Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Silvio Berlusconi: I will not run again in early polls

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said he would not stand, holding an early election if the Italian commitment to resign as soon as possible, Parliament passed the day after the emergency budget reform.

"I will resign as soon as the law is passed, and, because I believe this is most likely no other, I see the election held in early February, I will not be their candidate," he said.

Although Berlusconi's political party want new elections, opposition parties want a national unity government.

Expected by the end, the Italian Parliament approved the reform, to support the economy, which is seriously affected by the euro zone debt crisis package.

But it will only be after the passage of the Budget measures, the Italian president will forward the political groups on the road to begin consultations.

In Rome, the BBC Europe editor Gavin Hewitt said, it is clear that the political difficulties in the face.

Moreover, even if the current crisis, downturn, the most fundamental question remains - a slow development of national and 1.9tn euros (1.63tn pounds; 2.6tn dollars) debt mountain, our correspondent adds.

Meanwhile, the Emergency Unit began on Wednesday in Rome Italy plans to reduce its debt burden soared monitoring.

Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said he will attend the end of November the findings, saying the situation in Italy was "very worrying." After opening slightly higher, is Milan's main stock index fell 2.4% transaction prices (Wednesday) morning, despite the statement by Mr. Berlusconi. Italy paid to borrow on the international market prices surged to a record high, set the benchmark 10-year 7% Italian bond, which will exacerbate concerns whether Italy can service its debt rate of return.

Although Italy's deficit is relatively low, investors, Italy's low growth and a huge debt burden, combined, can make the future down the debt crisis in the euro area countries.

Euro against the dollar on Tuesday after a sharp rise, Berlusconi's decision, then the Budget, he seems to have lost his majority in parliament to vote a message.

Streets in the Italian capital, Berlusconi's announcement of the reaction was subdued, our correspondent says many people remain skeptical, may soon disappear flamboyant leader, in the past 20 years accounted for most of the time dominance of Italian politics.

Once Berlusconi resigned, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano President must begin negotiations to form a new government.

It is unclear whether he was subject to Italy - the market - the uncertainty of the election, or to require the parties to the main body form a unity government.

Berlusconi told the "News of the newspaper", his former Justice Minister, Angelino Alfano, 41, the candidate of his party, held in Italy in the new survey.

"I will not run, I feel liberated ... it's Alfano's," Berlusconi said the document.


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