agreed to reduce its football scholarship, as the latest self-imposed penalties and sanctions violations a year. Ohio in the NCAA also accused as a "failure" to allow the booster, Robert DiGeronimo, continue contacts with the players, even after he earlier this year in the NCAA issues related to monitoring for the first time.

Smith, (Thursday) in the letter, Gee wrote, "I am disappointed that we find their place, you know, I think this is unacceptable."

In the information released on Thursday, it was revealed that, DiGeronimo coach Jim Tressel to try to hear the speech before the game hidden in the locker room.

NCAA handed Ohio State a cover of all has occurred, because it sends the first letter of the alleged violation of this summer's second letter. Processing from the first letter of the players from the Columbus tattoo shop owner in cash and caused discounted tattoo violation, and subsequently by the Tressel cover. The letter covers the latest NCAA violations before the Commission on August 12 at Ohio State University does not involve violations of the hearing.

Decrease in football scholarship seems to be a sign of the sanctions, the impact of the project is not football, only one or two scholarships per year accounting program is to allow a 85.

University previously announced that it will pay $ three hundred thirty-eight thousand eight hundred and eleven bowl portion of the revenues received last year from the Big Ten. It also vacated the Buckeyes' 2010 season, including a Sugar Bowl victory 12-1 record, and agree to the NCAA probation for two years.

The university also suspended several players, and was forced to resign Tressel.

The university had previously said earlier this year DiGeronimo arranged $ 200 cash payment to the four current or former player in Cleveland sports banquet.

The university also said DiGeronimo paid $ 1,605 more than five players, and they are by the DiGeronimo family owned and operated enterprises.

Ohio State said Thursday that it should do more to monitor DiGeronimo activities.

Smith said the Sports Ministry has been cooperation with the NCAA to investigate any allegations of responsibility and self-report their findings in the NCAA.

, "Smith said in a statement:" This is our last open issue, we accept that we should do more to monitor the activities of Mr. DiGeronimo.

He added, "For me personally, I am sorry, I did not deserve to ensure that monitoring bodies and to the extent required."

DiGeronimo did not immediately return calls (Thursday) to comment.

University, said in its latest report, the NCAA, DiGeronimo has Ohio State booster, since the since the 1980s, when he called the "committeemen" to help recruit players, this practice was banned as part of a group before.

Reported that, DiGeronimo contributed more than $ 72,000 sports department since 1988, has been a season ticket holder for many years.

DiGeronimo is a group visit to Ohio State University's locker room, on race day, Tressel practice stopped after taking one of the first coaches to stop outsiders, according to the report.

Reported that the ban, Tressel into DiGeronimo try to hide in the locker room before the game to listen to Tressel's speech, and ordered him and another individual out of the locker room.

In 2005, Tressel, and Smith also ordered to stop for lunch DiGeronimo the sports department of the coaching staff.

Despite these actions, the university said that it should have done better to monitor the interaction with the players DiGeronimo away from the university, including the board of directors at which DiGeronimo event is the annual charity event, and to take DiGeronimo's mining operations work.
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Authorities pledge ‘all-out hunt’ Nationals’ Wilson Ramos kidnapped

Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos on Wednesday night, was kidnapped from his home in Valencia, Venezuela, the family, where he and Tigres - Aragua beat. As Adam Kilgore reports:

In his hometown of Valencia, Venezuela National catcher Wilson Ramos has been kidnapped, according to his Venezuelan winter league team.
Ramos, 24 years old, home of the winter and plan to attend about 10 games with the Tigres - Aragua, the starting day (Thursday). He is a national of the best and most promising players, rookie catcher this season to become regular citizens.

Four people, armed, Ramos's house Wednesday night into the Ramos, only Ramos, out of the house, put him in the green car, and sped away, according to several news reports, Venezuela. Ramos's family has not established communication with the kidnappers, the report said.

Crime and safety in this year's report on the State Department in Venezuela kidnapped "More and more industries." In 2009, according to crime and safety report estimated that "there is a shocking 9.2 kidnappings per 100,000 inhabitants in Venezuela. "

The kidnapping occurred in the country's many so-called "express" kidnappings, armed men drove around the victim, and then return his money. Crime and safety report, "group, specializing in these types of crimes without fear of punishment or imprisonment."

Venezuelan officials confirmed, Ramos (Thursday) around noon alive, found in the vehicles used in the abduction. Hu Anfu Guerrero and Adam Kilgore explained:

Police on Thursday found to kidnap Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos, an important clue, the country's justice minister said the authorities could track down the young baseball players the day after he was home from his family was kidnapped four wheels , armed men driving the car.

Ramos family has not heard the kidnappers, a family friend said. However, the Twitter feed Venezuelan police report did not develop Ramos was still alive. "It says:" State law enforcement officials confirmed Ramos baseball player alive.

National and Major League Baseball said the league's investigation department to work with the Venezuelan authorities.

In a joint statement said: "Our primary concern is Wilson Ramos and his family and our thoughts with them at this time," Major League Baseball and National. The statement said, ballclub and the League "has been instructed not to comment further."

Vehicles Bejuma found in the town, this central industrial city in Venezuela about 25 miles west of the Minister of Justice Tareck El Aissami said.

Aissami said: "Right now, we are at the investigation stage, collect evidence, trying to find him," El Nino.

