Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Penn State Said to Be Planning Paterno’s Exit Amid Scandal

Joe Paterno of the Penn State football coach period was almost over, perhaps within a few days or weeks, in a sex abuse scandal, university officials have been implicated, according to two people briefed top officials of the University of dialogue between . The Board has yet to be determined Pate Nuo precise timing of the exit, but it is clear, have more victories than any in college football's top level of the other coaches and people who made the Pennsylvania State University, a well-known national brand will not survive to coach another season. About how to manage the discussion of his departure has begun, according to two people.

Pate Nuo held a press conference last Tuesday, but the university canceled less than an hour before scheduled to begin.

Penn State with 46 seasons behind him, head coach of 84 years, Pate Nuo extraordinary run of success - to produce two national championships and the school millions of dollars, and that the establishment of one of the country's most respected leader, he will end with a stunning and humiliating final chapter.

Pate Nuo a former defensive coordinator under Jerry Sandusky, has been charged with sexually abusing a 15-year span of time, eight men, Pate Nuo does not involve the police have been widely criticized, when he learned that a young The young man accused of assault in 2002.

In addition, the two top university officials - Gary Schultz, senior financial and commercial vice president, and Tim Curley, athletic director - was charged with perjury and not to report allegations they know, by state law.

Since the arrest of Sandusky, Pennsylvania State University (Saturday) - in particular its president, 格雷厄姆斯 Pa Nier and Pate Nuo - after the failure, under the full study, over the years at different points, Sang Dasi Ji may be withering criticism of child abuse. Newspapers called for his resignation; prosecutors have recommended that their inaction led by Sandusky hurt more children; and university students and teachers have expressed a mixture of disgust and confusion, and hope, prosecutors have charged is not true of.

Law enforcement officials said on Monday, Pate Nuo met with him to remind his boss, in the university's legal obligations, when he learned that in 2002 accused of Sandusky. But they suggested that he may have failed to do what, when faced with such a disturbing allegations involving children, even in his teenage moral test. In college, no one reported to the police, or the pursuit of questions to determine the well-being of children involved. The child's identity is still unknown, according to the Attorney General.

Pate Nuo have received on this issue, but his failure to report to authorities what he was in the 2002 incident, which allegedly sexually assaulted a Sandusky at Penn State University football complex, like to know, has become a flash point, stirring anger among board members about his handling of the matter of the outpouring of public criticism.

Pate Nuo in recent days has lost the support of many board members, their conversation shows a decisive shift in the university power structure. For example, in 2004, Pate Nuo brush off a university president asked him to step down.

Pate Nuo in 1950 came to Pennsylvania State University, as a 23-year-old assistant coach, one year $ 3,600. He planned to stay two seasons, he was from Brown University, where he received degrees in English literature, to pay off student loans.

He became head coach in 1966, he has been widely credited to help local businesses to national brands, led by Pennsylvania State University football program and other universities. Beaver Stadium along the way, rising from 29,000 to 108,000 seats, and Pennsylvania State University donated more than $ 1 billion, almost no growth.

Many of the coach with his separate Pate Nuo, until this week, his questions, he is to grow the program. Pennsylvania State University graduation rates, and the lofty ideals of education first, known as Pa Tenuo the big experiment, and as a general defense plan uniforms and led synonymous.

Pate Nuo LED Pennsylvania State University in 1982 and 1986 national championship season, and his success in the field and added a sideline setback, Professor, the reputation of their tie, thick glasses and a black Nike shoes coach predicted the fall in the Northeast changes in foliage.

Pate Nuo campus to extend far beyond the football program. He and his wife, Sue, University donated more than $ 4 million. On campus, everything from ice cream flavor of milk substitutes to the library, now named after him.

"There is no person in the entire 120 - or of, the agency has a greater impact on the University  130 years of history," Larry Foster, a former trustee and alumni association president, told the " The New York Times "in 2004. "He just reached into many areas."


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