Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Herman Cain answers sexual harassment allegations

Herman Cain is more effective fight to save his presidential campaign, the candidates more control spiral of events.

Days, he refused to discuss allegations of sexual harassment against him after Cain to reverse themselves in the country appeared on the televised news conference, he was "troubled woman" cast one of his accusers, and said he "never had and any person to take action, inappropriate, period. "

But when he was about to speak, a woman who leveled charges of Cain to come forward publicly anonymous. Later, her lawyer said, will soon be a woman, the U.S. Treasury Department spokesman Karen Kraushaar, and Illinois woman, Sharon Bialek, 14 years ago, on Monday accused of groping her at a press conference on Cain. Explosive controversy is unlikely to ease soon, because even if Cain predicted that opponents would call in the coming days more complaints.

In the press conference, where he improved his presidential campaign money in Scottsdale, Cain denied his behavior on all charges.

"Charges and accusations, I am absolutely opposed to," Cain said. "They do not happen, they simply did not happen."

Cain said he would be willing to take a lie detector test to clear his name. But in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination has been a sign of damage, Cain made to give up the possibility of the game - if only to shoot down the idea of ​​their own.

"So far, these accusations I am back, perhaps out of the presidential primaries - is not going to happen," he said. Kraushaar there to stop any momentum Cain may seek from his appearance on Tuesday. National Restaurant Association as a staff. In the late 1990s, she complained Cain, he was Group President and CEO of sexual harassment.

Kraushaar received cash payments, in an agreement signed in 1999, forbade her to discuss her complaint filed on Cain, from the Group. Restaurant organization in recent days to allow her attorney released a statement confirming her complaint, but she did not come forward publicly, until her name was distributed by the news agency Tuesday. CNN quoted U.S. hired her from the association, Cain is a woman told Kraushaar "monster." Her lawyer, Joel P. Bennett said Kraushaar and Bialek and their lawyers will soon open meeting.

"My client has decided to convene a joint news conference, many women complain about sexual harassment Cain will attend the Herman," he said, Bialek will attend. Anonymous complaints Cain, the other two women, one of whom also received a settlement of the restaurant group.

In Scottsdale, Cain Kraushaar's allegations "baseless."

But his main focus is Bialek, appear together in the New York lawyer 格洛丽亚奥 Erlei De assertion Cain put his hand up her skirt and tried to push her crotch to his face. She said the incident occurred, they drove her to seek employment consulting from dinner. - Other complaints were made during the same period - when she was just laid off Restaurant Association branch.

Cain said he did not remember ever meeting Bialek, much less take her to dinner, in Washington and to her sexual advances.

"In fact, these anonymous accusations are false, and now the Democratic machine in the United States this troubled woman made false accusations, statements, many of which are beyond common sense," Cain said. He has accused Republican rival Perry, Texas governor, an aide of sexual harassment complaints, disclosure.

Tuesday, Cain also suggested that he falsely accused of lobbying and other people's goals, a businessman in Washington who do not want to challenge the status quo. Cain, who is responsible for overseeing the Restaurant Association's lobbying operation in Washington, said more charges may appear in the next few days or weeks.

"There will be others, not because I know any, but because the machine is kept at the White House, a businessman, is to be ruthless," he said.


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