El Aissami a few hours later, gunmen in the Ramos family in the Valencia area of ​​Santa Ynez arrived home his views, forced him into their car, and sped away. Kidnapping of 24-year-old catcher, who recently returned to his native country in the winter league play a promising player, has received widespread media attention, in a country obsessed with baseball star, but also painfully aware of the growing scourge of kidnapping and other violent crimes. Ramos is the league minimum salary, $ 415,000.

National and Major League Baseball issued a joint statement of kidnapping, and the other players in Venezuela NATS, Ryan Tatusko, proved possible to leave the country in contact with his team:

"Our primary concern is with Wilson Ramos and his family and our thoughts with them at this time, Major League Baseball's Department is investigating the matter with the relevant authorities which two Major League Baseball Washington Nationals have been instructed to have no further comment. "

Minor league pitcher Ryan Tatusko, in Venezuela to play winter nationals of one of the players told him that the people the first thing this morning to make sure he is safe. Tatusko said that he will inform the people "as soon as possible" if he stay or leave the country.

Ramos family still did not hear the words of the kidnappers, and urged the public to remain calm and do not spread rumors, said Ramos, a close family friend.

Mafa wrote on Twitter, "Mata" We have no information. "The kidnapers not call, we must remain calm."

Marta Ramos adapt to the United States to help, he arrived to play the Minnesota Twins minor league.

Meanwhile, a dozen players for the national "organization in 2011, mostly minor leaguers, to stay the winter league in Venezuela and I asked a team leader, has any plan to take them home. The team also did not comment. Union president has said, the game will continue.
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Venezuela hunts for kidnapped Nats' player Ramos

Venezuelan police hunt for gang kidnapped at gunpoint Major League Baseball players Wilson Ramos in a state of the appalling crime problem in the case, emphasizing the Family Day (Thursday).

Washington Nationals, ready to play Venezuela, Aragua Tigers in the U.S. off-season, 24-year-old catcher (Wednesday) in Valencia City house was robbed.

In the stolen sport utility vehicle four armed men seized Ramos, and he chatted about 7 pm with friends and relatives, colleagues and the police said. Vehicle was later found abandoned, without any ransom demands.

Neighbors and friends gathered at the slightly distraught.

"Kidnappers have not contact with their families, said:" Kathe Vilera, a spokesman for the team, which is not far from Valencia, in the city of Maracay.

"Here Wilson Ramos family liberate their neighbors and their prayer requests ... we continue to wait."

Held in the local league players a minute of silence, and on Thursday night's game was played in three venues, wearing green armbands.

Venezuelan CICPC police investigation, said the two suspects expert artists impression.

Financial motives, the majority in Venezuela need a lot of ransom kidnapping gangs, the main prey of local merchants and landlords. Security experts said that only rampant drug gangs in northern Mexico, Venezuela, Latin America rivals for the kidnapping.

Major League Baseball said its investigation the Department's work, "the relevant authorities."

It said in a statement: "Our primary concern is Wilson Ramos and his family and our thoughts with them at this time."

In this crazy baseball fans a great country into the United States Major League Venezuelans proud of. Ramos said the despair many had disappeared, and called for an end to some of Venezuela's baseball season.

"If nothing had happened to bring the criminal neglect in our country, a fan said:" Twitter.

"Pause, such as turning lights, turn lights off is not conducive to Wilson Ramos," San Jose  Austrian told local radio.

Venezuelans have little faith in the police to resolve, as officers sometimes in league with the gang of kidnappers. However, in this case a high-profile nature of the additional pressure to find him.

A fan wrote on the national team's website, which is the pull Venezuelan players. Fan wrote: "This place is a cesspool, they are not safe."

Last spring, the opening day of the 62 major league players born in Venezuela, the club roster.

Baseball is a national early in the last century brought American oil workers. Local games from the United States, and Chavez himself broadcast Hui, is a keen player who dreams of pitching in the majors.

Ramos was hit with 15 home runs and nationals in the 2011 season, 52 of running a 0.267 batting average.

Venezuela Baseball League condemned the kidnapping. "We are ... with the voice of the community, to stop any type of criminal acts of this nature and events in the country."
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Man dies of gunshot at Occupy Vermont camp

A man died today of a gunshot at an Occupy Vermont camp in Burlington's City Hall Park. His death may be a suicide.

Update at 7:49 p.m. ET: Occupy Burlington protesters have clashed with police after the chief said the park needed to close for 24 hours so today's fatal shooting could be investigated, The Burlington Free Press now says. One woman was briefly detained.

The confrontation came after a city officials met with Occupy organizers to discuss the future of the encampment. Police Chief Michael Schirling said tents may be banned.

Across the country, the mayor of Portland, Ore., announced that Occupy camps would be evicted from two downtown parks at 12:01 a.m. Sunday. The unidentified 35-year-old man has died of his wound, authorities say, according to The Burlington Free Press.

City officials plan a 6 p.m. ET city hall meeting with Occupy Burlington protesters to discuss the future of the encampment. The victim may have shot himself, The Burlington Free Press reports, citing "multiple people" at the Occupy Vermont-Burlington encampment. He was removed from his tent around 2:20 p.m. ET, about 20 minutes after police received a 911 call.

"We do not believe the public is at risk," Burlington Deputy Police Chief Andi Higbee said.

Police were seeking a warrant to search the man's tent and said it would be several hours before they would know more. The victim is a 35-year-old man whose condition is described as grave, The Burlington Free Press reports.

Police said they have recovered a weapon. No mention of whether a suspect is in custody.
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Adobe DItches Flash For Mobile

You may call back at blockbuster, Adobe has this week revealed plans to ditch mobile devices Flash, but rather focus on HTML5 and Adobe AIR.

