Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Avril Lavigne scuffles in bar brawl

Brody Jenner and Avril children  Sometimes a date night in Hollywood can be bloody.

After Jenner and children involved in a bar fight Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the famous couple left two and a half injured, the police is involved in the scuffle.

Although no specific location has been given, the two said parties premises, some confusion when people began to Avril. AFI's star, Roosevelt had to see a list of traffic all week long, and joint host spare room, including the popular lounge.

Brody in strengthening, apparently, broke the scuffle, a broken beer bottle in the head. Called the police and emergency response to the scene, but the only people left standing Brody. He refused medical treatment, on-site to submit a police report, and then drive yourself to the hospital.

"It's interesting Saturday night ... just a new scar on my face ... charging / charger!! The hospital," he tweeted.

Avril suffered worse, she said on Twitter, claiming "black eyes, bloody nose, hair tear, scratches, bruises and cuts, so can not be determined to abuse other people's violence is never the answer. "

Jenner's manager on Monday night released a statement, "Brody Jenner is the unprovoked attack by a recovery at home this past Saturday night after the assault, he thanked all the support and good wishes to call as an ongoing police investigation, there will be no at this time a further statement. "


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