Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fixing education in US

This Sunday, a lackluster prime-time special GPS - "restore" American dream ": a fixed education." Broadcast 8P and 11P ET / PT.

Although the United States once the Education T-shirt, we are now ranked 15th in reading, 23 in science, mathematics 31.

How is this going? How can we dig themselves out of this deep hole?

We are looking for inspiration, Korea and Finland - the two countries, has always ranked high on education. Interestingly, two very different ways. South Korea has a strong focus on standardized tests year long school days. Finland is depressed - in addition to teachers and teaching methods. In Finland, teachers are revered tough to enter the Master's teaching, rather than it is to enter higher education in medicine and law.

Therefore, we can learn? We talked with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates foundation gives $ 5 billion in education, so far the teachers, testing and technology priorities; our chairs in front of the DC schools Michelle Rhee and education activist statement. Let's look at a new teaching methods, starting from the first trip after the investment manager, a student's success formula: Sal Khan is Khan Academy, a YouTube of the "class" and has already received more than 80 million hits creators - and the reports of success in the real classroom use.

Fareed Finally, what will he take to solve our problems.


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