Who cares?

First, "those who] work is marketing and selling Android tablet, wrote:" AllThingsD. "Flash support aspiring iPad competitors, their equipment is used to promote one of the key strengths."

"Adobe will be in their hands, trying to convince its three million waste in Flash Flash development projects, and move to HTML5 a public relations nightmare," ReadWriteWeb pointed out, citing Carlos de Icaza, the former managers and engineers at Adobe Flash comments.

VentureBeat's, wrote: "people do not lose any," after the announcement, Apple boldly chose not to support Flash on the iPhone, in 2007, citing technical performance concerns. "It now appears that Steve Jobs has been right."

CNN actually asked if Steve Job killed - or kill - Flash memory.

So, what is stored in Flash?

Well, "Adobe's decision to stop the mobile browser's Flash Player development will be possible on the desktop, but your browser does not quickly repeated wrote," PCWorld quoted analysts.

In fact, "they did not get flash memory business," Reba Er Desi, Gartner analysts said, Adobe's ", but they clearly see that the future is HTML5."

Similarly, the "network of multimedia content to the HTML-oriented approach, may need to move the flash memory access will be reduced," the computer world acknowledge. "Now, though, still have a lot of Flash-based content."
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U.N. Agency Cutting Operations After U.S. Halts Funding Over Palestinian Vote

The United Nations cultural agency, the United States stopped funding the Palestinian members of the vote last week to cut its budget and business processes $ 65 million hole.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, an official confirmed the organization, the United States decided not to fund "emergency review."

"We stopped all unnecessary payments and transactions, and we do a review," the official said. This includes stop "non-essential travel," among other changes in meetings and publications. The organization also used from the reserve fund of about $ 30 million to cover part of the budget gap.

"We try to protect our core program," the official said, adding, "any decision to reduce the relevant procedures have been made."

UNESCO is rushed, because it is from the United States each year about 80 billion U.S. dollars, its global business, 22% of its funds.

However, the official clarified that the group is still "open for business", not a flat moratorium, as earlier reported Agence France-Presse. The report from the UNESCO Director Irina Bokova diplomat's speech.

U.S. State Department announced last week, U.S. law prohibits members of the Organization's mission to upgrade the status of Palestine to contribute. UNESCO 52 abstentions 107-14 vote last week to the Palestinians a full member in the organization. 173 members of UNESCO's 81-vote, need to be approved as a full member.

UNESCO, the United States to more than $ 600,000 earlier this month, but to conceal the funds.

State Department spokesman of UNESCO after the vote, said the move was "caused by long-term legislative restrictions", "force" the United States out of money.

United States has a rocky relationship with UNESCO in the past few decades. Re-enter the United States after 19 years has left the organization in 2002.
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Berkeley: Dozens of Occupy protesters arrested

Dozens of people arrested during the demonstrations, according to the University of California, Berkeley campus, the authorities twice tried to set up camp protesters clashed.

Most arrested Wednesday night, in riot face demonstrations authorities.

TV news footage showed the university's main administration building from the outside people who pull the steps and used batons to push someone else's crowd shouted: "We are 99%!" And "stop the beating of students!"

35 two people suspected to resist and delay police and arrested for failure to disperse, University of California, Berkeley Police Lieutenant Alex Yao told the "Daily California, was taken to Santa Rita in Alameda County Prison for processing.

University police did not immediately return AP's phone.

Officers, the final step of forming a perimeter around the building.

Evening wear, people debate whether the expansion of protesters overnight.

Earlier reports university administrators told the demonstrators that they could stay a week or so of the clock, but only when they do not pitch tents or stoves, or other items of sleep a person recommended.

Demonstrators vote does not meet the needs and advance to set up a tent site, they are called "occupation CAL", to protest against them accused of causing a substantial reduction in expenditure on higher education finance policy.

Earlier in the day, to help Alameda County deputies destroyed a small camp of students near the campus police Sproul Hall, although the official camp will not allow such a warning.

University officials said seven people - six students and one faculty member - the resistance and delay the peace officers in the performance of their duties and / or failure to disperse charges arrested in the conflict.

One of seven, was also charged with striking workers.

Occupation of Wall Street to create a campus shooting camps across the country after hundreds of students, teachers and Berkeley residents gathered in the campus, and then marching for peace Bank of America branch.

At one point, Rand Student Affairs Vice President Harry Lege out negotiations, told participants in the camp, they could stay but only under certain conditions, such as not sleeping at the site, or use sound amplifier.

"University to support the efforts of any group, speak their minds, but everyone is expected to follow school policy, law, respect for the rights of others go to school, to teach, to do their job," said campus spokeswoman Janet Gilmore.

Shadrick Small, 25, University of California, Berkeley graduate student in sociology, the police removed protesters trying to stop between the camps.

"Fiction," it just seems unnecessary, and we did not do anything, we just stood there a bunch of tents. "And their first reaction is to just come in, start beating the reaction, but in the above."
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Cain escapes serious damage in Republican debate

Herman Cain's presidential debate on Wednesday escaped serious injury when the Republicans held the opponent allegations of sexual harassment, threatening to derail his White House bid in 2012 to their fire.

Cain, a former pizza execution, resulting in some surveys in the game, facing only one problem, dating back to the late 1990s by the four women's allegations. Romney refused to wade into the main competitors controversy.

"The American people should be superior based on unfounded accusations in the court of public opinion of the people," Cain said, in Rochester, Michigan, Oakland University in the debate.

