Monday, November 14, 2011

David Nelson scores for Bills, gives ball to Cowboys cheerleader ‎

New York, NY, USA --- David Nelson did his best to avoid an awkward situation on Sunday.
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After catching a three-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter to put the Buffalo Bills on the scoreboard, 21-7, Nelson first celebrated with his teammates in the end zone, then went to the sideline and handed the ball to his girlfriend -- who happens to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

"It was a special moment to share with her," Nelson said of Kelsi Reich, who is in her fourth season as a Cowboys cheerleader. "I didn't want it to be awkward."

Nelson's gesture thrilled Reich, who tweeted after the 44-7 Cowboys win: "What a special day today was! I feel so blessed & so proud of @DavidNelson86! Thanks for my game ball, I wont let go of it :) happiest girl!"

Some of Nelson's Twitter followers approve of the move as well, calling it "classy" and "adorable."

But Nelson also is receiving his share of backlash, with tweets such as "you embarassed Buffalo and its fans by celebrating down 21-7 w that ... skit ... act like you care about the game!" and "You can showboat when ur up 30 points, not down 2 td's on the road."

Nelson, who is from Wichita Falls, Texas, (about two hours from Cowboys Stadium) has been pretty low-key with his responses to the haters, saying things such as "I respectfully disagree" and "check the game film. I played my tail off. I wanted that win more than anything."

But just in case that didn't shut them up, he also retweeted this photo of a beaming Reich holding the game ball, which she captioned "Happiest girl in the world! :)" Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson has sparked a considerable amount of controversy this week after he scored a touchdown for his team and then gave the football to his Dallas Cowboys cheerleader girlfriend who was at the game supporting his opponents.

After scoring a touchdown which put the Bills down by 21-7 last night, Nelson celebrated his victory first with his teammates then quickly made his way over to his girlfriend.

Kelsi Reich could not have been happier about her boyfriend’s decision to include her in his celebration, despite her efforts to cheer for his rivals, but some people didn’t exactly see the gesture in the flattering way Reich did.

One fan tweeted “you embarassed Buffalo and its fans by celebrating down 21-7 w that … skit … act like you care about the game!” while another said “You can showboat when ur up 30 points, not down 2 td’s on the road.”

Nelson didn’t seem too bothered by the comments and responded with things like “I respectfully disagree” and “I played my tail off.”

He also retweeted the photo (see above) posted by his girlfriend on her Twitter account where she’s proudly holding the game ball with the caption “Happiest girl in the world.”

We can see why!

Do you think David Nelson made a good call by giving his girlfriend the game ball after his touchdown? There isn’t a man in America who is a fan of David Nelson.

It’s not because he’s good looking, plays NFL football for a living or makes more money than 90% of us. (Or is it 99% of us? Memo to self: Must consult with Occupy Wall Street accountants.)

No, the reason men don’t like David Nelson is because he’s good-looking, plays football for a living, makes lots of green AND has a freakin’ Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for a girlfriend.

We haven’t hated a guy with this kind of fury since, well, Tom Brady.

On Sunday, Nelson said that if he managed to catch a TD pass vs. the Cowboys, he would “do something special.” Nelson did catch a TD and afterward dashed down the Bills sideline until he found girlfriend Kelsi Reich and gave her the ball along with a hug. (We’re dry-heaving here, just so you know). Turns out it was the lone Bills highlight in an otherwise forgettable day for Buffalo in its 44-7 shellacking in Big ‘D.'

But it still leaves us with two questions: How does a Bills receiver snag a Cowboys cheerleader? And does she have a sister who lusts for an underpaid sportswriter?
We’re not sure if David and Kelsi hooked up after the game before the Bills hightailed it home. But if he didn’t fit in a little, you know, conjugal time, well then we no longer hate David. We pity him.


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