Monday, November 14, 2011

Reveals of KFC’s Other Secret Recipes

The Internet is constantly stirring the pot when it comes to the hippest restaurants and food trends. There are food blogs, people tweeting about food, and even pictures of food. The latest food phenomenon being talked about in social media comes from chicken franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken. An employee recently uncovered a 50-year-old book from Colonel Harland Sanders himself in the KFC archives. Within the book is a secret manuscript from the  mid-1960s. In the first chapter, the colonel describes the nearly 200-page book as "the story of a man's life and the story of the food he's cooked and eaten." Also included are the colonel's recipes for casseroles, omelets, pancakes, and pies that reflect his love for "old-time country and farm cooking." KFC is looking into putting portions of the book online, as well as turning some of the new-found recipes into menu items for its stores. Do not get your hopes up though. Those famously secret 11 herbs and spices for Colonel Sanders's fried chicken will remain hidden. The manuscript is locked in the company's vault in Louisville, Kentucky.  However, people on social media are still captivated about the new find. One Tweeter even said, "My life is complete."

So the "Oops" heard 'round the world is quickly becoming the most watched video on YouTube.  In fact, the clip currently holds the top spot in the "Top 5 Hot Political Videos." In Wednesday night's GOP debate, presidential hopeful Rick Perry stumbled when asked what government agencies he would cut. He tried naming three, but could remember only two. Many people saw it as a blow to his campaign for the White House, and some people took the opportunity to make fun of Perry's gaffe. The customer review site posted an update to its iPhone app with the description as follows: "It fixed three bugs, bookmark bugs, IOS5 styling bugs, and Uh...What's the third one? Let's see bookmarks, IOS5 layout, and the um, third one we can't recall. Oops." Social media is loving Yelp's stunt.  People are calling it "glorious" and "the best thing Yelp has ever done." Even the Yellow Pages app applauded Yelp, tweeting, "they're our competition, but we like to commend clever people for clever things." In his own mea culpa, the Texas governor even poked fun at himself after the debate, tweeting, "Really glad I wore my boots 2nite because I stepped in it out there."


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