Cain has denied the harassment allegations and pointed out that the problem did not weaken his campaign, in the face of the November 2012 election, Democratic President Barack Obama voters enthusiasm.

"They do not care about character assassination, the leadership and the State's care, he said:" The cheers from the audience.

These allegations include that from a woman groping her in 1997, Cain, he is responsible for one of the National Restaurant Association.

Debate has been more than a week wandering, erosion Cain favorable views of the electorate, but he is still running close to the top of the package, the former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Cain's difficult, you can open the door, hoping to become a clear alternative to the more moderate conservatives Romney's allegiance to combat one of the other candidates.

Cain in the debate, some eyebrows when he described as "Princess Nancy", this sentence he later said he regretted that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Questions of the host, brought the allegations in the debate audience, which is focused on economic issues of the boos. Romney was cheered when he refused to answer when a reporter asked if he would face similar charges to hire executive.

"You see, Herman Cain who answer these questions, he just did," Romney said. "In this room, and the people make their own assessment."


But the most memorable moments in the debate is Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who saw his poll standing debate crash after several poor performances.

Perry, another flame, when he was named the third federal agency completely blank, he wanted to close. Although some of his opponents helpful suggestions, Perry did not name the third after the education and business organizations. "I'm sorry," he said.

After a child, in the debate, he thought the answer - the Department of Energy.

"Yes ah, this is embarrassing, of course," Perry told reporters in a rare debate in the media room. "But people understand what we do conservative principles."

Romney in the debate in the face of their own personality problems, refused troubled him, because his 2008 presidential campaign, he failed flip the key issues, including in 2009, blamed the failure of U.S. auto rescue.

"I think people realize that my stability and faithful people," Romney said. "I do not think you're looking for than I do these attributes."

Romney's past support for abortion rights and health care tasks, and governor of Massachusetts - he opposed - still makes many of his social and religious conservatives suspect.

Many Republican candidates condemn other countries for business and government assistance, and that they will not come to Italy's financial rescue, which is to control its debt.

"It does not make any difference, either Wall Street or some business entity or some European countries - if you are too big to fail, you are too," Perry said.

Romney, his father, former Michigan governor and former auto executive, defended his opposition to bailout the automotive industry in 2009 to help revitalize, headquartered in Michigan, USA General Motors and Chrysler.

"This is the wrong way to go," he said, he would rather let the company into a structured bankruptcy.

Democrats hope that if he complies with Romney in the 2012 election, the auto industry's problems will be one of Obama's strong. All other Republican candidates are opposed to the rescue.

Seen its manufacturing base hit hard by the economic downturn in Michigan, the economic struggle as the background of the debate. In the state's unemployment rate is 11.1% and third in the country, far higher than the national rate of 9% of the maximum.
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Man Sets Jaw-Dropping World Record Stacking Coins, Woman Fired From Animal Shelter After Taking Pictures of Dogs

Have you ever thought, if you may be able to break the world record, with your change? This is from Arizona, Tucson, big star. Star shooting their own strategic stacked in a single DIME top of the more than 3,000 gold coins. To make this feat even harder, his corner table on the edge of the task. He spent seven hours to complete the vase-shaped tower consisting of 600 houses, 501 assists, 313 nickel, nearly 1,700 pence, and five foreign coins. Add it, and more than $ 230 in change. On-board video site The time has passed in the video, you can see a point in the collapse of the coin. In his patient, start again carefully stacked star. Star had tried to set a world record and success, this is not the first time. He currently holds 11 records on the website only, from the first tower, the highest tower coins, of course, the most a dime coin - he has twice broken record. Talk about a star was born. On Twitter, relevant, relevant magazine's Twitter handle, tweeted, "this guy stacked on top of a single DIME 3100 coins, blocks he may never win."

From her in New York City Animal Care and Control shelter work to high-quality dog pictures, a woman was fired. Emily Tanen $ 1,500 with her camera, hoping the dog's pictures, new pictures will increase the dog "was adopted by the possibility of problems only. One shot the dog is not part of the job description Tanen In addition, ACC has strict policy, the task how animals can be photographed images of animals, how to use the images can Other rules also prohibit the photos show the human because of Tanen's some pictures, including people, she launched in May, we interviewed Tanen, Who told the trend now, these photos just an excuse for firing her claims that her boss "hate [her] because [she] would be complaining about how bad the ACC run. "ACC will not respond to our request for comment.

Rescue workers told Tanen, she often persuade them to take pictures of animals, or they may not. Tanen was fired, the number began to appear online petition. The so-called "recovery Emily Tanen" a Facebook group with over 3,000 members, the online petition has over 4000 signatures. Tanen said she was flattered, but she did not want to be restored. Right now, Tanen is trying to expand their rescue shelter, work in the diamond industry.

Tanen is not the only photographer, animals, promoting the use of high-quality photos, in order to increase pet adoptions. CBS News ran a professional photographer Teresa Berg, in her spare time in her studio photographs of homeless pets in Dallas, Texas, a story. Berg said, "I can not stand the idea, need a good picture, the dog will be homeless." So, a few years ago, Teresa began her meetings of the "free."
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New wifi-minded carrier offers unbelievable $19 unlimited phone plan

wifi-minded calls
When it comes to mobile operators, consumers may have four main options (now), but they are beginning to look the same - that is not a good thing. However, a new supplier, wireless Republic, based in North Carolina, is shaking things up, and an incredible $ 19 per month no contract plans. This is not just the $ 19 unlimited calling and text messaging, but mobile data.

