Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mindy McCready is Pregnant

Just when you thought her story couldn't possibly have any more twists or turns ... Mindy McCready is five months pregnant with twins.

A representative for the troubled singer confirmed the baby news tonight to People magazine, just hours after reports surfaced that Mindy has fled with her 5-year-old son, Zander, hiding him from his grandmother, who has legal custody. Though the 'Guys Do It All the Time' singer only has visitation rights, police are not considering this a missing child case and there is no Amber alert. However, they are insisting Mindy return Zander to her mother, Gayle Inge, by 5:00 PM tomorrow (Dec. 1), or face legal charges.

Zander's father is Mindy's ex-boyfriend, Billy McKnight, who was arrested for physically abusing her and allegedly trying to kill her back in 2005. There is no word on the identity of the twins' father. But when the singer spoke with The Boot back in April of 2010, she was very much in love. "I'm dating a producer, songwriter, genius musician. He's a wonderful guy from New Orleans," she told us. "He is the sweetest and most wonderful person I have ever had in my life ... This is a different kind of love -- a grown-up kind of love, a real kind of love."

Mindy, whose 36th birthday is today, is still apparently in hiding but assures she only took Zander for his own safety. Her rep claims the little boy is in physical and emotional danger at the Inge home. Mindy and her mother have been in a custody battle for several years, with one of their arguments escalating in physical assault charges against the singer.

Best known in the music world for her multi-platinum selling 'Ten Thousand Angels' album, Mindy is now more of a tabloid figure due to her personal and legal woes. She's been in jail twice for drug and alcohol-related crimes, and suffered the embarrassment of a leaked sex tape last year. She's also been hospitalized for at least two suicide attempts, with the latest coming in 2008 after her decade-long affair with married baseball star Roger Clemens was exposed to the media. But Mindy claims to have changed her ways, thanks in part to a successful stint on the reality show, 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.'

"Dr. Drew always liked to talk about when your bottom moment was. I had about 30," Mindy recalls. "I got to going down so many wrong roads that I couldn't find the right one to turn around on. But the most hurtful and the most pivotal moment in my life was when I had been in jail for about two months and my son [Zander] came to visit me. He was 17 months old, and the day I left to go to jail was the first day I had slept without him, in his whole life. And I was devastated, because he didn't recognize me. I was like, "What have I done? I have got to change. I've got to be a better person. I've got to be a better mother." And that's when I really started to make a conscious effort to do everything differently."


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