Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From personhood amendment to Ohio Issue 2

At first glance, crashed mid-term congressional elections in 2010, the tea party movement, the elbow to the nose of the 2011 elections. Tea Party to support two candidates - in one of Michigan and Arizona - was dethroned rare memories. In Ohio, voters rejected a law pushed by the small government conservatives - "limited trade union collective bargaining, and smashed in Maine voters on election day voter registration in the Republican-led ban.

These and other developments that voters back a little from their position in the 2010 election, when conservative tea party support to win power at the national level, and control of the U.S. House of Representatives. Restrictions on the national debt and rising tensions in Washington over the political direction of subsequent deterioration of the public stand. But if the tea party go astray, this is not beaten.

The victory of the tea flavor with large and small, and tips - who immediately big in 2010 Obama and the Republican Party in 2008 as great - like do not like what independent voters and conservative small-government movement.

"If you support the Tea Party representative of the country] I remember watching in Michigan and [tea party hero Sen. Russell Pearce, Arizona's tough immigration laws designers] in Arizona, I think it does indicate that there are serious restrictions on the tea party this year or the power, the different tea party has successfully aroused opposition movement, "said the University of Wisconsin-Madison political scientist Charles Franklin.

But even in Ohio, attacked collective bargaining, voters approved a measure to give up Obama's health care reform bill part, it requires people to buy health insurance - a larger margin than the collective bargaining measures.

"What is striking is that the Governor in Ohio [John] Kasich lost his signature, but on the same day Obama lost his signature issue, among the same voters the same," Professor Franklin said.

Governor's race, political memories, and voting initiatives, from the voters the right to culture war issues - they have undergone millions of Americans to vote, to determine the scope of the rights of workers in Ohio from Atlanta residents can buy beer Sunday's issue.

These statements have confused writ large, from Tuesday's election results, said political analyst. For example, although it seems likely be the Republican super-majority in the Virginia Senate's control over the Mississippi River's "personality" ballot measures, anti-abortion proposal, which will allow the legal status of the fertilized egg failed. The Democrats keep the governor in Kentucky, it is difficult for Obama and the Democrats increase, because KFC is likely to remain firmly in the national election in the Republican column.

Combed finer, the results of Tuesday's tea party to tease out two distinct tangent - liberterian with Christian conservatives - may indicate movement of the future prospects. In Mississippi, social and cultural war issues, such as "man" initiative, the performance is even worse than the "personal freedom" voting measures to restrict the acquisition (the government can seize private property), the voters approved easily. Franklin said the results with the tea party for the liberal strain.

These results suggest that culture war "is not Americans want to hear the question now, said:" Alan Abramowitz, of Emory University in Atlanta, a political scientist. "When the Republicans in the House to spend time as defunding family planning, these swing voters sent the wrong message thing."

At the same time, the results may provide some of Obama, the New York Times' Nate Silver recently statistics blog only to high unemployment and economic prospects of 50% chance of reelection sail the wind.

Mr. Abramowitz said, the lessons learned in 2011 elections for Republicans and Democrats than conservative tea party wing. ', "He said, finally, these results do not tell us is," but there is a hint, if the Republican nomination [presidential candidate was considered too extreme, too far right, which may be impaired. "


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