As more smart phones means more pressure on mobile network infrastructure, consumer viewing of traditional operators' 3G data prices, and even cut plan data distribution. So, What's the catch? Republic of wireless realize this is such a common, it actually contains a section asking the question is just on its home page. The company continues to reduce costs, assuming you do not have maximum out of your home WiFi Internet connection bandwidth, routing, it is better to handle data-intensive activities, such as streaming music and movies, at no additional charge, its network Huodong as limited as possible. This gives operators the bandwidth of the 3G network a little bit of breathing room, to $ 19 deal. As for the traditional 3G mobile data, Sprint's network carrier to borrow; If your interest is aroused, it is worth looking for in your area to Sprint's service quality.

However, like-minded carrier WIFI is not for everyone. It uses a calculator, use so-called cell index "(CUI), your mobile users to determine the spectrum, if you are a light or moderate users (who will not put too much pressure, in their own network ), your ideal clients, but the user is using a disproportionate share of mobile broadband is starting a series of warning, if they do not curb its heavy use of voice and data.

The good news? Most pigs are not moving customer data. Even if you hand all day to return calls or refresh your inbox, odds are that you are somewhere in the spectrum. According to the carrier ", you can consume 550 minutes, 150 sent text, and download 300 megabytes of data, without crossing the threshold for the use of social justice," not even take WIFI - there is no associated costs - to consider.

Now, the Republic of wireless phones are limited: one running Android 2.3 version of the LG Optimus of tweaking. $ 99 no contract mobile phone you can buy promotional code "welcome19" dates back to before the price of a standard $ 199 through November 27. This is not much choice, as you are toting in your pocket, but it may be a small price break from the traditional carriers (and more expensive).

Ready to sign? You need to have a wireless network associated with your account, because that's what makes the deal to go 'round, after all. The carriers plan is in limited testing, so I chose the board sooner rather than later. Because you need to ditch your current carrier, we see an early termination fee calculator, so that job-hopping does not cost you an arm and a leg.
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Alabama's Jefferson County Declares Biggest Municipal Bankruptcy

Jefferson County, Alabama, announced the largest U.S. municipal bankruptcy in history, ending more than three years of legend, became Wall Street's biggest casualties of the credit crisis.

Alabama's most populous county move came yesterday after state legislators failed to return to a JP Morgan Chase, the sewer system more than $ 3 billion in debt will be reduced by agreement in September, led by the creditor. Governor Robert Bentley, and local leaders rally to support the work of two months, the agreement fails, fall apart anyway.

Commissioner Joe Knight said: "We have reached the last resort," bankruptcy yesterday before the meeting 4-1 vote. "We can continue to kick this can down, but I think the people of Jefferson County have had enough."

Chapter 9 filing leaves creditors including JP Morgan Chase, the largest U.S. bank by assets, is facing hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, and may revive the default value may rise 2.9 trillion municipal bond market's attention. This is also the county's Birmingham, Alabama's largest city residents, more than sewage expenses, debt led to the collapse of many, they may face uncertainty.

Agreement in September to provide $ 1.1 billion in benefits. It is also known as the sewer rate of 8.2%, the burden of concern for the poor against the local legislators an annual increase of three years. The county also can not get the creditors to sign the pledge, said Committee Chairman David Carrington. Sewer fee scale an obstacle, as many residents, especially in Birmingham, can not afford higher costs, according to Commissioner George Bowman, the two counties he represents one of the poorest, the only vote on the bankruptcy one vote. He said that nearly 70% of the sewer users living in the two lowest-income areas.

Bentley, the Republican Party, said he was the county's move to seek court protection disappointed.

"Jefferson County sewer debt crisis has been hampered by the country's economic growth, and filed for bankruptcy protection, it will be a greater challenge to overcome," he said in a statement. "Now we must rise to this new challenge, to advance to the Birmingham area to bring economic growth and stability, and do our utmost to all restrictions on the impact of this decision."
Jefferson's legacy of political corruption, bankruptcy, a tenacious sewer project. In 2009, JP Morgan Chase agreed to settle with the county politicians, bankers said to people who can win the business to pay $ 722 million, compared with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Former Director - Larry Langford convicted, charged with accepting bribes and inspired by elements of the Dodd - Frank behind the legal protection financing of municipalities trick.

2008, set up by JPMorgan derivative laden refinancing subprime mortgage market opened from the aftermath of the collapse spread to Wall Street, sending the cost of debt soared. Crisis, the stimulus led to some county residents and businesses filed for bankruptcy, rather than the individual to bear the full cost.

Member of Jefferson's efforts to close the sewer debt settlement deal with investors who do not want to restructuring proposals under the terms of the agreement the recent bond sales setback, according to the filed for bankruptcy protection.
Morgan did not want the county into bankruptcy, the bank spokesman said Justin Perras. The company as of May more than $ 1.2 billion held in the county sewer debt, according to Bentley's office in the September document. Under the proposed settlement provides $ 7.5 million in concessions.
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Joe Paterno Fired: Penn State Students Riot in Protest

joepaterno strike
Pennsylvania State University, angered thousands of students tore through State University, Pennsylvania, overnight street protests Qiaopatenuo shooting, long after the head football coach was removed from his position effective immediately.

In a "We want to JoePa," game "and" F *** the media! "Student riots turn the TV van, knocked down a lamppost on the train, toilet paper and throwing stones at police, set off fireworks and chants.

