Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Penn State trustees call for inquiry into sex abuse claims

Pennsylvania State University's board of directors said it would establish a special committee on Friday to investigate allegations of sexual abuse against former assistant football coach.

Announcement (Tuesday), the head football coach Qiaopatenuo supporters came to his door assembly, called for his resignation, because the other child sex scandal.

Pate Nuo, a spotless record of the major long-term coach, because he brings with him in 2002 by he said he saw defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky retired sexual assault on campus in a small boy shower graduate assistant under pressure to respond to allegations of football complex.

Pate Nuo report alleged that his boss, and the Pennsylvania Attorney General said it appears the coach has fulfilled his legal obligations. However, some critics say, he should report suspected abuse to the police. To become public charges of grand jury on the case report, released last week. Authorities arrested Sandusky (Saturday) and two other officials of the Pennsylvania State University, has been arrested in connection with the case.

The Board said that this is the grand jury's report expressed concern.

"Pennsylvania State Board of Regents of the University by the grand jury's report of the terrible details of the anger, the board said in a press release." "The Special Committee will be entrusted to determine what failed, and who is responsible and what measures is necessary to ensure that this does not happen again in our university's. "

Sandusky was accused of sexual crimes, crimes against children and the "corruption of minors" involving eight boys he met through most or all of the second mile, he founded the charitable organization to help troubled youth, according to prosecutors officer's allegations.

Sandusky involvement with the Group and that he "visited hundreds of boys, many of whom are vulnerable, because of their social situation, the grand jury said." Said the former coach engaged in foreplay, at least 15 years , oral sex and anal sex with the boy, according to the testimony grand jury investigation concluded.

A direct source of knowledge survey confirmed that the U.S. CNN's Jason Carroll, a man walked into a Montoursville, Pennsylvania, police station, claiming he is the victim Sandusky. , The source said, will decide whether to interview with the man, his ninth victim.

Sandusky, Nittany Lions football team as a defensive coordinator for 23 years before retiring in 1999, is free on bail of $ 100,000.

A preliminary hearing Sandusky, scheduled Wednesday, has been postponed to December 7, officials said Tuesday afternoon. Sandusky's lawyers have expressed the need for more time to make the witness.

On Sunday, Pennsylvania State University announced that two University officials blamed the failure to report suspected abuse to step down, one retirement and other administrative licensing state organs. Attorney General Linda Kelly said Monday, in the Pennsylvania State University athletic director Timothy Curley, 57, and Gary - Schultz, 62, University senior vice president of finance and business, the complaint alleged failure report abuse "may allow a child predator to continue to suffer for many years the children."

Curley and Schultz, each charged with one count of perjury and one count of failure to report suspected abuse to be released, $ 750 million bail each. In the arraignment hearing, their lawyers said, these people are innocent of the charges, and to seek to clear their names.

Grand jury investigation led to charges began with an alleged victim, he said Sandusky "indecent," he engaged in sexual behavior, and his guest house in the coach's claims, according to the Attorney General.

Met the victim through the second in Sandusky, Sandusky alleged use of expensive gifts, such as professional and college game trips, golf clubs, a computer and money, Kelly said.

Relationship, starting in 2005 and continued until 2008, including sexual touching LED Sandusky's home, overnight, according to Kelly and grand jury testimony.

However, in the grand jury's report, the most explosive charges relating to 2002 incidents in which a graduate student Sandusky see a young boy performing anal sex shower, according to the grand jury and prosecutor.

"In this survey the most striking and disturbing pieces of testimony from a witness to a night of sexual assault, which allegedly occurred in March 2002, at the Lasch Football Building, University Park campus of the locker room," Kelly said. "Hearing sounds like a sexual activity should be an empty building showers, graduate assistant is said to view a naked boy, seems to be 10-year-old sexual assault."

Pate Nuo, who, in turn, alerted the Assistant Curley reported the incident.

Pate Nuo said in his speech, he did his duty, in the notice Curley's.

"It is obvious the witness distraught over what he saw, but he did not have time with my grand jury report very specific action regardless, it is clear that some of the witnesses, Mr. Sandusky inappropriate of. Sandusky coach from our coaching staff retire, when I mentioned the problem of university administrators, "Pate Nuo said.

However, rather than report the incident to the authorities, Curley and Schultz Sandusky's locker room key and banned him from the second visit in the child's football building, Kelly said.

In his speech, Pate Nuo called the allegations "shocking."

"Although I do not what I had brought my attention, like any other person involved, on one charge, I can not help but feel very sad these matters alleged to have occurred, he said in a statement."

Prosecutors did not rule out the case of the possibility of additional costs or victims.

Tuesday, Pate Nuo's son, Scott, Pat Snow, said on Twitter, "New York Times" reported, citing people briefed on the matter, university officials plan Pate Nuo's 46-year coaching tenure ends "premature."

"No talk about retirement and the People's Liberation Front," Pate Nuo said, with his father's initials.


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