Sunday, November 20, 2011

Justin biebers baby brothers birthday a rumer

When is Justin Bieber's little brother's birthday? he was born November 20th 2009
It's sometime this year. A very happy 1st birthday to Justin Bieber’s little brother  Jaxon Bieber! What a cutie! Here is what Justin Tweeted as a message to his brother (who might be a bit too young to be using Twitter just yet!

The Wanted have got a special relationship with Justin Bieber, what with a US tour under their belts, and also joining him to switch on the Christmas lights at the Westfield shopping centres in London and the teen told them that Mariah Yeater's baby allegations were "bulls*** lies".

Max George has become close buddies with the 17-year-old and he considers Bieber like an "adopted little brother" and reveals that the paternity lawsuit is "the worst time of his life".

Talking to The Mirror, 23-year-old Max said: “He is really cut up by being accused of being a father. He said it’s absolute bulls*** lies and that it didn’t go down like that at all."

He also added: “I told him to keep his head up, we’re right behind him. He knew we’d understand because girls are around us all the time, too.”
Justin's natural mother, Pattie Mallette, became pregnant with him when she herself was 17 during a brief relationship with Jeremy Bieber, a young carpenter and martial arts enthusiast with a criminal record for assault. The Butlers stepped in, along with Pattie's mother, to provide what they describe as 'additional parenting' when Pattie found herself unable to cope.

Bieber has been accused of fathering three-month-old baby Tristyn with Mariah Yeater after the pair met following a gig at the Staples Centre in Los Angles in October 2010.

The Wanted toured with the teen in South America earlier this year, and Max admits that he's impressed with the way that Bieber has addressed the situation.

“He’s had the worst time of his life and handled it so well. Doing the paternity test shows how grown-up he’s being about it," he said.

During the tour, Bieber was like any normal kid and Max insists that he wasn't looking for opportunities to get girls backstage for a quick romp.

Max continued: “Justin is like our adopted little brother, that’s why I believe all this baby stuff is rubbish. Any spare time Justin had on tour, he’d joke around – crawling under seats and grabbing girls’ ankles. It was hilarious.”
justin Faced with a 20-year-old woman's claim that their idol Justin Bieber fathered her baby, they are worried about the potential results of the imminent paternity test.

The 17-year-old singer will visit a laboratory to provide the necessary DNA sample when he returns from a European concert tour this week.


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