Police met with tear gas, riot crowd, because it became clear that military personnel, riot, the current number of students. Local police departments in each county contributed their efforts to control the crowd, with the state police and county police.

Some students are directed at the media via satellite local CBS affiliate, to break its Windows and threats, burning hymn of the van overturned their anger.

At least two students were arrested and at least one person was injured, a girl was hit in the head with a stone was taken to the hospital.

To three o'clock, the crowd mostly rainy conditions, State College, many students may be encouraged to return home subsided. A small group of students gathered in Beaver Stadium to sing the school alma mater, Joe Paterno  statue, after the dissolution of the mob.

Penn State Nittany Lions quarterback Matt McGloin tweeted the following Thursday night: "This is a tough time, but we now feel anger is nothing more than victims through.keep them in our prayers."

Joe Paterno , 84, announced his "absolute destruction" scandal, and will retire at the end of the season, do not leave their own terms. Pennsylvania State University head coach will not coach the past five years another game, according to the trustee.

"Right now, my football coach, and I have become accustomed to things," Joe Paterno  said, according to the Associated Press.

When he spoke, people gathered in the Joe Paterno 's house, to see tears. Joe Paterno  final out, advises students to go home and study, and thank them for their continued support.

"I am disappointed with the decision of the Board of Trustees, but I have to accept it," he said in a statement. "After the tragedy, we must have patience, let the legal process for, I appreciate the outpouring of support, but to stress that everyone should remain calm and please respect the university, its property and all of our value. "Joe Paterno and Spanier at Pennsylvania State University, the end of the line, a few hours later, the U.S. Department of Education announced that it will launch a university officials to investigate allegations of improper handling.

Education Department checks to see if the university did not comply with the Jeanne Clery Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act disclosure "(Clery Act), which requires public colleges reported criminal offenses on campus.

"Minister of Education Arne Duncan said:" If these allegations of sexual abuse are true, then this is a terrible tragedy that a young boy, in a news release. "If it turns out, some people at school know about the abuse, no or cover it, which makes matters worse, schools and school officials have a legal and moral responsibility to protect children and young people from violence and abuse. "financial crisis as arrest of former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was charged with abuse of more than 15 years of at least eight boys.

Campaign director Tim Curley and Gary Schultz Vice President of Finance was accused of not reporting sexual abuse, police and lying in a grand jury under oath in the investigation process.

Joe Paterno  and Spanier under tremendous pressure, because they at least have one thing to tell, but did not notify the police.

Joe Paterno said that before he was fired today in a statement: "I am absolutely devastated, in this case development." "My children and their families feel grief, I pray for their comfort and relief."

"This is a tragedy, it is a lot of pain in my life one post with interest, I think I do more," he said.

Joe Paterno has coached 46 years at Penn State University football team is winning at the top of college football coaches.

"He said:" I have been incredibly blessed and I love to spend my entire career, in his written statement, he was dismissed. "I thank all the coaches, players and staff has been working as part of the plan, and our fans and supporters of other words, me and my family will always be in your debt."

However, the Tom Bradley has been named interim coach the rest of the season, John P Surma, Pennsylvania State University's vice chairman, told reporters tonight.

"These decisions are thoughtful and the University's best interests as a whole," he added.

Spanier issued a statement, it seems that part of the consent Surma emotions.

"The university is a large and complex the organization, although I have been honored and act in the best interests of the University, responsibility," he wrote. "In this case, I believe it to my successor, to solve the problem before us is a clear path to the best interests of the university."

Spanier has apparently submitted a letter, or resignation, only in a closed-door meeting before tonight's press conference to accept the board, a source told ABC News' Lauren Pearle. In an earlier statement, Trustees rejected Joe Paterno and Spanier, the Joe Paterno said it was his intention "to the university and has been entrusted to my care a young man's best interests. "

"This is why I decided to announce my retirement at the end of the season," Joe Paterno said. "At this moment, the Board should not spend a minute to discuss my condition, they have more important things to solve, I think this is easy for them, because I can."

Coach and his team and coaching staff yesterday morning, said he broke down in tears, and tell them that he left a closed-door meeting, according to the Associated Press. Reported that the players, but also choking back tears, gave him a standing ovation as he walked into the gym. Sandusky was arrested Saturday and charged with molesting eight men over 15 years, all the people, through his charitable organization, the second mile, a group of families, and to promote plans for troubled boys meet.

The charges stem from an incident in March 2002 graduate assistant coach Mike McQueary reported that sexual abuse of Sandusky in the locker room shower at the Pennsylvania State University football department of a boy. McQueary Joe Paterno tell what he saw, and in turn, Patrick Curley and Schultz told Teno. The men did not report the incident to the police.

Pennsylvania Attorney General said on Monday, Curley, and Schultz is a legal requirement to notify the police of the incident, but Joe Paterno is a legal obligation to tell his boss. But Joe Paterno police under fire not so-called "moral responsibility" to remind them of the crime.
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Perry says Debate gaffe won't break my campaign

perry campaign
Rick Perry brushes off badly, and from Wednesday's debate that a human error may in fact, he is certainly not tank his campaign the way, some analysts predict.

Wednesday night in Michigan, Perry said he would cut the federal government's three bodies, but only two of them by name. "Business, education, and - what is the third let us see," Perry said, before his opponent voluntary EPA to regulate the pollution is very unpopular with conservatives.

Asked carelessly, Perry acknowledged the CBS "Early Show" that he made ​​a mistake.

"I was in it to strengthen my wife would say," Perry said.

