Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mississippi's "Personhood Amendment" fails at polls

Mississippi voters Tuesday defeated live in the fertilization began, has announced the ballot initiative, it is recommended to seek in the Bible Belt state of the country as a prompt legal challenges to abortion rights supporters.

More than 55 percent of voters rejected the so-called "personality" of the initiative, far below the threshold required for its development. If it has passed, it is almost guaranteed to draw a legal challenge, because it is the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision establishing a legal right to abortion conflict. The initiative's supporters want to provoke a lawsuit challenging the landmark ruling.

The measures are divided into medical and religious communities, and caused some of the most strongly opposed to abortion, including Republican Gov. Haley Barbour, has shaken their support.

CBS reporters Lan De and Er Ping Bankston reported earlier, the voting can be set a precedent for the country. Major concern of many strict laws and new anti-abortion tactics may affect fertility treatment, especially for blue as Atlee and Greg Bray.

"When I was 28 years old, Greg and I and the infertility diagnosis, Atlee said." They used in vitro fertilization to conceive their 5-year-old twin daughters. Atlee was worried about the proposed state constitutional amendment may restrict Mississippi couple of other fertility treatments.

"I do not want Mississippi to Washington, DC, New York or California to treat infertility," she said.

Opponents said the measure would be birth control, such as the morning-after pill or the IUD, illegal. More specifically, abortion ballot measures called the ban "from the moment of fertilization" - to prevent opponents suggest that doctors performing in vitro fertilization, because they fear criminal charges, if an embryo does not go on the wording.

Supporters are trying to impose their religious beliefs on others, forcing women to unwanted pregnancy, including rape or incest caused the opponents say. the voted against the measure in part because she had been raped. She also has friends and family, children through in vitro fertilization, she worried that this will end the process.

"Line is not clear what may or may not occur. Said:" I think everyone's control, not through an amendment to the situation outside the specified range, Brunson, a 36-year-old dog trainer and drama from Jackson production assistant.

Hubert Hoover, cabinet makers and construction workers, voted for the amendment.

Hoover, 71 years old, who lives in, said: "I figure half the things you can not, so if you are against abortion, you should be for this, you either have to be all things for or against the whole of Jackson's suburbs.

Mississippi already has strict abortion laws and enforcement procedures is only one clinic, it became a national movement into the state constitution's ban on abortion fitting venue.

Group personality the United States, pushing ballot measures co-founder of the Mississippi River, said Keith Mason, will be a win-win across the country sent shock waves. Colorado team is trying to similar initiatives in 2012 in Florida, Montana, Ohio and Oregon votes. Colorado voters in 2008 and 2010 rejected a similar proposal.

A week ago, long considered the 2012 presidential candidate, he ruled out running this year, Barber said he was undecided. A day later, he was in favor of the absence, but he said he struggled with his support.

"Some very strong pro-life people and the practical consequences of the ambiguity of the issues raised - whether there is unforeseen, unintended consequences, I would have to say, I have heard these concerns, they gave me some pause, "Barber said last week.

Barber is blocked because of term limits and seek re-election. Democratic and Republican candidates vying to replace his pro-abortion measures.

Specifically, the proposed state constitutional amendment would have defined a person "includes every person from fertilization, cloning and functional equivalent of the moment."

The state's largest Christian denomination, the Mississippi Baptist Convention, supported the proposal by the lobbying sector.

Bishop of the Diocese of Mississippi and the United Methodist Church General Assembly against.

Bishop Joseph Jackson tradition of the Catholic Church against abortion Latino, issued a statement, neither support nor oppose the initiative. Mississippi State Medical Association has taken similar steps, and other medical groups oppose.

Mississippi has asked the judicial or any minor's parents consent to abortion, mandatory counseling in person and 24-hour wait, a woman can be in any termination of pregnancy.


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