"We have made ​​mistakes, I am a person, the problem here is that I have a lapse of memory, many federal agencies to remember, I forget, I just think this is the Department of Energy," Perry said.

Perry, because he's late summer into the race made ​​a series of entries in the debate gaffe, he knows it. "I admit that I may not be the best debater, smooth politician on the stage," Perry said, claiming to be "personal matter, when it comes to creating a working environment can, in fact, the class focused on entrepreneurs there, create these jobs, Americans are really needed. "

When asked whether he understood, political observers call it the death knell for his campaign, Perry tried to play down his gaffe, while still admit that this is a mistake.

"You stand, however, many million people, in front of us, and you have an idea of the loss, to ensure that any time it affects you, but the fact is that a mistake will not make or break a campaign," he said. .

Perry Indicates CBS News / National Journal on Saturday in South Carolina's foreign policy debate, but he will not submit any further debate.

"I will be South Carolina on Saturday night, I do not know my schedule is over," Perry said. His aides also hinted that it might not participate in the upcoming presidential debate, Governor of Texas.
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Why can't Americans vote online?

Tuesday is Election Day in the United States, and although the mostly state and local races won't stir the same passions as next year's presidential contest, millions of people will cast ballots.

They'll do it in much the same way that Americans have for centuries: by showing up at a polling place and ticking off boxes for their candidates of choice.

All of which raises the question: In an era when virtually every daily task can be done on the Internet, why can't we vote online, too?

The answer depends on whom you ask.

Advocates say the time is right to seriously consider letting voters cast a ballot from the comfort of their homes or even on the screens of their mobile phones.

"We've voted the way we have for the past 200 years because we couldn't do any better than that," said Rob Weber, a former IT professional at IBM who runs the blog Cyber the Vote. "Now, we have this technology that has revolutionized the rest of our lives ... (and) can revolutionize our voting system and could revolutionize our political system." But critics, many of them in the cybersecurity world, argue that letting people cast votes from their home computers is a recipe for chaos.

"My position hasn't changed over the years," said Avi Rubin, a professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University who specializes in computer security. "Which is that online voting is a very unsafe idea and a very bad idea and something I think no technological breakthrough I can foresee can ever change."

Rubin said that, in addition to politically motivated reasons for attempting to corrupt online votes, many hackers with no real political agenda could still see the challenge of tinkering with an election too attractive to pass up.

"People's computers are not getting more secure," Rubin said. "They're getting more infected with viruses. They're getting more under the control of malware." Other countries, though, have gone further down the road toward online voting than U.S. election officials have.

Canada has been near the forefront. In all, 80 Canadian cities and towns have experimented with Internet voting in municipal elections. The town of Markham, in Ontario, has offered online ballots in local elections since 2003.

An independent report by digital-strategy firm Delvinia showed that early voting increased 300% the first year Internet voting was allowed. Twenty-five percent of the people who voted online in 2003 said they didn't vote in the prior local election, and overall turnout rose nearly 10% from 2006 to 2010, according to the report.

"Not only is Markham a perfect example of how internet voting is being successfully implemented in a binding election; with other municipalities following suit, Canada is becoming a global leader in the implementation of Internet voting," the report read.

Sweden, Latvia and Switzerland are among the countries that have tested Internet voting.

But when it comes to national elections, Estonia is the clear leader.

The tiny Baltic nation (its population of 1.3 million is roughly the size of San Diego) has allowed online voting for all of its citizens since 2007. In this year's election, nearly one in four votes was cast online, according to its elections commission. Priit Vinkel, an adviser to Estonia's National Electoral Committee, said security is of the utmost concern.

"Internet voting relies basically on a single factor: trust," Vinkel said. "Building and stabilizing this trust is the most important but also the most difficult task of the state."

In Estonia, that security includes a national ID card that can be used remotely and a voting system built to recognize unusual activity, Vrinkel said. He said security officials have detected no serious attempts to tamper with the votes.

But, in Rubin's mind, that's not enough.

He says the Internet's known security risks alone could be enough to call an election's results into question.

"In any election, it's important that the public perceive that the election is held fairly," Rubin said. "If you allow online voting and you're unable to detect any fraud, but it turns out later that many computers were compromised ... there's no way to audit or backtrack or recount or do anything to figure out what actually happened.

"The real question is whether you're interested in providing more questions about the outcome of an election or less."

Weber, who writes his blog from New York, acknowledges the difficulties but says they shouldn't be enough to stop progress on Internet voting -- which he and others believe will increase participation, particularly among younger voters.

"If there are concerns about any of this, the answer is to further work on those concerns, not declare that the Internet is entirely dangerous and will always be entirely dangerous, and you can never trust it," he said.

He notes that trillions of dollars have been moved around via online banking and that functions as sensitive as air-traffic control take place on the Internet.

He also said that for critics to hold up the current U.S. voting system as a model of safety is laughable.

"Machines, memory cards, even things on paper" can be manipulated, he said. "How many times in our history have we found a box of ballots in someone's garage a couple of weeks after an election?"
As recently as last year, West Virginia experimented with allowing a small number of military members from five counties to vote online, although that pilot program was criticized by some security experts. West Virginia's Secretary of State Natalie Tennant has appeared to back away from pushing to make it statewide.
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10online holiday scams to avoid

Many of us are already shopping online, or will be soon, for the holidays. McAfee is pushing its software with its release of the "decimal most dangerous online scams" this season, but there's also some good info here. Consider it a gift of knowledge for you as you surf the Web for presents for your loved ones:
1- Malicious mobile apps: "These are mobile apps designed to steal information from smartphones, or send out expensive text messages without a user’s consent. Dangerous apps are usually offered for free, and masquerade as fun applications, such as games. For example, last year, 4.6 million Android smartphone users downloaded a suspicious wallpaper app that collected and transmitted user data to a site in China."
2- Mobile malware: More of us are using our phones for shopping, to research products or to redeem coupons. McAfee says Android phones are "most at risk," citing "a 76 percent increase in malware targeted at Android devices in the second quarter of 2011 over the first, making it the most targeted smartphone platform."

McAfee also says new malware "has recently been found that targets QR codes, a digital barcode that consumers might scan with their smartphone to find good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or just to learn about products they want to buy."
3.  Phony Facebook promotions and contests: "Who doesn’t want to win some free prizes or get a great deal around the holidays? Unfortunately, cyber scammers know that these are attractive lures and they have sprinkled Facebook with phony promotions and contests aimed at gathering personal information." One recent scam promised two free airline tickets — something that sounds appealing at this time of year especially — "but required participants to fill out multiple surveys requesting personal information."

4.  Scareware, or fake antivirus software: We've seen lots of examples this year. "Scareware is the fake antivirus software that tricks someone into believing that their computer is at risk — or already infected — so they agree to download and pay for phony software." McAfee says it's one of "the most common and dangerous Internet threats today, with an estimated 1 million victims falling for this scam each day."

5.  Holiday screensavers: Ah yes, we love our screensavers for special times of the years like Christmas. But some of the free ones are loaded with more than holiday cheer. "A recent search for a Santa screensaver that promises to let you 'fly with Santa in 3D' is malicious," McAfee says. "Holiday-themed ringtones and e-cards have been known to be malicious too."
6.  Mac malware: Those two words wouldn't have even been put together in the same sentence a few years ago. But, as McAfee correctly says, "with the growing popularity of Apple products, for both business and personal use, cyber criminals have designed a new wave of malware directed squarely at Mac users." McAfee Labs says as of a year ago, there were "5,000 pieces of malware targeting Macs, and this number is increasing by 10 percent month on month."
7.  Mystery shopper scams:  "There have been reports of scammers sending text messages to victims, offering to pay them $50 an hour to be a mystery shopper, and instructing them to call a number if they are interested.  Once the victim calls, they are asked for their personal information, including credit card and bank account numbers."

8.  Hotel "wrong transaction" malware emails:  "In one recent example, a scammer sent out emails that appeared to be from a hotel, claiming that a 'wrong transaction' had been discovered on the recipient’s credit card.  It then asked them to fill out an attached refund form. Once opened, the attachment downloads malware onto their machine."

9.  “It” gift scams: Looking for the kind of gift that might sell out quickly this year? "When a gift is hot, not only do sellers mark up the price, but scammers will also start advertising these gifts on rogue websites and social networks, even if they don’t have them," says McAfee. "So, consumers could wind up paying for an item and giving away credit card details only to receive nothing in return. Once the scammers have the personal financial details, there is little recourse."

10. “I’m away from home” scammers: You know this by now, or should: "Posting information about a vacation on social networking sites could ... be dangerous. If someone is connected with people they don’t know on Facebook or other social networking sites, they could see their post and decide that it may be a good time to rob them. Furthermore, a quick online search can easily turn up their home address."
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Taylor Swift Wins Second Entertainer of the Year Trophy

taylorswift wins
It was a mix of old favorites and new blood at the 45th Annual Country Music Association Awards, as many acts on the show claimed their first trophies. The first award of the night was proof of this, as Republic Nashville's The Band Perry, the biggest winner of the night, notched its first-ever win in the single of the year category for the multiformat hit "If I Die Young." The tune also won song of the year honors for lead singer Kimberly Perry. But their night was far from over. The trio had one more speech to make, winning the new artist of the year award. Jason Aldean shocked many by walking away with album of the year for My Kinda Party. It was also the first major win for Broken Bow Records, Aldean's label.

Not all the winners were first-timers, however. Sugarland claimed its fifth straight win in the vocal duo of the year category. Lady Antebellum won the vocal group of the Year for a third straight year, and it was a repeat in the male and female vocalist categories with husband and wife Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert reigning in their respective categories for a second straight year.

Reprising her win in 2009, Taylor Swift won the evening's biggest prize -- the entertainer of the year trophy.

"One of my favorite things this year is the camaraderie of these artists," she said in her speech, alluding to the fact that acts such as Ronnie Dunn, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw joined her on the concert stage at various times this year.The awards kicked off in exhilarating fashion with Shelton performing the 1980s classic "Footloose" with the song's original performer, Kenny Loggins. Shelton recorded the song for the recent theatrical remake.

Other highlights of the night performance-wise were Lambert's fiery take on her funk-filled hit "Baggage Claim," the Zac Brown Band's stirring rendition of the classic "Georgia on My Mind," with special guest Gregg Allman, as well as Vince Gill, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban's tribute to Glen Campbell, who is in the midst of his farewell tour.

Speaking of tributes, in his first CMA appearance in a quarter-century, Lionel Richie performed a medley of his hits with Darius Rucker ("Stuck on You"), Rascal Flatts ("Dancing on the Ceiling") and the same song he performed with Alabama in 1986 -- "Deep River Woman," with Little Big Town. The R&B legend will release Tuskegee, a duets album in March.

The night was also a return to the CMA stage for Faith Hill, who performed her just-released single "Come Home."
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